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What can you do something interesting with your Smartphone?

interesting things you can do with your phone
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These days we can’t imagine our life without a smartphone. They have replaced so many devices in our lives that there doesn’t seem to be a limit to this trend.

When you accidentally leave it at your home or forget to charge it, it seems like a whole world suddenly changes and becomes way less, interesting and colourful.

Nowadays smartphone not only has numerous features of their own but also allowed you to download multiple apps for any possible situation & purpose. You may not know this, but your phone can do more than you think or even imagine.

Here, at informaticnishant, you can find some tips and points that you can do something interesting with your smartphone, which helps you overcome some everyday problems and make your life much easier.

Did you know that you can easily control your phone without even touching it? It’s available right here and right now! So, these are the 8 points for you

1. Control your phone without touching it

do something interesting with your Smartphone
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If you are looking for some cool and interesting way to control your phone, then you should try just a control application, called ‘Wave Control’.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices. In some situations, it can be irreplaceable & you will probably agree with us after you tried out.

Using this application, you can launch music, video players or answer calls with the wave or your hand, without worrying about getting dirt all over your screen while you working, cleaning or cooking.

You can use this application while you are driving on the road. You have to just move your hands and it automatically

2. Measure a distance

Measure a distance with your Smartphone
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You never know when you need to measure something and at times its quite essential and necessary, as it often happens all of sudden you feel the urge to re-decorate your house, but you don’t have to take measure at hand or you want to measure an object but its seems like an impossible task because of its size.

Well now, it’s not a problem anymore. Just download the application from your phone called ‘Size Up’ which will enable you to measure anything quickly & easily.

You have to just install this app from your respective app store (available for both android & iOS) and run the program.

After that, you have to just point the camera at the object and wait for the result. It’s that simple and no need for any measuring tape or any other gadgets.

3. Track your Health & Fitness

Track your health and fitness with your Smartphone
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Do exercise everyday to keep yourself fit!

If you don’t have a fitness tracker, but still want to flaunt all those steps you took today. Don’t worry about it, because if you have a smartphone whether Android or iOS it can be easy to do the same thing.

You know your android device is chock full of sensors such as an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a compass and even a barometer. You can track your daily activities such as walking, running and even sleeping by an application called ‘google fit’, which is the best option to try this feature out.

Nowadays you can find some inbuild applications like ‘Health’ are also offered by google android smartphones. By using this you can easily track your heartbeat, stress level, weight, footsteps etc.

4. Keep yourself safe/GPS Tracking

Keep yourself safe through GPS Tracking
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Self-security is one of the top priorities for any person no matter the age or gender & your phone can also make you feel secure.

If you often come home late in the evening and feel unsafe on the street, there is an app called ‘be safe’ which may help you to calm your nerves and deal with any potential danger.

It is the most advanced and reliable application that allows you to create your own security network and take care of each other. It can send an SOS signal to your guardians by pressing a button or saying a key phrase.

Your phone has the inbuild GPS tracker and because of this, it can tell where to pick you up by sending your exact location and can automatically record emergency video.

So, I think it is a great application developed by android to make and feel you safe. This is the thing you can do with your smartphone smartly.

5. Grow your network through social media, Be famous!

Grow your network through social media and be famous!
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Remember “Your Network is your Net Worth”. We all know that today our lives are changing rapidly with technology. Because of the smartphone, it is very easy for us to know what is happening around the world.

Nowadays social media is booming & you know there are more than 3 billion people using social networks across the globe.

If you are not taking advantage of this social media, then you are missing out on a fast, inexpensive & effective way to reach almost half the world’s population.

So, be a social media master & create your social media account now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. and many more.

By this, you can able to fetch old and new friends and can follow the current trends. You can share your content, photos, ideas, tips & tricks to everyone through social media and be famous as an influencer, motivator, photographer or professional blogger.

So, this is the thing that you can do with your smartphone simply and easily. Do it now & take advantage of this lock-down and if you miss this chance then you will never get these free days in the coming future.

6. Secure your home with your smartphone

Do Hone security with a Smartphone
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Yes, of course, home security is also an irreplaceable thing and while talking about our home security we cannot compromise it. With the right mobile application, you will be able to control your home security system and equipment whether at work or on a vacation.

Security companies are now designing easy-use mobile apps to help in protecting your home even when you are on the go. There are so many android apps are available on the app store for home security.

Before downloading these mobile apps, start by understanding your security provider’s equipment and capabilities.

If you have found the home security provider you love, the next step is downloading the provider’s app. Here, I am providing you with the top 4 home security mobile apps then you can install them and apply them to your home security. The best 4 home security mobile apps are as follows.

7. Mobilephone Photography

smartphone photography
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Smartphone photography is also a booming platform for the new generation and likely for all. Photography is an art, and it needs a lot of practice & perseverance.

If you are interested in photography, you are a beginner and totally new in this field, then in my opinion start photo shooting with your smartphone (if you have any).

I mean to say just don’t go with purchasing an SLR or DSLR camera while you can use your mobile phone instead. If you are really interested in it, then go to Google or YouTube, search for smartphone photography and its tips & tricks and you can find a lot of videos/information on it.

I am sharing a video with you by which it can very easy to know about smartphone photography. Just click the below link and watch the video.

Smartphone Photography Tips for you

After that, if you gain some knowledge in photography, then do some photo clicks with applying your knowledge & if you want to post it in your social media account like Facebook or Instagram then go for it.

You can also add/post your own clicked photos on Shutterstock platform & become a contributor for them. If your posted photos are liked by people and they make a payment to buy your photos then Shutterstock will give you some amount of money for your contribution.

You have to just go to and create an account. After creating an account, you can able to post your photographs on it. It is just that simple! So, you can use your photography skills for earning purposes also.

8. Test your remote batteries by your Smartphone

Test your remote batteries by your Smartphone
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Surprisingly enough! yes, that’s another thing your phone can easily do. This little feature will help you out when your remote control is not working right and you are not sure whether it has to do with its batteries or not.

So, if you don’t want to rush to the supermarket to check if your remote-control batteries diet, then just pull out your smartphone and start the camera app. Then take the remote control point it at the camera and press any button.

If you see a red or pinkish light coming from the tip of the remote when you look at it through your phone’s display, it means the infrared signal is working properly and the problem in this signal which can be helpful too.

So, I think this is a hidden feature of the smartphone that you might know about it. So, these are the 8 things that you can do with your smartphone.

Thanks for reading.

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