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Happy National Science Day of India 2021

National Science Day
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We observe National Science Day in India on 28th February every year to commemorate the important contribution of science, scientists and scientific progressions in our life.

If we describe’ Science’ shortly, then it would be, the systematic knowledge based on experimental observations for an investigation, which is derived from the Latin word.

The world-famous scientist once said – Science is blind without religion and religion is handicapped without science.

Yes, it is absolutely correct and we must say the whole world is tied with the strong rope of science.

As we know nowadays science and applied science developing gradually & it is helping us to lead our life much better and easier.

So, we can’t avoid science at all. It is a very important day to recall all the memory which science has given to us. Definitely, I will say that we must know about this Indian National Science Day.

History of National Science Day

Let us know the historical significance of this day. Why this day is observed on 28th February? And When it was first celebrated?

Everything you will get here.

The most eminent and outstanding Indian scientist Sir Chandrasekhar Venkat Raman (famously known as CV Raman) established his experimental thesis known as ‘ Raman Effect’, which he declared officially on 28th February in 1928.

He did a great discovery and globally became known for this contribution. Due to his discovery of the Raman Effect, he was honoured and awarded,

  • The world-famous ‘Nobel Prize’ in 1930 in physics and he was the first Asian to receive this award in physics.
  • Respectfully awarded with the 1st ‘Bharat Ratna’ award in 1954.
  • And was also greatly honoured with the greatest award of Russia’ Lenin Peace’ in the year 1956.

The National Council for Science & Technology Communication made a proposal to our central government to observe National Science Day every year on 28th February to commemorate CV Raman’s great historic discovery Raman Effect.

Thereafter our government agreed to their declaration in 1986 and announced to celebrate National Science Day according to NCSTC’s proposal date.

Then in 1987 on February 28 the first National Science Day was observed countrywide.

Objectives and purpose of celebrating this day

The main objective of this National Science Day is to aware people of our country about science. Add to this, it inspires children or students to choose science as their career.

We can’t ignore them as they are our future to lead our nation in a progressive way. Many science-related programmes are organised to attract and inspire the thirsty students.

Likewise, our future generations by their extraordinary efforts achieve glorious success in the field of science and then yes, it will be our nation’s pride.

The celebration purpose is to support and inspire new innovations of innovative scientists or students.

The important aim of this celebration also is to make known publicly about the importance of science and scientific achievement of the whole world.

Themes of this day

Yes, we know that you are interested in searching for the different themes of different national and international events. That’s why here also we have added the themes for this day.

Here in the below infographic, you can find the recent year as well as the previous years theme. Here you go!

science Day themes 2021
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How National Science Day is celebrated?

On this day every science academy, educational institutions, training centres or all councils of science organise many science-related programmes.

Every Non-Government Organisations and also the government organisations hold special events on this occasion.

Ministry of Science and Technology every year organise a special programme in New Delhi (Vigyan Bhawan).

On this programme to highlight science, many are awarded prizes nationally according to their unique contributions. Occasionally every year the special science showcases are arranged by a famous scientist.

Apart from that, in many schools and colleges, science exhibition is arranged and many other competitions also organised on this occasion, where students represent their projects.

Students are provided with the knowledge about science and it inspires them to show much interest in science.

Scientists are invited to many famous colleges as chief guest and they share all their experiences, inspire them and interact with students.

Why should we care about science?

We should utilize and take care of the gift of science for the sake of all. Good is always good so we no need to discuss more good, as we know the benefits of science.

How science provides us with new inventions and discoveries which are very necessary for these days.

Problem is that some people are utilizing science as killing peoples and mis utilizing the power of science for selfish means.

We all aware of the utilisation of the atom bomb which can destroy the whole world in a minute.

We all should be very careful about that, science should not be utilized for diminishing humanity, but should always be utilised for the sake of humanity.

So, let us all celebrate this 35th National Science Day taking a strong resolution to utilize science for the welfare of the whole world.

India needs more women in the field of science

Today on this occasion of National Science Day lets discuss the needs of women in the field of science because we all know that women have been playing a significant role in science and innovation for longer than a century, worldwide.

In India, the women at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have successfully played a key role in the country’s Mars, Moon and other space programmes.

There is no shortage of talented women in India. We all are aware that the women of India have done a great job & also bought a revolution in their respective fields.

For example, the former director-general Dr Soumya Swaminathan makes India proud as Chief Scientist of the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

So, we need to accomplish more. We have gone far. In any case, there’s as yet far to go.

According to a research, it is pointed out that in India a certain number of women/girls are studying science but a few of them are pursuing it as a profession or as a career as a scientist.

So, we have to increase this number. Today, India has only 2 women researchers out of 10 researchers. This phenomenon is not limited to India.

As per a global survey by the Association for Psychological Science, girls perform better than the boys in the field of science which was reviewed by 65 countries all across the world.

So, on this occasion of science day, I believe that India needs more good examples of women scientists and researchers in the field of science & technology and become a role model for others.

What People Frequently Ask?

1. Who is known as the father of science?

We have 2 scientists who are regarded as the father of science at two different times. Father of science in ancient time was Thales and now in modern time, Galileo Galilei is known as the father of science.

2. When was National Science Day first celebrated?

National Council for Science and Technology Communication proposed to India government for the observation of National Science Day on 28th February every year.

In 1986 our government agreed and declared their proposal for National Science Day celebration. Then in the year 1987 February 28, National Science Day was observed for the first time.

3. Why do we celebrate National Science Day?

According to the historical significance of this day, definitely, we recall the memory of ‘Raman Effect’ discovery by CV Raman, his achievements and celebrate this day.

This national science day has also many other important purposes of celebration. Such as,

  • To commemorate the contribution of science to the development of our country
  • To pay great tribute to all scientists who have honoured the name & fame of our country India globally in the field of science.
  • To inspire new generations giving the example of famous personnel like CV Raman, APJ Abdul Kalam to upgrade the level of science and technology.

4. How to celebrate National Science Day in school?

By participating in all events & competitions which are arranged on the occasion of national science day. Everyone should know the objective of observation and try to give a speech on National Science Day.

Teachers must be clear that all the National Science Day activities which are organised and celebrated understood well by the students.

Then only the purpose of the celebration will be successful, which I think& hope you too.

Thank you so much if you have visited till this point.

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