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Shaheed Diwas of India | 30th January 2021

Shaheed Diwas 2021
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As you know today is 30th January and this day is observed as Martyrs Day/ Shaheed Diwas every year nationally.

It is the day to remind all the Shaheed due to their sacrificial contribution for the sake of our country     

Apart from 30th January, there are some other Shaheed Diwas dates in which our country observes nationally. They are,

  • 23rd March (Bhagat Singh Shaheed Diwas)
  • 21st October (National Police Shaheed Diwas)
  • 14th February (Pulwama Shaheed Diwas)

 And also, there are state-wide martyrs’ day is observed on different dates.

History of martyr’s day:

The historical significance of this sorrowful day is that on 30th January 1948 the father of our nation Sri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was killed by an Indian Nathuram Godse while he was going to attend a prayer assembly.

The whole world mourned over his death and it was the day of great loss to our country.

So, this day is decided to observe as Martyrs Day countrywide to pay a great tribute to all the shaheed who has sacrificed their whole life for the sake of our nation.

I think 30th January is the appropriate day to observe as Martyrs Day because a person like Gandhiji who had a tremendous contribution to the freedom struggle is very unique and unforgettable.

He lived a simple life. He opened a new leaf in the history of mankind. No country has ever attained her freedom without war, and India is unique in this respect.

We Indians fought a war against the Britishers commanded by Gandhiji (a great man of peace).

The great scientist Einstein once truly remarked:

“People in future will refuse to believe that a real Gandhi ever lived flesh and blood.”

Indian Shaheed Diwas and some important information:

Including 30th January martyr’s day let us discuss some other important celebration of martyr’s day in India.

30th January Shaheed Diwas is celebrated in the memory of Gandhiji as it is the date of his assassination in 1948.

On this day we recall his extraordinary contributions which he did for free our nation from the mighty Britishers.

In 2019 12th February, we all know about the Pulwama attack where 40 CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) martyred.

So, to remind and honour the martyrs of this attack we celebrate 12th February as Pulwama Shaheed Diwas.

On 23rd march 1931, our 3 freedom fighters named Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar, Shivram Rajguru were hanged up due to bombed at Lahore assembly. So, it is celebrated as Bhagat Singh Shaheed Diwas.

A troop of police were martyred while saving our nation in Ladakh on 21st October 1959. So, it is the reason for celebrating Police Shaheed Diwas in India.

Who killed Udham Singh?

Before we go to the main point who killed the Udham Singh lets know who is Udham Singh and why we recall his name in this Indian Shaheed Diwas?

Udham Singh was a young Indian freedom fighter who is famously known for killing Sir Michael O’Dwyer.

Michael O’Dwyer was the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab during Jallianwala Bagh Massacre and he ordered their British Army to fire into the crowd of unarmed Indian civilians who are present at Jallianwala Bagh on 3 April 1919.

So, in 13th march 1940, he killed Michael O’Dwyer and approved that he is the only one who is responsible for and does not take any action against this massacre.

Due to this reason, he was arrested and hanged in Barnsbury (England) in 1940 31st July at a 40-year age.  

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Why do we celebrate this Shaheed Diwas?

Here are some important points why we observe martyr’s day. One main point is to commemorating the shaheeds and the story behind their martyrdom.

To generate and build up great respect in the hearts of the public for all who are working selflessly for our nation, they may be a soldier, police, leaders, social workers etc.

For cheering up new generations and fill up them with the feeling of patriotism.

For binding nation and it’s public by a thread of national feeling and spreading the love with each other. In which we will be very powerful because the celebration unites us strongly.

On this day our government honour and provide support to the family of shaheeds.

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Thank you if you’ve read till the end. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which day is celebrating as martyrs day of India?

Nationally we have many days for celebrating martyrs day and also different states observe shaheed diwas according to their own historical significance & to recall the memory of their local martyrs.

Countrywide we have like 30th January shaheed diwas, 23rd march shaheed diwas, 14th February Pulwama shaheed diwas & 21st police shaheed diwas.

2. Is martyrs day a public holiday?

No, I think it is not a public holiday but in few states like Jammu Kashmir, they declared it as a  holiday or in some cases it is an optional holiday.

I think it has to be known and celebrated by every one of our countries to show our great respect & honour for our martyrs.

3. On which date martyr’s day is observed in Manipur?

Manipur celebrates all countrywide observed martyrs day. Excluding to that, it has a famous state-wide observation to pay respect to the martyrs who all have lost their lives in Indo- Pak war of 1971.

The celebration day is known as Vijay Diwas & is celebrated on the 16th of December.

4. Whose shaheed diwas is celebrated on 24th November in India?

Talking about this, you know 24th November is celebrating every year in India by Sikhs as Guru Tegh Bahadur Shaheed Diwas.

Guru Tegh Bahadur is known as one of the gurus who founded the religion Sikh.

He was killed by Aurangzeb (Mughal Emperor) in Delhi for not accepting Islam as his religion.

5. Who is known as shaheed?

An individual is referred to as a shaheed who sacrificed or lost his/her life for the service of patriotism.

Who all fought for our nation’s safety the freedom fighters are our shaheed and everyone who lost their lives to safe our country.

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