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Happy National Sports Day (29th August) | Complete Information

National sports Day
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National sports day is observed on the 29th of August every year in India. Other countries celebrate this day on different dates as they have their own history and significance.

India celebrates this day nationally for the honor of a magnificent sportsperson of hockey who is famously known as ‘The Wizard’ is legendary Major Dhayan Chand Singh.

We observe his birthday anniversary as National Sports Day due to his spectacular achievements in his sports career which popularized India and India’s tri-color national flag all over the world.

This day encourages every individual to be fit and healthy and every sports enthusiast to be like Major Dhyan Chand through their efforts.

History: National Sports Day

In the year 2012, the Indian government has decided to observe National Sports Day on 29th August.

Since then it is celebrated countrywide. At the first celebration of this day, sporting events were organized all over the country by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry along with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and other sporting bodies.

History of this day abides in the success story of former hockey player of India, Major Dhyan Chand Singh. His magical performance highlights our national game Hockey.

Who is Major Dhyan Chand?

Major Dhyan Chand Singh image
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Source: Google | Image By: the indiantelegraph

During British rule, in 1905 29th August Dhyan Chand born on Allahabad city of Utter Pradesh.

His father was a British Indian army officer and was also playing hockey. So, it inspired Chand, he joined the Indian Army in 1922 at the age of 16.

Then after 34 years of service, he retired in 1956 at the age of 60. In between his service career, he was playing hockey expanding from 1926-1948 (hockey Career).

Pankaj Gupta was his coach. He passed away in 1979 3rd December at the age of 74.

His Achievements

He joined Army in a post of sepoy in 1922 and retired after 34 years in 1966 with a rank of Major. So, he is called as Major Dhyan Chand.

Throughout his hockey career (1926-1948) he scored 1000 goals of which 400 international goals. Under his leadership, he gave India 3 Olympic gold medal in the year

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Source: Google | Image By:
  • 1928 Amsterdam Olympic
  • 1932 Los Angeles Olympics
  • 1936 Berlin Olympics

In berlin Olympics, Adolf Hitler after seeing his performance surprised and offered him German citizenship to join in German Military but Chand refused to accept.

He was awarded Padma Bhusan (The 3rd Highest civilian Award of India) in the year 1956.

Honour for the memory of Dhyan Chand

  1. Indian Postal Department issued a stamp in his honour after his death.
  2. Major Dhyan Chand Award (Lifetime Achievements award in sports and game) is also introduced in Indian sports & games for his honor.
  3. In 2002 Delhi National Stadium converted to Major Dhyan Chand Stadium.
  4. There is a statue of Dhyan Chand in Jhansi City of Utter Pradesh to honour him.
  5. Lastly this National Sports Day is celebrated throughout India to honor him on his birthday anniversary.

Importance of sports: National Sports Day 2020

National Sports Day Importance
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It is said, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Life becomes dull without games and sports.

One can’t maintain a good physique without exercising his/her limbs regularly through sports and games. It exercises our brain also for proper functioning.

It provides enough stimulation for life coordinating the mind and the body. After British rule, it has become an essential and integral part of education in every educational institution.

It trains students as good citizens and teaches them the essential qualities of life.

In fact, for teaching the necessary qualities of life, the playground is more effective than any classroom. Sport is one of the best ways to fulfil our amusement and happiness.

It establishes friendships, affection, love, better understanding among players in national and international level games and sports build up a better relationship among states and nations.

Role of Sports in Building a Character of an Individual

Happy national Sports Day Of India
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Sports for Life
  • Games and sports influence one’s character by teaching discipline, honesty, leadership quality, punctuality and many more.
  • Sports are played in accordance with certain acceptance norms. An individual has to follow these rules and regulations which teach them the essence of discipline.
  • It wipes out narrow mind ness of an individual.
  • It teaches how important is each team member’s effort for victory
  • Regular practice of a sport teaches the habit of regularity, punctuality and proper time management skills to a player.
  • Games and sports are played under the leadership of a captain, umpire & a coach whop all players respect. It teaches how to be obedient in life.

In fact, the playfield becomes a training to develop better result in a sportsman future life.

It creates a good person and sportsmen like Dhyan Chand, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, P.T Usha, Sushil Kumar, Geeta & Babita. Dutee Chand, Milkha Singh, Sania Mirza etc. who all had given a special identity to India through their respective sports.

Celebrations: National Sports Day

National Sports Day Celebrations
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On this occasion President of India gives awards to the sportsmen, coaches to honour them who have made India proud through their service.

I think this kind of award ceremony functions are to be held on every state by the state govt to generate interest among the youth on games & sports.

