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Know Some Fascinating Facts About Dubai Real Estate Business

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It’s incredibly captivating for individuals from all over the world who want to buy into the elegant and stunning design of Dubai property. 

Are you equally enthralled by high-rises, extravagant apartment buildings, and all the other tourist attractions in Dubai? 

You should know that the property market in Dubai is an investment that can yield significant returns. The hub of business, Dubai, has various fascinating facts.

Before you decide to purchase a home in Dubai, it is essential to be aware of the exciting facts about the area. There’s more to it than easy to imagine and it is fascinating. 

Visitors, residents, tourists and expatriates have turned this desert region into a shining city with many tourist places to visit.

Some Interesting Facts about Dubai Real Estate

Do you want to know some interesting details regarding Dubai’s real estate market that is taking place in Dubai? 

There are many distinct aspects to selling or purchasing properties in Dubai. Let’s talk about some exciting details about it in the following:

1. Dubai is a vast area to invest 

To understand the Dubai housing market, you must first consider Dubai’s inhabitants. Dubai is home to around 2.9 million residents living within the city and this number is projected to increase to about 5 million in 2030. 

This is a massive market for real estate development, whether it’s residential homes, office spaces, commercial spaces or even retail property. 

Best community in Dubai are among the place with the highest population increase rate and the number is predicted to increase. 

It is essential to know that about 70% of the population of Dubai is comprised of ex-pats, which makes it an ideal place to invest with people from other regions of the globe.

2. High Return on Investment

Compared to other metropolitan cities around the globe, both national and foreign investors favor Dubai for the real estate market. This is due to the enormous ROI profits from the highest rental yields. 

Additionally, you can anticipate a 5-6% ROI on properties that are ready to rent in Dubai, which is 3-4 percent within London, Hong Kong, and other cities. 

In addition, one can expect up to 11% rent returns on Dubai real estate, which is highly sought-after.

3. Be a permanent resident with Property Investment in Dubai

Isn’t it fascinating those ex-pats can be eligible to apply for a residence visa in Dubai through the ownership of a property in Dubai? 

Based on Dubai Land Apartment, the applicant could apply for a residence visa to Dubai if he/she owns an asset located in Dubai worth AED 1 million, as per the guidelines. 

The UAE business community has always provided doors of possibilities for individuals from all over the world. Another essential thing to remember is the lack of permanent or life-long living in Dubai for Dubai real property investors. 

There is a possibility of obtaining a 3-5-year property residential visa in Dubai following the rules and regulations of the federal government.

4. The most secure place to invest

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Based on the results of a study conducted in 2019, the UAE is the most secure location anywhere globally to reside and work. It is also the best place to grow your business

Dubai’s real estate market provides an excellent sense of security and protection for investors. In contrast to other global areas. Your properties are secure in Dubai with outstanding facilities. 

The assurance of a secure living in Dubai draws foreigners to come and invest in the property sector. Make a bet in Dubai’s real estate business, and be completely free of anxiety and stress within your head, as it is the most secure place anywhere in the world to invest.

5. Real Estate in Dubai is in Demand

The real estate market in Dubai is in short supply, especially in the premium segment. The reason is that most investors aren’t able to build the luxury homes they’d like to because of an insufficient supply of real property. 

Demand from investors is also extremely high due to the large market, and the huge potential that Dubai provides. This means that the Dubai real property market is one of the most appealing investment locations globally.

6. Unusual and Impressive Spots in the City

The land of majestic structures and magnificent architecture captures the attention of those across the globe who are looking to secure the opportunity to live in Dubai. 

Many people say there’s no more secure area other than Dubai to invest in property. Imagine waking up with beautiful views of Palm Jumeirah or the extremely well-known Dubai sports city with many facilities.

7. Dubai has a good Transportation System

Dubai has an excellent transport system, making it easy to move to the city. Dubai Metro is a popular transportation system. Dubai Metro is famous among commuters for its cleanliness, efficiency and security. 

There’s also a system of taxi services that are widely used and highly efficient. This makes travelling in Dubai much easier than it has ever been.

Additionally, Dubai is well connected to the sea since it is situated on one of the essential waterways globally. Dubai is one of the cities that caters to the upper class’s needs; that is why it is an ideal destination for those with high net worth. 

Dubai is home to several luxurious resorts offering many entertainments, leisure and entertainment opportunities that appeal to those with a high net worth. 

Additionally, Dubai has several luxurious shopping malls that are attractive to high-net-worth people. These malls, along with the numerous luxurious apartments across Dubai, are an ideal location for investment in real estate.


Dubai is a trendy destination for investors due to its diversity in arts, culture, tradition and fashion. If you’re an avid tourist, there is no better spot than Downtown Dubai which is considered one of the most well-known tourist destinations.

Do you wish to put your money into a secure tax-free and lucrative ROI business? Considering investing in Dubai’s genuine property market with top-of-the-line infrastructure is a good choice. 

Due to the high rents and growing population, it is obvious that the need for Dubai properties is growing every day.

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