Global Education & How Teachers Helping Kids Become Global Citizen


Education is known as an impactful weapon to improve one’s life. It is probably an essential tool to change one’s life. Initial Education for every child begins at their home.  It is a lifelong process that requires sheer patience that ends with death. Education is a mirror that determines the quality of an individual’s life.  … Read more

How to identify your child’s Primary Learning Styles – Parenting Guide


Every child is unique in their own way. Ranging from lifestyles, food habits to learning styles every child follows its own unique pattern which is distinctive and different from others.  In terms of learning styles, children observe, understand and analyze information in their own ways. Although much is dependent on genes, but home and school … Read more

How to help your child prepare for a Field Trip – Tips for Parents


Field trips or excursions play an important role in a child. Field trips make the child aware of his surroundings, gives the child outer knowledge and make them understand the difference between right and wrong.  Above all, it brings a change in the daily routine of the child which makes him more energetic and lively.  … Read more

How to help your child think critically – Parenting Guide


Critical thinking plays an important role in the development of a child. Critical thinking permits kids to view the world on their own terms and analyse and gain a deeper understanding of it.  A child who can think critically tends to be observant and open-minded and has the capability to judge things on his own … Read more

How to help your child get and stay organized?


As a parent, teaching our child to become organised is a very essential part of parenting. Unless a child learns to get organized, he cannot become self-independent and move ahead in life.  Getting organized also instills a sense of responsibility and gives a feeling of happiness. But introducing this sense of getting organized is not … Read more

How to get your children/students ready for Back to School?


The last two years have been a nightmare for all humans across the globe. The wrath of nature, with the emergence of a virus Covid-19, has disrupted the whole structure, system from its core.  To prevent its surge, the Government had to induce Lockdown throughout the country. As a result of which everything got shut … Read more

What you should know about World First Aid Day 2021?


World First Aid Day is celebrated every year on 11th September worldwide to make people aware of the importance of First Aid. This day is celebrated to make people mindful of the importance of first Aid.  Getting the right aid at the right time and how important it is to save a life is very … Read more

Importance of Tourism in India – The Complete Package

Indian Tourism

Beginning:  Tourism is the major economic activity that has developed in a significant place over thousands of years. In general terms, one can say that tourism is known as the movement of the person from one place to another concerning leisure or any other professional purpose.  Visitors and the tourist enjoy the beauty and the … Read more

How will we tend to observe Get to know your Customers Day 2021?

know your customer

Technology has several edges. They need to be created looking online straightforward and far a lot of convenient. But, you will not be in a position to receive the private bit that you are accustomed to.  Customers must square measure treated with the care they merit. This Get to know your Customers Day can provide … Read more

Describe the Impact of Globalization on Indian Agriculture

globalization image

The agricultural sector of India has significantly advanced over time and has shown many changes in development and innovation.  Through the help of aspects like Globalization through with all the sectors around the world are working as one has helped a lot in bringing these changes.  With the help of globalization, there has been a … Read more

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