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International Day of Education | 24th January 2021

World Education Day 2021
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Happy International day of education 2021. I invite you all to this informatic world and hope you will find the answer for your respective query. Let’s start with a quote:

“ Education imparted by heart, can bring revolution in the society.”

– Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

So, observation date of this International Day of Education held on 24th January each year and yes, it is a worldwide awareness celebration highlighting the importance of education for the progression of our world & for better bonding among us in every aspect.

This day is otherwise known as ‘International Education Day’ or ‘ World Education Day’.

This day is observed with much pomp at the headquarters of UN & UNESCO New York & Paris respectively each year with a specific theme. Mainly it has the purpose of providing education to everyone for the sake of all.

International Education Day History:

If we look back to the starting of this day then it is not so far, in the recent years it is established.

In the year 2018 on 3rd December planned an idea and then it is decided to celebrate education day internationally on 24th January every year by the General Assembly of United Nations.

So, the first International Day of Education was celebrated in 2019 24th January with a theme of ‘ Education for development and peace of the world’.

Many nations have a goal of educating all people of their respective country before the year 2030.

The day’s fundamental point is to bring worldwide harmony and economical advancement through approaching education.

Themes for International Day of Education:

International Education day history
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Yes, of course like all the national and international days, this day also celebrated every year with a specific theme.

We are not able to find that many themes for this day, but we are able to bring some recent year’s themes which you should know about. The themes are as follows –

  • The theme for the year 2019 was “Education for development and peace of the world.” Truly the theme is very attractive and has deep meaning.
  • International Education Day 2020 theme: “Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace.”
  • The theme for International Day of Education 2021 is “Recover and Revitalise Education for the COVID-19 generation.”

Importance of this day:

Education plays very important role in our life and especially observation of this international day makes us to be more conscious about education.

We will get more benefits due to this day as it impacts globally & it’s objective of providing education to everyone which in turn, we will be able to wipe out poverty and can generate employment.

Building up of unity among all the education awareness participants makes an international bonding and help each other in driving out any problems related to education or may others.

But you know, the churches which are supposed to take the initiative for educational development just Ike Christian missionaries from Europe did before, have failed to help the under privileged members and lacking in providing them a quality education.

Another important thing that we must know is education is the major aspect of any modern society and also helps us to differentiate between good & bad. That’s why this day is very special.

Encouragement to Women Education:

Someone is rightly said that – When a man will educate then a family will educate, but when we educate a woman, then the whole society is will be educated.

Women education also plays an important role in the social and economic growth of a nation. A nation can be educated in the real sense of the term, when its entire population (both men & women) is educated.

So, now a days not only in India but also all most all the countries are came forward and have taken many needful actions to educate the girl child.

Women education is significant because women are the primary educator of their youngsters as they receive the very first lessons in their mother’s lap. Thus, if a mother is educated meanwhile, she can perfectly shape and mould her sons and daughters.

An educated mother will have high expectations for their children’s educational success and will continuously encourage them to develop high expectations of their own.

Another reason is, educated women can shoulder any kind of responsibility. See the examples of Pratibha Patil (Former President of India), Kiran Bedi, Indra Nooyi (Former CEO of PepsiCo), Sushma Swaraj (former Central Minister), Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom etc.

As a conclusion we have to think that, the present-day girl is the mother of tomorrow. So, she must be given all the required education. Ignoring her, means creating an uneducated generation.

Some Inspiring Quotes for you:

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The world education day is observed with much pomp and grandeur in headquarter of UNESCO & headquarter of UN in Paris & New York respectively.

Apart from this grand famous celebration, it is celebrated in many countries by government and non-government organisations holding awareness events making known the importance of education.

In many educational institutions on this occasion organizes competitions like, education day essay writing, speech, quiz etc.

In this 2021 year the international Day of Education will be observed officially on 25th January due to holiday (Sunday) on 24th January.

We all can imagine the negative impact on education due to COVID-19 is how much destructive. Approximately a year, every educational institution was closed. So, the theme of 2021 is well defined in this situation, recovering and revitalising education for the COVID-19 generation.

So, let us all observe this day and contribute to the objective of celebration awaring the importance of education in our locality. Also, you can share some quality information on the social media platforms by creating some posters, infographs etc. so that many people can know about this day.

If you found this content beneficial and informative, then you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Quora etc. Here also we are providing the social awareness content regularly.

Thank you. See you on the next topic and have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When International Day of Education celebrated?

Ans:- International Day of Education is celebrated on 24th January every year. Till now we have already celebrated this day for two times i.e. in the year 2019  and 2020. But in this 2021 due to Sunday a holiday on 24th January, the celebration will be celebrated officially on 25th January.

2. What is the meaning of International Day?

Ans:- International day means a worldwide famous day which represents a global thought and significance. It puts a global impact on related issues like this world education day an awareness celebration which is observed by the UN & many other nations of the world.

3. Is there any order of government of India to celebrate Education Day?

Ans:- Yes, apart from the International Education Day celebration, we Indians observe nationally 11th November as our National Education Day since 2008 in the commemoration of independent India’s 1st education minister Sri. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad which was declared to celebrate 11th November on his birthday anniversary by the government of India.

4. What is special about this education day?

Ans:- I think, education day is all in one celebration. A quote of Nelson Mandela states that education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world. Yes, it is absolutely correct. This education day is very important or more special because it is the foundation for creating a better environment & the important requirement in every aspect of our life.

5. Do you think Indian education is very poor? what’s your point of view?

Ans:- Yes it is, the quality of education is very poor. I think education is said to be a better effect when the education process helps, lead and establish every student’s uniqueness. A good education depends upon the well-trained teachers and they must know how their teaching techniques will be more attractive & effective to the students.

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