There are some most prestigious awards are given to the sportsmen and the athletes by India govt to honour them. The awards are like,

  1. Major Dhyan Chand Award (Life Time Achievements Awards in Sports)
  2. The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award (Indian Athlete’s Highest Honor)
  3. Arjun Award (Excellence Perform by an Athlete)
  4. Dronacharya Award (Excellence in Coaching)
  5. Rastriya Khel Protshan Puraskar etc.

Many sports events are organized and marathon takes place to celebrate this auspicious day.

Sports lover recalls the memory of famous hockey player all the time Major Dhyan Chand and other famous athletes.

Over the years, the government has also used this day as a platform to launch various sports schemes, including the Khelo India Movement, which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2018.

Hindi Quotes: National Sports Day 2020

Sports Day Quotes
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1. ” बेसबॉल और व्यापार में, तीन प्रकार के लोग हैं। जो लोग इसे बनाते हैं, वे जो देखते हैं, वह होता है, और जो लोग सोचते हैं कि क्या हुआ|”- टॉमी लसोर्दा

2. ” एक विजेता ऐसा व्यक्ति है जो तब उठता है जब वह नहीं कर सकता है। ” – जैक डेम्पसे

3. ” जब प्रतिभा कड़ी मेहनत नहीं करती है तो कड़ी मेहनत प्रतिभा को हरा देती है। ” – टिम नॉटके

4. ” मैं सपने देखने वाला हूं। मुझे सपने देखना है, और सितारों के लिए पहुंचना है, और अगर मुझे कोई स्टार याद आता है तो मैं मुट्ठी भर बादलों को पकड़ लेता हूं। “- माइक टॉयसन

5. ” आपका प्यार मुझे मजबूत बनाता है, आपकी नफरत मुझे अजेय बनाती है। ” – क्रिस्टियानो रोनाल्डो

6. ” ओलंपिक के दौरान चरम पर होने के लिए एक योजना बनाने की आवश्यकता है। एक हफ्ते पहले या एक हफ्ते बाद, चरम पर पहुंचने की गलती नहीं की जा सकती। – प्रकाश पादुकोण

7. ” कॉन्फिडेंस होना बहुत जरूरी है – कॉन्फिडेंट होने का दिखावा भी। यदि आप गलती करते हैं, लेकिन अपने विरोधी को यह न देखने दें कि आप क्या सोच रहे हैं, तो वह गलती की अनदेखी कर सकता है। ” – विश्वनाथन आनंद

8. “जब लोग आप पर पत्थर फेंकते हैं, तो आप उन्हें मील के पत्थर में बदल देते हैं। ” – सचिन तेंडुलकर।

9. ” अगर मेरे पास कुछ करने का कारण है, और मेरे पास पर्याप्त जुनून है, तो मैं आमतौर पर सफल होता हूं। ” – लिएंडर पेस

10. “आपके सपने वही हैं जो आपके व्यक्तित्व को परिभाषित करते हैं। उनके पास आपको पंख देने और आपको ऊंची उड़ान भरने की शक्ति है। ” – पीवी सिंधु

More Quotes

Summary: National Sports Day 2020

Summary for national Sports Day 2020
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This day is mainly celebrated to spread awareness on the importance of sports and daily activities in everyone’s life.

Every year on August 29, India celebrates National sports day. This year PM Modi has launched the Fit India Movement.

Our Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi also addressed everyone to take up sports, as it has a direct connection with fitness and fitness is necessary for a healthy life.

Another main purpose of celebrating National Sports Day lies in supporting the spirit of sportsmanship and spreading the message of different games.

The conditions of Punjab and Haryana are especially associated with this and the festivals are finished with a ton of pageantry and energy.

Various competitions are organized ranging from kabaddi, marathon, basketball, tennis, football, cricket among others while talent hunts are conducted at the same time, all in the combined effort to promote sporting talent.

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National Sports Day 2020– Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is national sports day celebrated in India?

National Sports day is celebrated on the 29th of August every year.

2. Who is the current Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports 2020?

Kiren Rijiju is the current Minister of State of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Minister of State in the Ministry of Minority Affairs of India. He is a politician from Arunachal Pradesh. 

3. What is the National sport of India?

Hockey is perceived as India’s national sport of India. It is controlled by Hockey India. The Indian national hockey group won the 1975 Hockey World Cup and has, starting at 2016, taken eight gold, one silver, and two bronze Olympic awards, making it the game’s best group in the Olympics.

4. When was the first National Sports Day celebrated in India?

To mark the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand, in 2012, the Government of India designated 29 August as the country’s ‘National Sports Day’.

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