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Happy World Art Day 2021 – Why it becomes so famous right now?

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World Art Day is the day celebrated in the respect of all art and talents of human beings all over the world.

So many of us think that art of ‘world art day’ means paintings or some artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface.

Yes, but it not only limited to that, it also represents each and every art form, unique talents, culture & creative works of a single person or of a community.

By the way, the World Art Day is observed on 15th April every year to aware all about the importance of art, creative talents, artists, and all about the World Art Day.

World Art Day was started by the International Art Association (IAA), UNESCO’s official partner.

So, keep on reading to get more knowledge about World Art Day and what is World Art Day? why & who started this day etc. So, let’s gain this information below.

History of this day

World Art Day history drag you back in the year 2011. By the world president of the International Art Association Bedri Baykam, a discussion was made with the Turkish National Committee’s executive committee get together in March 2011.

Bedri’s proposal was to observe World Art Day on 15th April every year. And do you know why April 15 is decided to celebrate World Art Day?

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Because it is proposed by Baykam which is the birthday date of great person Leonard Da Vinci. So, it is to honour him too.

Bedri made his speech presenting the UPSD’s proposal to the General Assembly on 2011 4th April. Unanimously it was agreed by all members and announced by Rosa Maria Burillo Velasco (world president of IAA 2011 to 2015).

The first World Art Day celebration was on 2012 April 15. And on 23rd November 2019, World Art Day was officially agreed by the UNESCO’s General Conference.

World Art Day Themes

Although there is no official theme for this art day, but it may be written in previous year’s and celebrate this year’s world art day with the given theme.

So, lets have a look upon the themes for the last three years.

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What do you mean by painting and art?

Painting or drawing means a fine art consisting of an inventive composition made by applying color paints to a surface.

Samples of some famous paintings are Mona Lisa painting, Starry night, No.5 1948, Las Meninas, The kiss, feast of rosary etc.

Whereas art is a large component of visual, audio and imaginative works. The three main art forms consist of Sculpture, Painting and Architecture.

Dance, music, film, literature, theatre and interactive media etc. Also come under the form of arts. So art is defined as the products of human creativity or works of art collectively.

Celebration through Twitter :

Why to celebrate the World Art Day?

This world-famous day is a global celebration held in the middle of the month of April and was started by the International Art Association decision to observe the birthday anniversary of Italian Renaissance master Leonard Da Vinci.

On this day art lovers, artists & public visit to art galleries, museums & attend exhibitions. This day aims to support exploring creativity by observing world art day globally.

Everywhere around us we see the different forms of art. Observation of World Art Day make it special & help for its sustainable progression.

This day is observed by IAA along with UNESCO very famously. They organise events, shows, and do lots of art day activities, competitions, award functions for the support of art & to succeed the purpose of this art day celebration.

I kindly suggest you all to celebrate this awareness day, get the information and spread awareness about the speciality of art and design in human’s life.

Also, observe the birthday anniversary of one among the world’s greatest artist Leonardo da Vinci.

In the end, I wish you all a happy World Art Day 2021. Do celebrate, respect art & share it on social media as well with hashtags like #worldartday, #happyartday etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. When is world art day?

    World Art Day is celebrated on 15th April every year all over the world. It was started by International Art Association and was first observed on 2012 April 15. This day was so chosen to pay a tribute to a legend, Leonard Da Vinci, as April 15 is his birth date.

  2. What do you know about the world art community?

    World Art Community is an online marketplace for purchasing or selling craft and art goods which was established in 2014 December in Gurgaon. The founder and CEO of the World Art Community are Shobhit Arora.
    It is very helpful for an artist to show their work so easily through this platform. It has been spreading its network and making more easier for us in this busiest world.  

  3. Name some famous paintings and their prices?

    Here I added the 6 most popular paintings and it’s pricing.
    – Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting recorded sold at 850 million dollars.
    – The Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci sold at $ 450 million in an auction.
    – Pablo Picasso’s Guernica approximate price is $ 200 million.
    – Jackson Pollock’s No.5 1948 painting costs about $ 140 million.
    – Starry night of Vincent Van Gogh price is more than $ 100 million.

  4. Have you ever visited to any art gallery? Is it worth visiting?

    Unfortunately, no. But I wish to visit. Visit like an art gallery is very helpful for you & me. We came to know about the history of a particular art, culture, traditions, and I am sure that it will give us more pleasure and happiness.

  5. When is international artist day?

    October 25 is celebrated as the International Artist’s Day globally to honour the contributions of every artist and their creativity.

    This day is also observed as the birthday of the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. He was born on 25th October 1881.

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