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National Mathematics Day 2020 | What you need to know |

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Hi.. Welcome to the informatic world.

Today we are going to discuss our National Mathematics day 2020. Do you know why this day is celebrated in India and its particular significance? Try not to stress here you can find your answer related to your query.

National Mathematics Day is observed on December 22nd annually to commemorate the birthday anniversary of the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

He had made significant contributions in the field of mathematics. This day is otherwise known as Mathematics Day of India.

Know the History

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If we go back to the history of National Mathematics Day celebrations, then it was first celebrated in 2012 on 22nd December.

It was declared by our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 26 February 2012 to celebrate Ramanujan’s birth anniversary as National Mathematics Day nationally.

It was also declared that the year 2012 is celebrated as the National Mathematics Year.

The whole announcement was held at the University of Madras in the inauguration event of observation marking 125th birth anniversary of Ramanujan.

Role of mathematics in day to day living

Mathematics has a very important role in all of our life. Every person is using mathematics in their life. The very good example is everyone applying mathematics in counting.

The electronic devices like computers, cell phones or other devices work with lots of mathematical equations. It is utilised in playing games.

Applied mathematics is used in various fields of science to lead a developed or advanced lifestyle. It is known as the universal language. There is no such field where mathematics is not used.

Some additional data

Ramanujan born in 1887 December 22 at Erode ( Madras presidency) and died in 1920 April 26 only at the age of 32 at Kumbakonam (Madras presidency).

During his short life period, he has amassed about 3900 theorems of equations & identities. His famous works are Ramanujan’s theta function, Ramanujan prime, partition formulae mock theta function.

His famous discoveries are elliptical integrals, zeta functions equations, hypergeometric series etc.

International mathematics day is observed globally on March 14th for global awareness about the importance of mathematics.

The essence of this day intensified in value in the year 2017 with the inauguration of Ramanujan’s Math Park in chittor, Kumpam, Andhra Pradesh.

The speciality of Ramanujan’s magic square is that when we add the numbers of it row-wise, column-wise, diagonally, every small square or in many ways the summation results will be 139 in each case. The most special thing about the square is, in its first row mentioned Ramanujan’s birth date i.e. 22.12.1887.

Important Quotes on Mathematics day 2020

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Quotes for Education
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So now we all came to know about the National Mathematics Day. The great mathematician Srinivasa Iyenger Ramanujan’s birthday anniversary is observed as National Mathematics Day since 2012 after the declaration of P.M. Manmohan Singh.

It is because of his contribution to the field of mathematics is unforgettable & inspired much other research and opened so many fields to further works.

He is the pride of our country, within his short life period he showed his power of being a talented mathematician ever.

Let us celebrate this special day with feeling very honoured for his remarkable contribution in mathematics. Share all about this day to your circle of friends and family members through social media.

Wish you all a happy National Mathematics Day. Mathematics is very essential for all of us in normal life or in professional life.

FAQS on Mathematics Day

1. What is the cultural program is celebrated on mathematics day?

Ans:- This day is observed in various schools, colleges and in many educational institutions organizing National Mathematics Day speech competitions, problem-solving with games, drawing etc. and they celebrate this day arranging programmes like dancing, singing, and many awareness activities.

2. Why we celebrate this National Mathematics Day?

Ans:- This day we celebrate because to recall the memory of unforgettable contribution of the great world-famous mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan on his birthday anniversary which is very important for us to know and to spread awareness about this day too.

3. December 22nd is celebrated as National Mathematics Day on the occasion of whose birthday?

Ans:- 22nd December National Mathematics Day is observed on the occasion of famous mathematician Srinivasa Iyenger Ramanujan’s birthday anniversary. On this 2020 we celebrate his 133rd birthday anniversary.

4. One important or interesting thing about this mathematics day?

Ans:- Personally which I feel very interesting is about the Hardy- Ramanujan number i.e. 1729. There is a small story behind it and Ramanujan pointed out this number’s speciality. It is the smallest natural number which we can write it in two different cubic summation. It is the speciality of this number.

1729=13+ 123 = 93 +103  

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