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Why is everyone talking about the World Poetry Day 2021?

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Hello guys how are you all! Hope you all are fit & fine. Wishing you all a happy world Poetry day 2021. You are here means you wish to know something about this day.

If so, then you are in the right place. Read on to know the complete history, themes and wishes of this poetry day.

This international awareness day – International Poetry Day or The World Poetry Day is observed on 21st March worldwide each year.

This celebration is to promote poetry globally and to support the diversity of all languages of the world through poetic feelings.

Poetry has many positive impacts to remember something, which we normally could not get so easily. Positivity of poetic feelings is so powerful and can enhance the imaginary ability of everyone.

It offers a new and positive way of imagining something.

History of World Poetry Day

Let’s get here the history behind this celebration. During the 30th UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) General Conference session in 1999 which was held in Paris, a declaration was made that 21st March will be observed as World Poetry Day every year all over the world.

Globally the leaders proclaimed that the speciality of poetry to capture the imaginative spirit of the human mind they recognise so that they accept that there must be a worldwide observance Day to this great legacy of the human being.

The allocation purpose of this international day of poetry was to inspire the poets of the next generation and to support the magnificent role of poetry in the edification and progression of our world.

Theme for world poetry day

I have mentioned below the world poetry day themes of this year and the previous years as well. Let’s have a look!

Poetry Day Themes
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Objectives and Celebration

Its main objective is to support & promote the poetry of many different languages of our world and provide a variety of taste or poetic feelings through poetry.

It binds internationally or nationally to the poetry lovers through the immense love of poetry.

If we see the celebration of poetry around the world, then we came to know many different days of it. Like many countries celebrate this day on the 15th of October to commemorate Virgil (a famous epic poet of Roman) on his birthday.

Observation of national and international poetry day is celebrated by many nations despite world poetry day on different dates.

So, whatever may be about the different days, it’s our pleasure to have a celebration of poetry day on many dates in a year.

On this occasion many organisations hold events, organise different competitions, special poetry fair or exhibition also organised.

Poets all over the globe get re1wards for their extraordinary contribution to the poetry world at the world poetry day celebration.

In schools, colleges or in other educational institutions it is celebrated and which inspire many students to get into the poetry world and love it.

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World Poetry Day wishes

Wishing you all a happy world poetry day and on this beautiful occasion here below is a very beautiful poem for poetry day special.

Hope you would definitely like and enjoy this. Love poems, read poems, write poems and share poems especially on this big day. Express good wishes to your contacts.

“ Let’s be equal, and just free-

Strong in our diversity:

Free in thought and free in prayer,

Free to dream and free to dare,

Free to love and free to care.

Let’s be equal, free and just unified in love and trust:

Strong to lend the weak a hand,

Strong to assist and understand,

Strong to create a happier land.

Let’s be equal, free and just unified in love and trust.”

( Spirit of our Constitution by Leila Seth)

Summary :

World Poetry Day History
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This day’s motto is not just to promote and spread awareness about the poem/poetry, but also to know about the poets and their great contribution to this world.

At last, we suggest you to write one poem on this special day for your beloved, whether it be your parents, best friend or your soul mate. If you wish, then you can also visit the America Poetry Museum, if you’re in America.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this & I wish you have found your query. So, let’s celebrate this day with Informatic Nishant and spread awareness among people about this big day.

Share your feelings on social media with hashtags like #happyPoetryDay #LovePoetry, #poetrylovers #poetryofinstagram etc. You can also follow us on these social media platforms. Tap the link and follow!

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