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National Anti-Terrorism Day of India – 21st May 2021

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Terrorism is the biggest problem that is face by many countries, including India. Due to terrorism, thousands of people have lost their lives, home and suffers a lot.

So, India has dedicated the Day of May 21 to deal with the problem like terrorism. Every year on May 21, Anti-Terrorism Day celebrate all over the country.

The day marks the death anniversary of India’s seventh Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, 1991.

This Anti-Terrorism Day spread knowledge among youth about terrorism and its impact on human lives. This day spread awareness about the violence caused by the terrorists. It also makes people aware of the anti-social acts of terrorism.

The Indian Government has taken many steps to celebrate Anti-Terrorism Day. It helps to propagate the message of humanity and peace among people.

Why Anti-Terrorism Day celebrated on May 21?

The day marks the assassination of India’s seventh Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, 1991. On this day, all the country’s people were in fear and danger.

Therefore, the official announcement of National Anti Terrorism Day was announced under the V.P. Singh government; the centre has decided to observe May 21 as Anti-Terrorism Day.

On this day, everyone takes a pledge, including government offices, public sector undertakings, and other public institutions. This day plays a virtual role in making people aware of the terrorist group.

History of National Anti-Terrorism Day

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When our Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi went to attend a rally in the Sriperumbudur place of Tamil Nadu.

At the same time, a woman came in front of the prime minister, and she was a member of the terrorist group Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE).

Under the clothes of the woman, she has an explosives material. When she approached PM and bent down as if she wants to touch his feet.

Suddenly, a bomb explosion took place in which approx 25 people were killed, including our prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. The inland terrorism created fear among many people of the country, and our country lost PM.

Then, under the V.P. Singh government, the centre has decided to observe May 21 as Anti-Terrorism Day. On this Day, Anti-Terrorism pledge takes by many government offices, public sector undertakings and other public institutions, etc.

Importance of Anti-Terrorism Day

  1. This day honours the sacrifices of thousands of soldiers who fought against terrorism. It is a day to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in terrorist attacks.
  2. Various awareness programs are planned to protect future generations from radical influence.
  3. To increase awareness among people about these terrorist groups and how they plan to strike the terror.
  4. To promote unity among the people by planting a seed of unity among the people.
  5. Also, providing education and training to the youngsters will prevent them from joining different terrorist groups.
  6. It will help generate awareness in the country about the danger of terrorism, violence and its dangerous effect on society and the whole country.

What are the objectives behind celebrating Anti-Terrorism Day?

The main aim of the National Anti-Terrorism Day is to spread the message of peace and humanity. Here are a few other objectives:

It will help to increases awareness among people about these extremist groups. Also, it will help to get aware of how they plan to strike the terror.

Anti-terrorism is to sow the seeds of unity among the people and promote unity among the people.

This day aims to educate, train, and prevent youth from joining various terrorist groups.

Also, the day aims to raise awareness about terrorism, violence in the country, and the harmful effects of terrorism on people, society, and the nation.

How is Anti-Terrorism Day celebrated?

The day celebrates in various ways, including:

Above mention, the objective is achieved by organizing debates or discussion on the dangers of terrorism and violence among many schools, colleges, and university students.

Conducts mass education programs to highlight the harm and consequences of terrorism.

Central Government and the State Government organize rallies and parades to ensure people about the effects of terrorism.

Honours the deceased Prime Minister with a particular march and pays tribute to Rajiv Gandhi.

In many schools, colleges, governments, and private offices, people bow their heads and remain silent for two minutes.

 Many NGOs, cultural organizations, and communities organize their programs to show the harmful effects of violence and terrorism.

The Central Government employees and other public institutions take a pledge to make every effort to win the battle against terrorism from society. That as follow

“We, the people of India, having abiding faith in our country’s tradition of non-violence and tolerance, as a result of this solemnly affirm to oppose our strength, all forms of terrorism and violence. We pledge to uphold and promote peace, social harmony, and understand among all human beings and fight the disruption-threatening forces threatening human lives and values.”

How to remove Terrorism in India?

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As the terrorism rate is increasing rapidly, therefore to reduce it, there should be proper laws and order. The Government should take some steps such as:

They should conduct mass education programs among people to know about the terrorist group and prevent them from joining these groups.

It will give a good message of peace and humanity among the people of India. It also helps to reduce the fear of terrorists.

Central Government should regularly conduct rallies to inform the terrorists and give them messages about peace and humanity.

There should be proper Law and order about the terrorist attack.

There should be proper checking on the borders, especially on the J&K border, to stop terrorist attacks.

They should stop them who are giving financial help to these terrorist group which helps to reduce the terrorist in India.

There should be more security inside India which will help to reduce the people fear about the terror attack,

There should be more agencies in India which help us form terrorist attack,

There should include regular debates, discussions at school, colleges, universities kevel as to aware the youth about terrorism in India.

The Government should also take help from another country, as to stop terrorism in India like the USA is supporting ads to reduce as it is supplying weapons to India.

Government should see another country also who they are reducing the terror attack in their respective country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is an anti-terrorism day?

Anti-terrorism is the day no one will ever forget this day as in this day our honourable prime minter Rajiv Gandhi, former prime minister of India, was killed by women. So, to make awareness among the people about ant- Terrorism and give tribute to India’s PM, we celebrate this day.

2. Who is known as a terrorist?

Terrorists are the people who join terrorist groups such as the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE), and many more. It harms the life of people to take revenge from the country.

Like in India various attack was held like 26/11, aeroplane hijack case and many more. These people are fearless, and they do not bother about their life and family. So, to get aware of the terrorist group, This Day is celebrated.

3. In India is there a special department to stop terrorism?

In India, there is a special department that stops the terrorist attack. India has several intelligence agencies that monitor terrorist activities.

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the external intelligence agency, and the Intelligence Bureau (IB), a division of the Home Affairs Ministry, collects intelligence inside India.

A Joint Intelligence Committee analyzes intelligence data from RAW and IB and a handful of military intelligence agencies, which usually provide tactical information gathered while carrying out counter-terrorism operations.

4. What is the Terrorism rate in India as compared to the USA?

There are many data show that the terrorism rate in India is more than in the USA. In India, many terrorist attacks are held in J&K, and the USA supports India to remove the terrorist attack.

The report says that India has 67% more terrorist attacks than the USA. Also, in India, there are more terrorist groups as compared to the USA. The USA is supplying weapons to reduce terrorism in India.

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