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International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking 2021

international day against drug abuse
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It is celebrated every year on the 26th of June since 1989. The general assembly of the United Nations on 7th December 1987 decided to observe this day.

The negative impact of drug abuse, illegal drug trade, and illicit trafficking is seriously affecting the whole world.

So, it is decided to celebrate this day internationally for better performance and results. “BETTER KNOWLEDGE FOR BETTER CARE” is the theme of 2020 of this day.

Absolute knowledge is the power which in turn we all can achieve our international goal and emphasizes the need to enhance the understanding of the world drug problem.

Celebrations: International Day Against Drug Abuse

Organizations, communities, and individuals all are celebrating this day and aware of the people every year. But only some percentage of people have an idea about this day.

The international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is a global observance and not a public holiday.

People are chasing for money nowadays and by knowingly some people choose this way of illegal trade.

All these kings of mentality should be changed then only the world will be like a happy family. Drug abuse is one of the main causes to raise crimes, family disturbances, terrorism, and so on.

As a legacy, its negative impact is on to our children and the future of our nations. So, this problem is tracking out the achieving goal of us. So, it should be uprooted from our society.

stop taking drugs
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What You Should Know About This Day

Drug abuse happens when you utilize lawful or unlawful substances such that they aren’t intended to be utilized.

You may be taken substantially more than a normal portion of pills that a recommended to you. Or on the other hand more terrible, you are abusing pills that aren’t endorsed to you.

Medication misuse is done when you begin feeling great doing it, or quiet, or you need to stay away from the real world.

Except if you are dependent, you can assume responsibility for these unfortunate propensities or dispose of them through and through.

Illicit drug habits present different wellbeing dangers. It doesn’t make you stop medicate maltreatment in spite of the budgetary emergency, despite spoiling your relationship with friends and family.

Summary: International Day Against Drug Abuse

As human beings have the highest power of thinking, we should always think and choose a better option to live our life and our society too.

Family, society, ad the environment should gain appropriate knowledge to grown up a child and their positive field of interest. This is an important step from the bottom level.

Whoever is counting themselves as educated, they gave the responsibility to create a drug-free society.

The mission to be drug-free should be our motto of life. Every organization should take appropriate steps regarding this problem.

Let us come close and wipe out ‘drug abuse’ and save a life. Really solve the problems of our society is the source of true happiness.

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