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National No Smoking Day 2021 – Complete Details

Happy No Smoking Day
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Do you know the exact National No Smoking Day date and year?

Such as the National No Smoking Day 2018, 2019 & 2020 were observers on March 15, 13 & 11 respectively and this year is National No Smoking Day 2021 it will be held on the 10th of March.

Because it is decided to observe every year on 2nd Wednesday of March. That’s why it has no fixed date for the celebration

This awareness day aware public of to not smoke and it helps/ supports smokers in quitting smoking by powering them to take a strong resolution of not smoking.

Hopefully, here you will get, every important thing that you want to know & make it a successful celebration.

The main goal of this awareness day is to educate the public and spread important information about the bad impact of tobacco consumption through cigarettes or may in other various modes.

Through all these activities many get inspired and step to quit smoking.

Let’s know the History of this day

National No Smoking Day is first started in 1984 in the Republic of Ireland on Ash Wednesday when the clergymen established that during this Lent (40 days fasting celebration period of Christians) casting off of cigarettes would be a nice thing.

So here we came to know in the year 1984 on Ash Wednesday 1st National No Smoking Day celebrated in the UK. After that, it is decided to celebrate on 2nd Wednesday of March.

The purpose of the celebration is to help to quit smoking to smokers and make them all aware of the harmful effects of smoking.

On this day many nations observe no smoking day and it has become a globally famous observation.

In America the Red Indians were the first to smoke tobacco, then in the early 17yh century, it spread to European countries.

Now it is smoked all over the world in the form of bidis or cigarettes.

In the 1920s cancer is 1st appeared and during the 50s & 60s broad research conclude that tobacco causes various fatal diseases in our bodies.    

Themes for National No Smoking Day

Likewise, all the national festivals here also I have mentioned the themes for different years which you can use and let others help to know about it. 

You can use it in your social media posting with various hashtags like #NoSmokingDay, #stopsmoking, #worldnotobaccoday, #NationalNoSmokingDay2021 etc.

Themes for National No Smoking Day
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Effects of smoking on youth and all

It has various ill effects on those who consume and exposure to it.

According to a report, smoking provides some relief to strained nerves, as a calm feeling or tranquillity and made some person alert & active. 

But based on research if we look at the ill effects of tobacco consumption and the effects of nicotine in our body, which are summarised below,

  • Paralysis of neurons.
  • Blood pressure increase, heartbeat and cardiac output too.
  • Muscle’s relaxation.
  • Stimulation of adrenal medulla to secrete adrenaline.
  • Stimulation of nerve impulses.
  • Constriction of blood vessels increases.
  • If a mother consumes foetal growth will be retarded.

No smoking day 2021 in India

Let us know here the startling facts about India concerning tobacco consumption. According to a study by the World Health Organisation declared some facts about smoking.

Above 2000 peoples die every day in India and 1 million every year due to tobacco-related diseases and tobacco respectively. About 0.5 million cancer cases are tobacco-related in our country India.

You will be surprised to know, in the world, there are approximately 1.1 billion smokers present. From which globally 12% women, 47% men & rest percentage hold youths.

In the case of India 3% women and 53% men. Worldwide deaths due to tobacco are very high and I think it is because of our unconsciousness.

Hence, it is high time to develop consciousness among us in general and adolescents particularly about the health hazard of tobacco smoking and the killer weed.

In this respect, the Central Tobacco Research Institute (Rajahmundry) of Andhra Pradesh is doing well and providing a good service in this direction.

Add to that, many organisations joining their helping hands to be aware and inspire the public to quit smoking.         

Following are the disease caused by tobacco smoking, which you and I should know to make others known.

  • Pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Cancer
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Oxygen carrying capacity decreases
  • Decreases in the life span
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Duodenal and gastric ulcers
  • Emphysema
  • Byssinosis

Why this day is so important and why do we celebrate this day?

History of No Smoking Day
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The original thing which you also relate is that smoking is not good for our health and has so many bad impacts, especially for an addicted person. 

This day aims to support those who are addicted to smoking and try to get out of this. By this day we have to support those people and we should help them to get rid of all these bad habits and intoxication.

For the treatment of addiction, the person must be made aware of the injurious effects of tobacco or smoking. 

Thereafter the addicted person gets motivated to quit smoking by providing psychological support from every one of us.

This no-smoking day celebration will be very helpful and is very important for all of us.

This celebration is health-conscious. If you, me and the whole society will be healthy then we will get maximum benefits of it in every aspect.

Also, we observe this day with the aim of developing the personality of a smoker, balancing his/ her economy and binding good relationship with their family, friends & relatives.

Question & Answer session:

1. Difference between World and National No smoking day? 

A resolution was passed by the World Health Organisation to observe every year worldwide World No Smoking Day on 7th April in 1988. 

On the other hand, the National No Smoking Day is observed on the 2nd Wednesday of every March and this year No Smoking Day 2021 will be held on 10yh March. 

Although the National No Smoking Day is started by the UK, it is a worldwide famous celebration and is observed by many nations as compared to the 7th of April. The purpose of celebrating in both cases is the same.

2. Which day is observed as the world no-smoking day?

In 1988 a resolution was passed by WHO to celebrate World No Smoking Day on April 7. 

So, 7th April will be the answer to this question. Besides that, on 31st May World No Tobacco Day is celebrated globally which has the same goal of observation as of the 7th April world no-smoking day.

 So in this case, I want to opine that,’ Number of celebration day is not so important but to fulfil the target of celebration is.’

3. Do cigarettes really take 10 minutes of your life?

Yes, it is true. Studies between reduced life expectancy and cigarette smoking have shown clearly & brought to the conclusion that smoking a single cigarette reduces our life expectancy by 10.7 minutes.

4. What happens if we quit smoking suddenly?

If you suddenly quit smoking, after 2/3 days your whole body feel irritating and also has severe headache. Forcefully body wants to fulfil the desire of smoking.

There will be a fight between 2 governments in a single body. One is your mind and another is your heart. Like this, so many problems you may face for suddenly quitting smoking.

In this situation, we all have to be very careful & try to overcome casting off smoking for our own sake.

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