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Why we celebrate World Cancer Day every year & its related significance?

World Cancer Day 2021
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Hi… I welcome you all to this informatic site and I am sure that if an individual will come to this site he/she definitely get some new knowledge.

Today we are celebrating 22nd World Cancer Day.

As we know, cancer is one of the world’s most dreadful disease which results from the abnormal growth of the cells & have the chance to disperse widely throughout the body.

There are more than 200 different types of cancer is recorded. It’s an alarming situation for all of us and we must have to put a check on this.

So, to be all aware of this fatal disease cancer, the whole world observes World Cancer Day on 4th of the month of February every year.

The international celebration of this awareness day makes us more convenient to prevent, detect early & to cure soon.

World Cancer Day history

Do you recognise when is world cancer day celebrated for the first time worldwide?

The first observation was in the year 2000 and yes, obviously on the 4th February.

This awareness day is inaugurated in Paris (Capital of France) at a summit named ‘world cancer summit against cancer for the new millennium’.

Every year World Cancer Day is led by the International Cancer Control Union (UICC). UICC is an NGO (worldwide) that has 1200 plus member organizations in over 170 nations.

The motive of world cancer day is to promote, prevent cancer, research, improving services to patients.

The primary reason that has set from the beginning is to reduce deaths and illnesses due to this fatal disease cancer.

Let’s know about the Themes

Let us know what is world cancer day theme of this year and also of previous years?

Till 2015 we have new theme celebration for each year, but after 2016 it is declared officially to observe for 3 years under a single theme.

That is 2016 to 2018 & 2019 to 2021 we have a single theme each for both these 3 years sessions.

Here is a table, I have written official themes of world cancer day –

2019- 2021“ I am and I will.”
2016-2018“ We can, I can.”
2015“ Not beyond us.”
2014“ Debunk the myths”

World cancer day Facts and figures

According to WHO (World Health Organisation) about 1/3rd of deaths from cancer are because of dietary risks and fine leading behavioural.

Examples: – Raise in body mass index, use of tobacco, use of alcohol, less physical activities, taking a low number of vegetables and fruits.

Only tobacco is the cause of 22% death of cancer patients. Globally 71% of deaths because of lung cancer is due to smoking.

Above 8 million people die due to cancer per year. The yellow ribbon and the pink ribbon are the universal sign for child cancer awareness and breast cancer respectively.

Only about 5 – 10% of cancers have a genetic link. Since the year 2016, the world cancer day theme has been declared once per 3 years. Before that, each year has a new theme.

– Signs & Symptoms –

Is there a cure for cancer & can cancer be cured in natural ways?

Yes of course cancer can be cure if we able to detect it at an early stage.

The patient can enjoy its full life without repetition of the disease. Cancer is treated in 3 ways,

  • Chemotherapy: strong chemicals are used to kill the cancerous cells and isolate these cells from other organs.
  • Radiotherapy: The affected organs are irradiated to kill the cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading.
  • Surgery: some of the infected organs are removed from the body by surgery. Example- breast, uterus etc.

Yes, in some extent it has been curing patients by some natural ways.

Some examples are, the famous therapy of Jain’s i.e., urine of cow is known for reducing cancer growth and through this therapy, many had got benefits of it.

Cannabis oil is another example which is utilised for the destruction of cancerous tumours.

What is the significance of world cancer day

World cancer day affects widely all of us, as it is observed famously worldwide.

This day together all the organisations for the awareness purpose and provides precautions to be aware of cancer.

Every government and non-government organisations of the world hold awareness campaigns, lectures, seminars to educate people and to fulfil the aim of the world cancer day celebration.

World cancer day celebration makes known to the new generations, they get the idea about this disease and also it may inspire them to research & gain more knowledge, complete cure, also to find out the exact cause of this disease.

This day is very special for cancer patients, everyone tries to make them happy on this occasion. Love and care to a patient are more than the treatment of a patient.

So, let us celebrate this world day with Informatic Nishant and spread awareness among people.

Your one small contribution can help in spreading this message to all around the people who are neglecting this day & of course those who want to know about it.

Thank you if you have read it till this point. Now let’s answer some FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does tobacco really cause cancer?

The exact cause of cancer is not yet known, but tobacco is one of the mutagens which can cause mutation in genes.

So as per the scientific research intake of tobacco may cause cancer and you know about 22% of cancer deaths are due to the use of tobacco.

Here below some other aspects which can be attributed to the cause of cancer.

  • Excessive smoking
  • A large number of dyes, chemicals, heavy metals can cause.
  • Ionic radiations like X-rays, gamma rays, etc.
  • Pollutants like smoke, chemicals, dust particles etc.

2. What do I say to a cancer patient?

Hope you too agree that this answer depends on so many factors and we have different talks for different peoples in this case.

But here I would like to share my personal experience of conversating one of my friend (a cancer patient), I encouraged & charged him saying,

“I implore to God for your healthy recovery and I’m sure you will be soon. Have faith & keep praying, do as directed by your caretaker. Without any hesitation, you can ask my help in case of necessity. Love you!”

3. Do daily intake of carrot juice help in cancer prevention?

Yes, it is. Carrot is the powerhouse of fruit vegetable, high in vitamin C, vitamin A, K& E. It has a lot of properties that very helpful for people going through treatment with cancer.

A lot of patients under the treatment of cancer drink carrot juice daily. Doctors recommend it to add in the daily routine.

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