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Understanding the Brain of a Teenager and How to Help them Cope?

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Teenage is a crucial period in an individual’s life. Even though it is an age or time of hanging around with friends, having fun, visiting different places, it is also an important period of emotional development. 

Teenagers are driven by emotions. Emotions play an important part in their life and they are ruled by emotions. This is where they differ from the adults. Adults are rational. 

They perceive the things happening around them rationally. The mind of a teenager and an adult function differently. It is because of their difference in the thought process, a gap develops between an adult and a teenager. 

As the teenager understands everything emotionally, they tend to get swayed away from reality. For this reason, they feel their parents or adults are not able to understand them, they are not listening to them or not paying any heed to their thoughts. 

At this time, the teenagers most likely fail to understand what their elders are saying to them. They tend to ignore or disobey their advice. The teens due to differences in their opinions stop discussing or sharing their problems with their parents. 

They behave recklessly at times too. All these results in an unpleasant situation/ atmosphere in the house, which may even lead to some unwanted consequences. 

The consequences of this gap are very glaring. This affects the mental development of the teens and also exerts too much pressure on their minds. 

Simple things can evade such problems from cropping up. Let’s discuss in detail some points to tackle such situations. 

Signs of Trouble

It is normal for teens and for every individual to be down for a couple of days. You as a parent should speculate whether this mood or behavioural change is lingering for more than 2 weeks or more. 

You should also look at whether your child is confining himself in his room, not talking to anyone, losing appetite or retreating from normal activities. These are the signs of depression. 

If the situation persists then you must go for counselling or seek professional help. Though depression is a common problem, it is a serious problem also. 

Though teenagers might think that visiting a professional will be of no help or they might not want to go, try to make them understand and pay a visit to the professional. 

Understanding your Teenager’s mind

Understanding what is going on in your child’s mind is the most important step. As a parent, you should try to understand the situation by keeping yourself in your child’s place. Try to understand their point of view, their thinking which is predominated by emotions.

Communicate with them

Speak to your child, assure him/ her that you can understand what they are trying to say. Then try to put forward your rational point of view. Discuss with them the advantages and disadvantages of a certain situation. 

If they fail to understand, do not pressurize them or force them to understand what you are saying. This can make your child open up and share their problems with you 

In this way, the gap which is created between you and your teenage child can be reduced. As someone has to initiate, you as a parent should do the task. 

Also, parents think rationally, they can predict or understand the situation well, they should take the initiative. After all, despite all the differences, it is the parents the child looks up to, the child learns, so as a part of the responsibility, parents should accomplish this task of bridging the gap between themselves and their child.

Be their Friends

Becoming friends with your teenage child can solve a major portion of your problem. When your child will know that you are there for them, or they can pour their heart out, you won’t judge them, then they will start sharing their problems with you. 

Be patient, listen to what they are saying. The more you communicate the stronger your bond will become. Spend time with them, go on a trip, or a picnic. 

Teenagers love to spend time with friends, take their friends along with them and make the trip memorable and enjoyable. 

  • Involve your teens in household activities. 
  • Give them some responsibilities to perform. 
  • Be frank with them.
  • Share your experiences, thoughts with them. 

These small things make a big difference. Spend more time with them and make them feel loved and secured. 

Choose academic institutions wisely

Teenagers spend most of their time with friends, in school or in any academic institution. An institution with a good ambience can inculcate values in your child and can help to develop the overall personality of the child. 

So, studying in a good institution can help in making good friends who can help in keeping things going the right way. 

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Responsibilities of the parents

  • Parents should discuss the consequences of their acts or thinking. This helps them to get an understanding of the practical world around them and wires the brain to think rationally. 
  • Be supportive and get familiar with their ways of living and thinking. This will make them feel secure. 
  • As a parent do not impose your opinions or advice on them. This will make them less likely to open up with their problems. 
  • Give examples of situations you have faced in your adolescence stage. Discuss the consequences of the situation and how the situation was dealt with. 

In a study, it is proved that adults and teens’ brains work differently. Teens are guided by emotions while adults are guided by rationality. A child’s way of thinking, acting and feeling is greatly influenced by the influence of his brain’s and environmental influences. 

It depends on the range of activities the child is performing. It includes the sports he is playing or is interested to play, the languages he is learning, music, sports everything helps to build and shape the personality, the brain of the child. 

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