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What you should know about World First Aid Day 2021?

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World First Aid Day is celebrated every year on 11th September worldwide to make people aware of the importance of First Aid. This day is celebrated to make people mindful of the importance of first Aid. 

Getting the right aid at the right time and how important it is to save a life is very important to reach every person. In accidents, if the right aid or treatment is not received at the right time, a person’s life is in danger. 

For example, we can often bandage them when they get hurt in road accidents so that they do not bleed much until they reach the hospital, but many lives are lost due to a lack of awareness of these treatments. 

For this, every person must have their information. It is the primary purpose of celebrating First Aid Day. You must have often learned about first aid at home during school time. 

But over time, people always forget the big thing related to health. But do you know that timely first aid can save the injured person’s life at home and in case of an accident?

That is why all of us need to know about doing first aid at the primary level. 

In such a situation, let us know about World First Aid Day’s importance, how World First Aid Day started, the purpose of first aid, and the right way to do it.

When did this World First Aid Day start?

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) started “World First Aid Day” in 2000. It has been celebrated every year since the year 2000, and people are made aware. 

It is an annual campaign in which people are made aware of how important first aid is. First aid should be free for all, including those from the most vulnerable sections because those who are weaker or poor cannot deposit so much money for treatment, so it proposes making it accessible.

Every year, more than 100 Red Cross and Red Crescent societies of the world are made aware of the benefits of first aid, the need for first aid, the right way to do first aid. 

At the same time, IFRC believes that first aid should be easily available to everyone because it is beneficial to people at the time of the accident; sometimes, it proves to be effective in saving lives.

What is the objective of this World First Aid Day?

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The main objective and motive of World First Aid Day are to make people aware of how to help people through first aid in situations of crisis in everyday life help them. 

This is why every year on this occasion, people are made aware of the benefits of first aid, the need for first aid and keeping a first aid box in the house. Many people still do not even know about First Aid properly. 

At the same time, everyone knows about the usefulness of first aid in our schools in childhood. First aid is very important and everyone should have complete knowledge about it. Because through this first aid, we can save a life.

What is the aim of World First Aid Day or First Aid?

  1. The first purpose of first aid is to do the necessary work to save the life of the injured and injured person.
  2. The second purpose of first aid is to handle the condition of the injured person, i.e. to give CPR in case of difficulty in breathing, prevent infection, etc.
  3. The third purpose of first aid is to be taken to the hospital immediately before the condition worsens.

What is the theme of world First Day 2021?

Every year this day has a different theme. This year its theme has been kept keeping in mind road safety. 

During a road accident, people should somehow help each other through first aid; because of that, the theme of this time is “First Aid and Road Safety.” 

Everyone should know how you can take your first step to save someone’s life. Whether it is a road accident, heart attack, asthma attack, or any cut-off problem, you must know about first aid so that you can help others in time.

The Importance of World First Aid Day 2021

World First Aid Day is an important day that is celebrated all over the world. This day talks about the importance of First aid, which can give in some of the following emergencies such as suffocation, heart failure – heart attack, bleeding, physical. 

It is also important In poisoning effects, burns, heat stroke (lack of water in the body due to excessive heat), unconsciousness or coma, sprains, fractures, and bites of an animal.

First aid has some rules and principles, and it is very important to be aware of it all. Because if you know about them, then only you will be able to help someone’s treatment.

First aid is very important in everyone’s life, as it proves to be very useful for helping others when you get hurt or have an accident outside the house or home. 

Taking care of the injured person’s condition before reaching the hospital through first aid helps get out of unconsciousness and shock. Treatment is accessible in many government hospitals due to this important day, but medicines cost money. 

The government is working on it. We hope that soon they will come out with some more good schemes of treatment for the poor because every country’s development is for their weakest people. 

It is seen with eyes. Their development is the real development of the country.

What is First Aid? 

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So, let us now know what first aid is? Before taking any injured or sick person to the hospital, we can make an effort to save his life so that his life can save until he goes to the hospital; we call it first aid. 

To protect the life of the person lying in that emergency, we can use any object nearby to get relief as soon as possible until he can take to the hospital. 

In the first aid, only medicines don’t need to be included in this, and we can also have some home remedies like turmeric works as the best antiseptic for bleeding. It helps in stopping our blood from flowing.

Rules of First Aid – What you should know? 

● Reach the accident site as soon as possible. If any of your family members get into an accident, reach the site without wasting any time.

● Don’t waste time asking unnecessary questions: How did it happen during the accident? Where were you going? Who did it? Don’t ask stupid questions like that. Please make arrangements for his treatment first.

● Find out the cause of the injury quickly: You need to determine where and with what object the selection is attached.

● Separate the object of injury from the patient: such as falling machinery, fire, electric cord, poisonous insects, or any other object.

● Find out if the patient is dead, alive, or unconscious.

● Prioritize the first aid measures to be adopted: to improve cardiac function, aid breathing, stop bleeding from the injury site, in that order. All these actions prove to be very helpful in saving the life of a person.

● Arrange for medical help as quickly as possible: Call an ambulance or bring the doctor to the scene.

● Keep patient records and event details: This can be an essential step because if the patient has any records, it is easier for the doctor to treat.

● Keep the patient warm and comfortable as far as possible. If the patient is conscious, reassure him: if he is worried, his illness or injury may have more effect.

Objectives of the first aid:

● To save the life of the injured person.

● To get out of bad condition.

● Promote the improvement of health.

Principles of First Aid

• Check the breath and follow the rule of ABC: A means airway, check their airway. B means Breathing means check his breathing or not. C means circulation; see their circulation. The pulse can recognize it. If it is closed, then it cannot be easy.

• If there is an injury and bleeding occurs, stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

• If the injured person has suffered a shock, explain and console him: All these have a significant effect on the mental and to cure any disease, a person needs to be mentally correct.

• If the person is unconscious, try to wake them up: you can wake them up by sprinkling water on them or patting their cheeks.

• If a bone is broken, straighten it and reduce pain: If it is broken or slipped, keep it in a comfortable position before going to the hospital.

• Take the injured person to the nearest hospital or hospital as soon as possible. Your one step can save a person’s life.

So all of you understand the importance of first aid and explain it to others because there is life only if there is a world. Your one effort can save the lamp of someone’s house. Never be careless.

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