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National Daughter’s Day of India 2021 – Complete Essay

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On National Daughter’s Day, we celebrate our daughters who are beautiful, witty, creative and sometimes demanding guardians of our family for trust. 

Daughters are a vital component of keeping ageing parents connected and engaged, especially when they are ailing. Of course, sons also play an important role. But today, let’s focus exclusively on daughters!

National Daughters Day is celebrated in India on the fourth Sunday of September. September 26, 2021, is the fourth Sunday. Despite its name, Daughters’ Day is devoted exclusively to celebrating the daughters of a family. 

The Day is celebrated to appreciate having daughters and recognize the incredible love they share with us. Daughter’s Day is similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in that both honour our parents. 

Daughters day is celebrated on different days in different countries. On Daughter’s Day, we celebrate girls. In this way, it is hoped to demonstrate that the daughter is just as valuable as the son. 

National Daughters day is celebrated in the hope to dispel the myth that daughters are a ’cause’ worth pitying and empathizing with. To emphasize that a son is a son until he gets married, but a daughter is a daughter for life. 

In addition to showing how precious their daughters are to them, this occasion would also give parents the chance to reinforce the idea that daughters are just as valuable as sons.

National Daughter Day History

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Perhaps the original meaning of this holiday has sprouted in India. It isn’t as prevalent in big cities as it once was but still occurs quite frequently in India. 

As a girl child in India, there has always been a stigma associated with being a girl. Females who give birth to girls are punished. In developing countries, daughters have often considered a burden, while they are celebrated in other countries.

Women have faced daunting obstacles across history, including in the United States with the #metoo movement. Society has viewed women as something which is inferior to men from the very beginning of society. 

According to the legal system of the eighteenth century, wives were not allowed to participate in economic, political or civic activities independently of their husbands.

In those days, male privilege was the dominant social structure. 1920 marked the year when women were given the vote for the first time. 

The wife typically stayed home during the career years of her husband until the 1960s. U.S society is still recovering from gender discrimination in many ways.

The last Sunday in September is observed in India as National Daughters Day. Archies Limited invented national Daughters Day. Daughters are considered a burden and inferior to sons in some parts of India. 

This holiday was created to raise awareness and promote this imbalance. Children in developing countries are often treated differently by their parents than their peers. With the assistance of this holiday, people can show their daughters that they love and appreciate them.

The eldest daughter is often responsible for taking care of the children and the household when the parents are gone, especially in families with many children whose parents cannot afford child care. 

Many times a girl child is what keeps the family running smoothly in a single-parent family.

Frequently, daughters also tend to have close bonds with both their mother and their father and are most probably the ones who are going to look after them when they’re older.

A daughter is a very special person and contains multitudes of qualities. To develop into strong, independent, and intelligent women, it is up to the parents to unlock every girl’s potential and let her know just how much they love her.

When do we celebrate national daughters’ day?  

On September 26, we commemorate and celebrate Our Daughter’s Day, a day to recognize and cherish our daughters’ love emit into our lives. The fact that we can show how much we love our daughters without reason is nice, even if we don’t need to do so.

National Daughters day in USA

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In the United States, honouring mothers, fathers and grandparents on Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, and Grandparent’s Day, respectively, are common. 

National Daughters Day is one of the most cherished. Parents recognize daughters as a reminder of the cherished relationship they share with their daughters, as well as their capability to contribute to the world.

On the international scene, each September 4 is Daughters Day. The joy of having a daughter in today’s world is celebrated and celebrated again on Daughters Day across the country.

Numerous communities throughout the country celebrate Daughters Day every year. People of all families of a girl/women’s life come together to honour their daughters’ contributions to the world.

The community should recognize daughters who have contributed to society and whose contributions are worthy of recognition. In addition to highlighting the achievements of these girls, it also highlights the importance of every daughter.

It was also created to support those who want to see their daughters succeed in life. 

Many parents see this Day as a day of hope and support for their daughters, offering them a chance to learn about the surroundings they live in, the challenges they face & the freedom and opportunities they can gain by moving to a country like the US.

What are the objectives behind the Celebrations of National daughters day?

It is a day to show your daughter how much you love her. On this Day, fathers show their daughters affection and gift them flowers and send wishes. 

International celebrations of the Day take place at different times. You’d be glad to know that the United Nations has declared March 19 as International Day of Girls. 

As part of Resolution 66/170 adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 19, 2011, the General Assembly declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child, recognizing girls’ special challenges. 

It is observed on January 8 each year, during which the focus is on the importance of addressing the challenges girls face and promoting their empowerment and rights. 

National Daughters day, where all the family with a daughter makes her feel important and wanted, and show her your support. 

How to Celebrate Daughter’s Day 2021?

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On this auspicious day of International Daughters Day, 2021, every family member acknowledges and acknowledges the presence of their daughter. 

International Daughters Day 2021 is celebrated worldwide by giving daughters flowers, chocolates and this year’s WhatsApp statuses played a major role in making it a memorable event. 

The purpose of Daughters Day is to celebrate daughters around the world. The Indian culture views daughters as a burden at some point. Despite so many awareness campaigns, there is still a stigma attached to the birth of girls in India. 

The celebration of this Day is one such way to honour our daughters to feel special and help end the tradition of seeing us as burdens. Every family celebrates Daughter’s Day in a different way. 

A letter, card or gift can be accompanied by heartfelt messages parents write to their daughters. According to the daughter and her parent(s), the rest of the celebration varies from family to family. 

Many people celebrate their birthdays with big family gatherings, while others celebrate with small parties. Perhaps the daughter will celebrate with each parent individually, or the parents will go on an outing together.

Why the national and international daughters day is so famous?

Girls or women have always been considered inferior or are considered a burden to men in most places. For this purpose, only national and International Daughters day is celebrated throughout the country and worldwide. 

This celebration is famous because it helps make people understand that having a girl child is not a burden but a celebration. Daughter’s Day helps in empowering girls and women across the world. 

Children shouldn’t need a reason to celebrate or justify a day set aside to celebrate daughters. In an unjustly patriarchal society, female children are still considered inferior to male children. 

The government of some countries added a festival recognizing daughters’ day to their national calendars to encourage equality. The festival’s success demonstrates how times are changing. 

Each and every citizen is equal in the eyes of the government and law, which everyone should emphasize to all citizens. 

There is no doubt that families with daughters celebrate their daughters’ Day somehow and it causes them to celebrate. Due to the Day’s being a Sunday, daughters & parents typically have a holiday on that day and can spend the day together.


Whether male or female, children are always a blessing. Although parents should cherish daughters every Day, it is a nice idea to honour them on special days. 

After all, there is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day dedicated to honouring parents.

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