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How to help kids make use of free digital materials & use them to spur creativity

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Creativity cannot be acquired, it comes from within. We can only help to hone the creative skills already imbibed in the child. 

Creativity can generate new ideas or possibilities to communicate with people, to participate in social gatherings and even problem solving. Creativity is a kind of rational thinking which can provide solutions to multiple problems. 

Creativity is an important milestone in a child’s development. Creativity brings flexibility, originality to think out of the crowd, and to be unique. 

As creativity flows in a child’s mind, the child becomes a happy soul and becomes more disciplined and organized. Thus creativity helps in the cognitive development of a child. 

Due to the change in the present scenario, children became more addicted to the digital world. In the past, they had to rely only on home needs, but with the emergence of the digital world, digital materials should be utilized to polish the skills. 

Although parents are sceptical about their child getting addicted to the digital world, this digital platform could be used for a better purpose as a new medium for creativity. 

According to a recent study on Digital creativity, it was found that proper integration of technology in the learning process helps in developing social interaction. So, we can use the virtual digital medium for our children’s creativity to spur. 

Let’s look at the ways how to make use of the digital world –

1. Digital Storytelling :

Children love to listen to stories especially if they are narrated in an exciting way to arouse interest in them. Stories impart knowledge and information which makes them more confident and which makes them aware of our history and tradition. 

Reading and narrating a story improves the confidence in the child and also enhances their creative skills. For this, there are several tools through which children can create their own digital stories, like

  • Side story – With this, the child can combine picture slideshows with voice narration. 
  •  Storybird – with this tool visual stories can be made in minutes. This tool developed artwork from illustrators and animators from around the world to encourage writers belonging to any age and to turn the images into stories. 
  • Bubblr – With this tool, the child can create comic strips using photos. 
  • Comic master -This tool helps you to make your own short graphic novels. 
  • PicLits –  This creative platform matches beautiful imagery with selected words to brighten young minds. 
  • MapSkip – With Map Skip you can create ample stories about the places in your lives. 

2. Creative Thinking Blogs :

Blogs are an excellent platform where children can express themselves freely. In their own blog, they are free to do whatever they like in their creative way. As there are no inhibitions, they can express themselves in the blogs to a maximum extent. 

It is also a fun way of expressing oneself where the child can improve his skills by reading the comments of other young learners as well as he can also comment in other fellow learners blogs. 

It is a platform where the child can even present his views, discuss topics of their choice, can ask for suggestions or simply deliver a speech on any topic. 

3. Art and Craft :

The digital world is stuffed with a myriad range of digital materials for arts and crafts to spur. It carries several tools with which a child can conveniently express his/her talent. 

  • Crayola – This contains several fascinating videos and instructions for projects for kids to perform and learn at home. 
  • JumpStart – They are equipped with lesson plans on how to teach colors to children. From here they can get innovative concepts of coloring. 
  • HGTV – If your child wants to make clay sculptures, HGTV provides all the instructions on clay making. 
  • Incredible – This site presents a long list of online games for kids.
  • Scrap Coloring – This is a digital coloring book where the kids can have a vast option of coloring and patterns. 

4. Music Tools :

Music Tools has emerged as a great help to children during this pandemic season. Children could carry on their musical practice with these online platforms. Several platforms support the song by providing the music. 

  • Chrome Labn – This allows children to explore musical sounds and concepts. 
  • Kids Guitar Zone – It offers lessons in Guitar for beginners. 
  • Piano Patch Kids – There are plenty of free downloadable piano lessons. By downloading these lessons you can teach your child to play the piano
  • Violin online – It is for beginners who want to learn violin lessons.
  • Creating – With creating, a child can create and listen to their own musical creations. 
  • Philharmonic – It gives instructions for making instruments. It has a kid zone with videos, games and puzzles. 

5. Dance :

Dance can be a good exercise for children of all age groups. Dance also enhances creativity and needs creative knowledge to carry it out. It also has physical and psychological benefits.

As the physical classes cannot be attended, these options can be tried. 

  • Kennedy Center – This has various kids’ activities and instructions on dance, performing arts, and many others.     
  • Debbie Allen – It teaches dance on Instagram live. 
  • The Ballet – This channel takes live classes for ballet students of all ages

6. History and Culture :

It is important to know about our history and culture. Though most of the children lack interest in history, some sites make the lessons exciting. 

  • Ducksters teaches and informs students on artists all around the world. 
  • The Smithsonian brings up the oral history of jazz. 
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern has guides and discusses questions on various pieces for kids. 

7. Videos, Games, Puzzles, And Animation :

  • Toy Theatre has plenty of virtual tools with which a child can build, create and animate. 
  • The National Gallery of Art has various lessons, online courses, and videos for every age group. 


Digital tools have become an integral part of our lives, especially during this pandemic period. Digital tools are very effective in making a child more creative and can also bring out the creativity within the child. 

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