National Daughter’s Day of India 2021 – Complete Essay


On National Daughter’s Day, we celebrate our daughters who are beautiful, witty, creative and sometimes demanding guardians of our family for trust.  Daughters are a vital component of keeping ageing parents connected and engaged, especially when they are ailing. Of course, sons also play an important role. But today, let’s focus exclusively on daughters! National … Read more

National Anti-Terrorism Day of India – 21st May 2021


Terrorism is the biggest problem that is face by many countries, including India. Due to terrorism, thousands of people have lost their lives, home and suffers a lot. So, India has dedicated the Day of May 21 to deal with the problem like terrorism. Every year on May 21, Anti-Terrorism Day celebrate all over the … Read more

Secrets About National Pet Day | Only a handful of people know

National Pet Day 2021

Pets are defined as a domesticated animal which we kept for amusement or companionship. Some examples are dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fishes, tortoise etc. But among all, the 4-legged cats and dogs are largely adopted as pets. So, the topic of today is all about pets which are named as National Pet Day, and as … Read more

National No Smoking Day 2021 – Complete Details

Happy No Smoking Day

Do you know the exact National No Smoking Day date and year? Such as the National No Smoking Day 2018, 2019 & 2020 were observers on March 15, 13 & 11 respectively and this year is National No Smoking Day 2021 it will be held on the 10th of March. Because it is decided to … Read more

Happy National Science Day of India 2021

National Science Day

We observe National Science Day in India on 28th February every year to commemorate the important contribution of science, scientists and scientific progressions in our life. If we describe’ Science’ shortly, then it would be, the systematic knowledge based on experimental observations for an investigation, which is derived from the Latin word. The world-famous scientist … Read more

Know all about National Road Safety Week 2021

Road Safety Week 2021

National road safety week is celebrated from 11th January to 17th January every year in our country India to create awareness about road safety and minimize road accidents & save life. On this 2021 we are celebrating 32nd National Road Safety Week. At first in the year 1989 awareness for the National Road Safety Week … Read more

National Farmers Day of India 2020 | Things to know |


The very first question that comes to my mind- is there any reason to discuss/write an article on this farmers day of India or is there people who are really interested or searching for this? Whatever, the people are searching or not but we are writing this for those who are really want to gain … Read more

National Mathematics Day 2020 | What you need to know |


Hi.. Welcome to the informatic world. Today we are going to discuss our National Mathematics day 2020. Do you know why this day is celebrated in India and its particular significance? Try not to stress here you can find your answer related to your query. National Mathematics Day is observed on December 22nd annually to … Read more

What is National Pollution Control Day all about? | 2nd December 2020 |


National Pollution Control Day is observed on 2nd December every year in India. If you ask me why 2nd December? Then in answer; it is just because to remind people about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 2nd December 1984 and to honour the people affected and died in that worst calamity. This tragic accident was … Read more

Happy National Journalism Day – All you need to know

Journalism Day 2020

After a day of 16th November National Press Day, ‘ National Journalism Day is celebrated every year i.e. on 17th November in India to observe the freedom thoughts and speech of journalists. India’s National Press Council decided to celebrate Press Day and to honour Journalists Journalism Day. These media play an important role to make … Read more