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How to help your child deal with bullying? – Tips and Tricks for Parents

help your child deal with bullying
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Bullying can exist in many forms. It can be physical bullying, verbal bullying, psychological or emotional bullying and CyberBullying. Cyberbullying has become a common and magnifying problem in social media and is surging at a fast pace. 

Every form of bullying is traumatic and is not desired by anyone. Even though cyberbullying is in the virtual world it also imposes harmful effects on children

As social media is gaining prominence, these problems are also getting cropped up. Keeping in mind the various problems that children can face, here are some tips to fight bullying. 

Identifying the victims

Identifying who the victim is, becomes the first step to dealing with bullies. A child when he becomes the victim typically complains of a stomach ache or headache and will resist going to school. 

In such a case, talking with your child is the best solution. Talk to your child and ask questions about the situation in school, about the incident which made him upset, about the list of friends he is getting along with. 

In general, a child will withdraw himself from the situation that is bothering him. If this doesn’t work he will start showing symptoms. Once the child has vocalized a problem, press for more information. 

Teach your child to stay in groups

Bullies tend to target those who tend to stay alone and do not have many friends. Teach your child to find a buddy and to stay in groups. Group buddies should be those who are safe and trustworthy. 

Whenever the child feels that he is getting bullied, turn back to his group buddies. Being alone gives the bullies opportunities to bother others, but staying together with friends reduces that risk. 

Or if not groups, your child may find someone with whom he feels comfortable and compatible with. This also prevents the child from getting bullied. 

Teach your child self- defensive phrases

It is important to teach your child how to defend themselves verbally. Have a conversation with your child. Take up different situations, events and teach him how to and what to say in such situations. 

Like teaching him to say, “You are being so unkind and rude to me”. Or, “I don’t need to listen to this”. Reciprocating by using these phrases can make the bullies understand that they are unphased by their behaviour. 

Forewarn your child

Talk to your child about bullying, what it is, and what are its signs. Teach your child to inform you of whatever happened at school or during online classes and that you are always there to support your child and work together to solve it. 

If bullying takes place online, make sure your child does not erase the post before showing it to you. 

With bullying, it is necessary to not feed the perpetrators, by not engaging with his misbehaviour. Also, it is necessary to save those humiliating posts as evidence for later use in case you need them. 

Talk to your school

The most convenient and effective way to shield children from bullying can be done if schools come forward and start educating their children. 

The school should teach children how to pay respect, what empathy is, and how to be friends with each other. The school should also implement ways to punish the bullies otherwise the situation would not be under control. 

As a parent, you should always inform the school if your child is bullied. Talk to your child, gather relevant information, the child who is bullying and then report at the school and seek their help. Also, give a lesson to your child on how to avoid a target. 

Build Your Child’s confidence

Confidence in himself can evade the bully away. The better your child feels, the less the bully can affect his self-esteem. Make him engaged to pursue his hobbies, extracurricular activities and social situations that bring out the best of him. 

Induce positivity in the child. As parents, we always tend to revolve around negative situations, but kids pay heed or gain interest when their good behaviours are reinforced. 

So, by encouraging confidence, their self-esteem also gets improved and they’ll more effectively deal with bullying. 

Teach Your Child The Right Way To React

Children must know that bullies lack self-control, empathy and sensitivity and they love to control others. Children should use the qualities they lack when dealing with them. Also, children should do the following:-

  • Don’t feel bad about what the bullies are saying. When someone is saying something bad to you, say something positive to yourself. Think of all the positive attributes you have. 
  • Tell the bully how you feel when they bully you and what you want them to do. Tell them by making a calm but determined tone. For example, if you don’t like them calling you names, ask them to stop by saying calmly that you have a name and you would like to be called in that name. 
  • Don’t shed tears in front of the bully. The bully intends to hurt you. So, if you reward his intention with tears, he will gain more confidence in bullying you. 
  • To disarm the bully just laugh at his threats, and walk away. 
  • If the bully asks for any help, and you can understand that he intends to bully you, help them and then walk away with confidence. 
  • Do not hurt the bullies, try to be friendly with them, as this can improve the situation. 

Final Word

Bullying is present everywhere, in schools, colleges etc. So to deal with bullies must be learnt during childhood. Learning proper tricks and tips can help the child to cope up with every kind of situation. 

With the prevalence of social media, bullying can also occur outside school hours through emails, text messages, etc. 

Bullying, if done playfully, is usually not harmful, but if done intentionally, meant to hurt someone can cause serious harm. So, it is important to take bullying seriously rather than ignore it. 

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