What you should know about World First Aid Day 2021?


World First Aid Day is celebrated every year on 11th September worldwide to make people aware of the importance of First Aid. This day is celebrated to make people mindful of the importance of first Aid.  Getting the right aid at the right time and how important it is to save a life is very … Read more

La Tomatina Festival of Spain in English – The Complete Details


Every year on the final Wednesday in August, the La Tomatina tomato fight in Buol, near Valencia, takes place, however, the partying begins earlier in the week.  The tomato fight, which takes place between 11 am and 1 pm on that day, is the festival’s centrepiece.  Thousands of people gather in this small Valencian town … Read more

Facts and History of World MSME Day (27th June)


Since 2017, the United Nations has designated 27th June as Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Day.  The topic of this year’s global commemoration is “MSMEs: First Responders to Societal Needs.”  The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted MSMEs hard across the board, and the lockdown measures have pushed many on the verge of extinction. First word … Read more

World Music Day Celebration in India – Things to know


Nothing beats the sound of your favourite song playing in the background; it just goes into your head and body and makes you move. Or perhaps it transports you to a faraway place and time, where you linger in a hazy remembrance of days past and people who are no longer alive. Some of our … Read more

Happy World Bicycle Day 2021 | Things to know


World bicycle day 2021 is on Saturday, June 3 2021. This day celebrates the uniqueness and versatility of the bicycle and promotes it as a simple, sustainable means of transport. The bicycle is good for physical and mental health. This day celebrates the diversity and flexibility of the bicycle and promotes it as an easy … Read more

World Food Safety Day | What one should know?


World Food Safety Day June 7, 2021, India: On June 7, 2021, the third Food Safety Day is celebrated with the theme “Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow”. For the past several years, World Food Safety Day has been celebrated every year on June 7 and was celebrated for the first time in 2019. … Read more

Halloween Festival of USA | What you should know?


Halloween is a holiday celebrated every year on October 31st, and the Halloween festival in 2021 is held on Sunday, October 31st. This practice comes from the traditional Celtic Samhain beauty pageant where people lightly dress to light bonfires and avoid ghosts. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time … Read more

Happy World Art Day 2021 – Why it becomes so famous right now?


World Art Day is the day celebrated in the respect of all art and talents of human beings all over the world. So many of us think that art of ‘world art day’ means paintings or some artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface. Yes, but it not only limited to that, it … Read more

Happy World Health Day | What No One Is Talking About?


Health is our true wealth. If you earn a limitless, your health is not good, then it will be valueless. One can be said to be healthy if he/she is physically or mentally well. Good health wipe out all barriers in the way to success and become more easier in achieving our goals. This health … Read more

All you need to know about World Piano Day | 29th March 2021


Hello my beloved readers, I welcome you all in my blog. Today we have an interesting and beautiful topic to learn. As you know, here we are now for knowing all about the World Piano Day. Without any delay, let’s get started. So, World Piano Day will be observed in 2021 on 29th March. You … Read more