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International Labour Day (1st May) – Things you should know about

Happy Labour Day 2021
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Hello my dear readers, today I am going to discuss labour day which is celebrated on the 1st of May every year and its related significance, so stay tuned with us.

We celebrate this day known as ‘May Day’ or International Labour Day which is dedicated to all the Labours of the whole world and show respect to their precious contribution in every field.

If you ask me to tell something about Labours or labourers in a few lines, it will be like labourers work on daily, weekly and monthly wages and it depends on the person who engages them in work & the type of work they asked to do.

They get wages according to the quantity and quality of the work they do for their employer. Or the labourers mostly in towns or cities who get a job in factories, mines, mills & business concerns do specific work and have a chance to develop their skill for which they have a chance to get good wages.

This day is also called International Worker’s Day or just labour Day. This labour day has been established after so many stories and this day has a memorable historical significance that why 1st May is chosen to celebrate it.

So below it is discussed all about the international Labour Day history where you will come to know about the story behind this labour day celebration.

Also, I have covered other headings such as theme, how and why international Labour Day is celebrated, the themes & their related importance etc.

Let’s know the History

In the United States of America in the year 1886 on 1st May labour unions demanding 8 hours work instead of 15 hours per day went on a preventive strike and they opposed forcefully raising of working hours.

After 2 days during the strike, on 4th May in Haymarket of Chicago, a bomb was blast where some police officers and labourers died & many get injured, approximately 100 injured.

The strike did not get a huge success but the 8 hours working demand rule was introduced in some countries of the globe.

In a meeting in Paris (capital of France) in the year 1889 according to the Raymond Lavigne proposal, it is decided to observe international Labour Day or May Day on 1st May every year commemorating the Haymarket Riot.

After that International Second Congress recognised the official observation of labour day as a yearly celebration and these celebrations have been going on since that day.

Labour Day Themes

Like every topic, here I have added some themes for you to know about it from the details. Here, you will come to know about the latest four-year labour day themes.

So, here you go!

Labour Day Themes
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Importance of this day

As Labour are very important for you and me too, so this section is tributed to them who are thinking that why they are important and what role they are performing for our society?

Labour are one of the key contributors to the growing economy of a country. On this Labor Day various events, rallies and discussions are held for the progression of our workers.

This observation provides a platform to highlight the problems and all issues which are faced by the workers and give away to sort it out.

Many Workers Union gather and make processions to show their unity and strength to us & celebrate joyfully.

In India, the Ministry of Labour and Employment reveal many progressive works for the sake of Labours on this occasion and resolve their problems.

Everyone will get so much knowledge about this day due to celebration and love to join hands for the betterment of our workers. This celebration day puts a very good impact on our society and all nations.

Why International Labour Day is celebrated?

This day is observed to honour the hard work and achievements made by labourers and workers. The origin of this labour day celebration resides in the history of 1886 in America.

Chicago’s Haymarket affair during a strike of demanding 8 hours of work per day by the workers was the story behind this observation.

Commemorating this riot of bombardment where many get affected and is celebrated in the respect and memory of them.

As you know how much important are labourers are for our society, so no need to explain more about this.

It is decided to celebrate this day globally to aware public & the importance of labour through worldwide celebrations.

International Labour Day in India

International labour day
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India also observes very famously this international worker’s day on 1st May. India celebrated labour day in 1923 for the first time which was organised in Madras (Chennai) by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan.

At that time the Red flag was used for the first time in India which is a sign used for Labour Day.

In India, this day is also known as Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar Din in Hindi. In Tamil, it is called Uzhaipalar Naal.

Apart from that, May 1st is observed as Gujarat Day and Maharashtra Day. Labour associations of our country celebrate this day and are happy about this celebration.

What can we do on labour day in lock down?

During this lockdown situation, we can’t celebrate outside with so much crowd. We can celebrate through social media platforms by sharing pictures, videos, posters, essays on international Labour Day.

It is the best platform nowadays to celebrate safely and grab so many peoples. So I request everyone to make aware peoples of your contact and fulfil the purpose of international Labour Day through social media.

On this occasion, we should protest child labour and a safe golden period for children to develop.

At last, I wish you all a happy International Labour Day and let’s celebrate this international day by sharing good wishes for all the labour of the world through social media.

Have a safe celebration and contribute to saving lives, particularly during this dangerous COVID-19 Pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What is international labour day?

International Labour Day is an observation day that is celebrated on the 1st of May every year to honour and dedicate fully to the Labours of our globe. It shows the importance of Labours in every aspect of our life.  

We need them in every necessary work like in agriculture, in building purposes, in companies, factories, in every development works of government etc. They are very important for us so it is decided to celebrate globally as international Labour Day.

2. When is anti-child labour day?

Anti-Child Labour day is otherwise known as World Day Against Child Labour which is celebrated on the 12th of the month of June each year to raise voices against child labour and to completely root out the child labour crisis.

This day was launched by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in the year 2002.

3. Why is labour day and principal day on same date?

On 1st May we have these two different celebrations and it is a coincidence according to their own historical importance that these two-celebration held on the same date. It is like the birthday of two-person on a single date. We can’t ask why, for this.

4. Labour Day is observed in the USA on?

Labour Day or Labor Day a federal holiday in the USA is celebrated on the 1st Monday of the month of September every year to respect and highlight the Labour Movement of America and also the labourer’s valuable contributions to the progression & achievements of their nation.

The celebration date of labour day varies that is in 2020 labour day was held on 7th September and on 2021 will be on 6th September and in 2022 it will be on 5th September. Also, the USA observes International Labour Day on 1st May.

5. Is International workers day being same as International labour Day?

Yes, International Labour Day and International Worker’s Day both are same and are alternatively used one another which is observed worldwide at starting of May.

It has also other such related names like May Day and “Labour Day”.

6. Is Labour Day a worldwide holiday?

Yeah, it is a global holiday and a rest day or celebration day, especially for the workers or labourers of the world. All nations observe this day in the memory of Chicago’s Haymarket Riot of 1886.

Thank you, if you have read it till this point!

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