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Importance of Tourism in India – The Complete Package

Indian Tourism
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Tourism is the major economic activity that has developed in a significant place over thousands of years. In general terms, one can say that tourism is known as the movement of the person from one place to another concerning leisure or any other professional purpose. 

Visitors and the tourist enjoy the beauty and the scene at various locations. Tourism is not only a trend in India but still, it has also availed a significant relaxation period to the busy office workers and the employed people. 

It also helps in maintaining the ethical culture and integrity of the country. Tourism is a concept with travel and fun and a significant source of revenue generation with other meaningful developments and purposes. 

There are many types of tourism like- recreational tourism, environmental tourism, historical tourism, ethnic tourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism, health or medical tourism, and lastly the major tourism.

The article has a significant focus on how the tourism industry has developed on a more incredible platform with other benefits of Indian location with hill stations and historical monuments.

What is the Importance of Tourism in India?  

1. Economic progress: 

The tourism industry aids and supports foreign exchange reserves. It helps our country in generating foreign exchange. Every year a large number of tourists visit India and other places. Places they go to; Stay and shop in our country.  

All this contributes to a significant amount of foreign exchange. Despite the global recession, Indian tourism grew by 9% in 2015 to $42 billion.

2. Source of Income: 

Tourism is a continuous source of income for public and private income. The government has levied various types of tax which are called government revenue. The income generated through these taxes is general. 

To tourists, profit earned by a seller, local Commodities like artefacts, handicraft items, etc., are called personal income. Tourism also helps in employment generation.  

It led to employment, especially in the hotel industry, hospitality industry, service sector, entertainment, and transportation industry.

3. Development of Infrastructure:

Have you ever noticed how the look and feel of a place change when it is declared a tourist destination? Indeed, tourism aids and encourages infrastructure development by making way for dams, roads, connectivity, airport improvements, and any other activity that helps a tourist visit a place in a better way!

4. Social Progress: 

Tourism is an excellent way for cultural exchange. It also encourages social progress as tourists learn to show respect, tolerance, and love for each other when visiting new places.

5. Cultural Heritage:

Tourism helps to articulate the beauty, art, history, and culture of our country. Different people who come to any country take beautiful cultural concepts with them and spread those concepts to other people by going to other places.

Similarly, local skills, languages, and arts get broad exposure through tourism.

Indian Tourism Business
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The role of regional tourism in India

Regional tourism is the tourism that is solely concentrated in the region. It can also describe as a regional tourist who visits an area or a particular place other than the usual residence with a significant modification. 

Tourism is always a primary positive sector for the development of the regional industry. It is considered an important developmental tool with major provisions for economic, social, and political development in the various sectors and regions. 

Because of the concept of regional tourism, major farm tourism has also been uplifted. Majorly focusing on the pineapple city of the Vazhakulam, situated in Kerala, which includes significant studies, is a famous example of regional tourism.

There has also been a drastic growth and development in the field of tourism through services. On a significant level, the services provided and rendered to the tourists in India, visiting from the fellow and foreign countries rank as incredible and secular. 

The warm, welcoming nature of the nation has always blended a feeling of love and respect towards every tourist. The Tourism Ministry of India has also played a definite role in developing the tourism industry in India. 

The Indian Development Corporation, which the tourism department forms, has also encouraged the tourism industry of India at a higher pace.

Also, the hospitality sector and the prime location of the significant hotels aid major benefits to the tourism industry.

Hill station in India and its Historical importance

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India is known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations of all. India has been a thriving tourist destination in attracting both domestic as well as international tourists. 

India is known as the fantasy and because of the various landscapes and secularism. The most important link that tourist finds her is the different culture and forms. 

The scenic landscapes, beautiful hill stations, and the other historical monuments, beaches, and religious places make India as most preferred place and a favourite destination for the tourist.

There have significant examples of the best hill stations with its historical importance, such as Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Nainital, Uttarakhand, Darjeeling, West Bengal, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, Manali, Munnar, Kerala, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, Mahabaleshwar, Shillong, Meghalaya, Mount Abu and lastly the Rajasthan. 

All these places have some other connections with historical monuments and religious factors. Major temples and other religious monuments have always been a centre of attraction for significant tourists.

Role of the tourism industry in Heritage management in India

Tourism is known to be one of the fastest and largest growing industries all over the world. It is one of the powerful tools of the source of income and employment. Significant revenue generation is possible through the tourism industry. 

Tourism has a vast impact on people and helping them understand the variety of cultures and civilizations and their religious importance. Major countries like India are somewhat dependent on the tourism industry for revenue generation. 

The primary revenue through tourism is the export business which is not majorly highlighted but has a significant impact on the revenue generation in India. 

The foreign exchange has a considerable effect on the country’s growth without the substantial loss of the inner resources. 

The tourism industry is known as a highly labour-intensive industry in India. It is successful in providing different services that are essential and expected by the incoming and visiting tourist.

The tourism industry in India has successfully provided a broad scope for employment to the people and has provided a variety of upliftment, alleviating poverty, and sustained human resources. 

Tourism has also promoted and has a beneficial hand in the small and local handicraft culture of India. It plays a significant role in promoting the major nation’s integrity in the international market and platforms. 

Specialized international media campaigns like “Incredible India” and the various social media platforms for the advertisement have led to a major upliftment to the tourism industry. 

Another “clean India” campaign has also been a successful means for advertisement and mouth-to-mouth publicity for the Indian tourism industry.

Tourist Trends in India

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The major tourist trends which attract India experiences a basic mantra- Unity in Diversity. 

Different cultures and rituals, a whole saga of festivals, faith and love towards the religious monuments and idols, lots of warm welcome with the different patterns have always melted the heart of the tourists. 

Variety of the foods and cuisines with a variety of clothing and apparels also attracts the tourist. Different traditional folk dances, traditional clothing, and cuisine have always won the heart of the major foreign tourists. 

As per the studies and the statistics, all over in 2019, foreign tourists have been majorly recoded. Around 10.89 million foreign tourists have visited India in the last couple of years. The tourism industry has added almost a total of 3.20% growth to the nation.

In India, the government supports tourism by promoting the significant elements of tourism of different levels like rural tourism, eco-tourism, spiritual tourism, and adventure tourism. 

In the current scenario, medical tourism has also become equally important in the growth sector by the tourism industry. Many neighbouring countries and fellow nations prefer and avail themselves of the medical treatments in India due to the affordable prices. 

The significant benefits of hospitality and easy for reasonable culture are known for their growth in the tourism industry. 


They concluded that tourism is a major inflow process of the people travelling to India from various neighbouring and foreign countries. India has always been a source of attraction due to its unity in diversity. 

Major historical and religious monuments have also been a major point of interest. We should Focus on the tourism industry and its growth. 

There has also been a major revenue generation since the major development in the export section.

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