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National Farmers Day of India 2020 | Things to know |

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The very first question that comes to my mind- is there any reason to discuss/write an article on this farmers day of India or is there people who are really interested or searching for this?

Whatever, the people are searching or not but we are writing this for those who are really want to gain some new information and those who really care about our Indian farmer.

You know this national awareness day is observed on 23rd December every year in our country. Mainly it is celebrated to the aware public to make them known about the importance of farmers.

They help in developing nation socially and economically through their effective contributions. This day is also known as Kisan Divas or Farmers Day.

Let’s know about history:

Green Farming
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Farmers day of India is first celebrated in the year 2001 after the government has declared to celebrate.

You know fifth India’s prime minister Choudhury Charan Singh, this day is established to give him a tribute as he had done so many for the sake of Indian farmers.

He was the first former prime minister and has an important role in enacting & drafting different bills for reforms in agriculture.

Charan Singh persistently fought for the boon of our Indian farmers & agriculture and making especially the rural people independent.


I think it doesn’t need any explanation about the importance of farmers a day or it’s a celebration. We all aware of its a necessity in our life.

This day emphasizes to fulfil the requirements and solving problems of agricultural issues. Farmers are very important to raise our economy.

Well, all in one, I will say farmers are our main source of providing food & without them we can’t get food.

So, with respect to honour them, help them, & solving their every problem, farmers day celebration is very necessary to make all aware of their importance.

The theme of celebration:

” Powering the Farmers, make prosperity to Indian.”

Yes, the theme of celebration indicates that by only developing & powering agricultural fields we gain a state of economic growth with rising more benefits and full employment.

Indian farmers nowadays:

Indian Farmers Now a days
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Gradually Indian farmers are progressing in the process of farming. So many farmers are facing different problems in this field. You all aware of the 8th December 2020 ‘ Bharat Bandh’ protesting against the bills.

In our agricultural country, most of our farmers are from rural areas. They can’t be cultivating their land in scientific ways. In results fail to produce a lot of food or other agricultural products.

Most of our farmers are leading a poor life. You know the farmers after paying their taxes, debts etc. they save only a few amounts of money which is not enough to maintain their livelihoods.

They become debts due to many reasons like, unsuitable weather conditions, high costs farming essentials, low remuneration for their products and due to this we all have seen in many cases that due to tension or pressure farmers attempt to suicide.

You must notice that most of our farmers give more stress on farming food grains which they crop once or hardly twice in a year and the rest of the time they cultivate their land.

So in this case, I will say, besides food grains, they should produce oilseeds, sugarcane, pulses, vegetables, etc. or may begin poultry farming, cattle rearing, beekeeping, pisciculture to be engaged all the year.

Steps taken by the government of India

Here below I am covering some points of Indian government’ s steps to enhance agriculture,

  • Use of high yielding varieties
  • Green revolution
  • Mechanised agriculture
  • Rotation of crops
  • Intensive farming
  • Irrigation facilities
  • Agriculture in dryland

How should Children celebrate Kisan Divas in India

Children will celebrate this day only when you and I will lead them & show them to observe it. Is Farmers not it? Some ways to celebrate farmers day by children are,

  • Participating in competitions organised on this occasion like debates, essay writing, drawing, dancing etc.
  • Visiting any farm nearby or exhibitions regarding this day which will help them to acquire more knowledge.
  • Sharing Kisan day greetings among them to have a fellowship in this celebration etc.

What my thought is that a child may celebrate this day in many different ways. But the celebration will not be successful if its objective will not be applied in his/ her life.

So celebration should not be just a simple celebration it should also be helpful in next better level of we all leading a prosperous life.

Some Quotes on Farmer’s Day of India:

National Farmers Day 2020
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Important Quotes of Farmer
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Indian Farmers
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Farmers Day of India
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Farmers Day Quotes
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We knew that Kisan Divas ( farmers day) is observed on the birthday anniversary of Shri Choudhury Charan Singh to honour his great works for the sake of farmers.

This day is very important for you and me, so let we all be very helpful and thankful to every Kisan of our country. If there will be no Kisan, no country may survive.

Keeping it in our mind let us all celebrate this day joyfully. Through the cooperative societies, a Kisan can get money for farming equipment, fertilizers & better seeds.

I would also like to summarize that the government should see that the farmers get the full benefit of what they invest in the form of technology and labour.

The poverty of the Kisan should be taken into account. The government should send the skilled or right person to teach our farmers how to grow more products in scientific ways.

Celebrate this National Farmers Day 2020 in your respective areas or in social media through sharing farmers day wishes, quotes, infographics etc. Be important and make it important for the sake of Kisan. Wishing you all a happy farmers day.

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