How to help your child think critically – Parenting Guide


Critical thinking plays an important role in the development of a child. Critical thinking permits kids to view the world on their own terms and analyse and gain a deeper understanding of it.  A child who can think critically tends to be observant and open-minded and has the capability to judge things on his own … Read more

How to help your child get and stay organized?


As a parent, teaching our child to become organised is a very essential part of parenting. Unless a child learns to get organized, he cannot become self-independent and move ahead in life.  Getting organized also instills a sense of responsibility and gives a feeling of happiness. But introducing this sense of getting organized is not … Read more

How to get your children/students ready for Back to School?


The last two years have been a nightmare for all humans across the globe. The wrath of nature, with the emergence of a virus Covid-19, has disrupted the whole structure, system from its core.  To prevent its surge, the Government had to induce Lockdown throughout the country. As a result of which everything got shut … Read more