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What is Link Syndication in SEO? (Social Media + GMB Syndication)

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In today’s world, there are hundreds of websites out there that will provide you with extensive information on SEO. 

So, as you already came to our site and read this stuff except for those high authority websites, it means you haven’t found the answer to your query on any of those sites.

This is our website where we share the learning experiences that we have learnt in the past. So, without further delay, making good use of the time, let us cover our today’s topic. Here you go! 

What is Link Syndication?

You must be heard of content syndication which means republishing an exact copy of the content on one or more third-party websites. Similarly, link syndication is sharing your website’s link to multiple websites as a form of backlink.

We do this practice so that the content which we have just published get indexed quickly and visible in the search results. We believe all the new & experienced bloggers do this practice.

So now let’s talk about Social Media Syndication and GMB Syndication in SEO. Social Media Syndication means putting/sharing our website’s link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Mix, Reddit, Quora, Tumblr etc…  

We do this to gain traffic to our particular page from these platforms. It is not organic, however, we called it social traffic. After doing this, our new page gets indexed quickly. 

That’s why social media syndication act as an important factor in indexing a new page. We use social media platforms to build our website’s authority as well, don’t we?

What is GMB Syndication?

GMB Stands for Google My Business, which is now known as Google Business Profile, before that, Google Places, before that, it was Google + Local & before that it was known as Google Places. 

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GMB syndication means putting our website’s link in the GMB. This is just simple, isn’t it? This is another way of sharing our newly created page’s link to different platforms. 

If you are in an online & offline business, have a GMB profile and wants customers to visit your website, then while sharing the latest updates you can attach your website’s link. 

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The above picture shows that while publishing an update regarding your offline/online business, you can share one Image, some description regarding the update and here GMB allows you to put one link of your website where your potential customers can visit and know the full details. 

Through this also you can get quality, real traffic to your website. GMBs like a Medical Clinic, Shops, Hardware stores, Restaurants, Auto-part selling stores can take the advantage of this. 

Hopefully, you now understand the difference between content syndication, link syndication and GMB Syndication. There is one more term called Backlink syndication. This is also one interesting thing that nobody discusses.

So, what is Backlink Syndication? 

If you have created a backlink for a particular page, then sharing this backlink to different social media platforms and GMB is called backlink syndication.

For example, you have a website page in the name – “”. You have added the above link to another website’s page (suppose you have added to then it is called a backlink. This means from that page you are gaining some authority & link juice. 

So for now, sharing this “” link to different social media platforms and GMB is known as backlink syndication. When we share this link to different channels, then crawlers/search engine bots crawl it and try to index it. 

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As soon as that page will be crawled, the link to our website which we have added in the content will also be crawled and indexed. We hope that clears it up & believe you found what you were looking for.




Thanks for reading till this point. You can check out more from our SEO section.

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