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How to Help and Save the Wild Animals – The Complete Essay

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Wildlife is an excellent introduction to God. God has not only created this beautiful universe most effective for humans only. Plants and animals also have a unique place in this. 

They are essential for various purposes. We discover from the giant whale to the smallest fishes on this Earth, withinside the wooded area, we will find the smallest Wolffia to the big Sequoia tree. 

We, the humans, can’t make contributions to those remarkable creations of God; however, protecting them is in our hands. Thus, the conservation of flora and fauna is vital to keep the stability of Earth. 

Like forests, the natural world is likewise a countywide resource, which now no longer simply facilitates maintaining ecological peace but is again applicable from economic, leisure, and aesthetic factors. 

In the past years, human activities are minimal, and the variety of feral animals have been pretty excessive, and there has been no hassle in their safety or conservation. 

But, with the development of agriculture, settlement, commercial and different developmental sports, and precisely because of man’s greed, the number of feral animals step by step has become lesser and lesser. 

And at the end, that numerous species of animals have become extinct, and several others are on the verge of becoming extinct.

Different reasons or elements are chargeable for the extinction of feral animals or flora from this Earth. Due to the speedy boom within the human populace, human beings are destroying the forests to assemble their homes, release up regions to installation industries, etc. 

As a result of that, many wild animals lose their homes. Again wild animals are searched for their meat, skin, teeth, horns, etc. For example, the one-horned rhinoceros discovered withinside the Kaziranga National Park.

What are the Causes of the extinction of flora and fauna?

  1. Habitat loss
  2. Poaching
  3. Introduction of recent species
  4. Natural calamities
  5. Lack of strict flora and fauna legal guidelines.

Why should we save wild animals?

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Most people today think that there is more wildlife in the world, but data shows that many of this wildlife are becoming extinct day by day. 

For this reason, there are many reasons why we should save wildlife, as discussed below.

1. Wildlife is beneficial to humans

These animals produce chemicals that can be used as a source of medicine for humans. Drugs are used to treat various health conditions, including heart disorders, illnesses, and many other ailments.

2. Conserving Wildlife Helps the Environment

Conserving wildlife translates into protecting the environment. If there will be more wildlife, the more we enrich our planet.

For this reason, animals need to be kept in their natural habitats and habitats. We need to preserve their natural habitats because this will benefit the people.

3. Develop Biodiversity

The earth is a healthy, productive environment. Without wildlife, there will be no critical balance in our natural system.

Loss of one animal can mean the loss of another mammal or the loss of another mammal. By preserving the wildlife we ​​have, we ensure that other species also survive.

4. Wildlife is beneficial for agriculture and agriculture

The population depends on plants, not only for food but also for production plants. Plants depend on other animals for pollination.

Plants need bees, insects, animals and birds to pollinate. If wildlife is not conserved, there may be no effective pollen. It will lead to future translation into a reduced source of food and traditional medicine.

What are the ways to protect wild animals?

Today, defensive flora and fauna have to be one of the whole essential responsibilities of humanity. 

Due to the fact, animals and plant life are the central part of a much broader herbal surrounding that gives meals, haven, and water for different flora and fauna, and humans.

Let’s talk about several methods to shield the natural world.

➢ Protect flora and fauna habitats so that the animals have locations to locate meals, are searching for haven, and lift their young – due to the fact the significant destruction of herbal habitats is possibly the finest chance that many species are dealing with those days.

➢ Learn approximately endangered species in your area. Teach the human beings around you whether or not your mum, your child, your colleague, your neighbour, or your hairstylist – approximately the fantastic flora and fauna, birds, fish, and vegetation that stay close to you and why they want safety.

➢ Support bans on merciless recreation and sports that impose needless pressure on animals, several of which may be lethal.

➢ We humans should also understand our responsibility towards the animals and should help the injured animals.

➢ Protected regions like countrywide parks, reserve forests, natural world sanctuaries, etc., are mounted to guard flora and fauna. Wildlife conservation legal guidelines are enforced in those limited regions to defend flora and fauna.

➢ Awareness about animal protection should be spread among the children and among the people. 

➢ Some human beings forget about or purpose damage to the flora and fauna as they’re blind to the significance of flora and fauna. So, attention may unfold amongst humans to preserve flora and fauna in India.

➢ Animals kill due to satisfying blind beliefs. So, for the conservation of flora and fauna in India, those superstitions want to be eliminated from society.

Types of Wildlife conservation

Wildlife conservation may be labelled into thrilling terms, namely “in situ conservation” and “ex-situ conservation.”

1. In situ conservation :

This sort of conservation protects the animal or plant on a web website online in its herbal habitat. In a way, we shopped the whole wooded area to store the tiger. 

National Parks, hotspots, Sanctuaries, Sacred groves and Biological Reserves come beneath neath In Situ Conservation.

2. Ex-situ conservation :

Ex-situ conservation of flora and fauna method off-web website online protection of feral animals and plant life with eliminating and moving a few a part of a populace to covered habitat. 

It consists of Seed banks, Field technology banks, Botanical gardens, Zoological parks, and Wildlife Safari parks.

Wildlife conservation in India

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India has extensive wild animals like Indochinese tigers, Asiatic Lions, Indochinese Leopards, diverse species of deer, superb Indian Rhinoceros, and lots more excellent. 

But because of a few elements like immoderate poaching, unlawful trading, lack of habitat, pollutants, etc., numerous animals and birds are statuses at the border of destruction.

Though the Government of India is taking steps to shield Wildlife, the essential history of India, each citizen of India has to assume it to be his obligation to guard the natural world. 

Some of the stairs taken through the Government of India closer to Wildlife conservation in India are

Important Wildlife Protection Projects with the aid of using Indian Government

➢ Wildlife conservation is crucial for a healthy ecosystem. If an available flora and fauna species receives vanished from the ecosystem, it can disturb the complete meals chain.

➢ Wildlife conservation is likewise essential for clinical values as many flowers and animal species derive a few essential drugs. Moreover, Ayurveda, the historic medicinal machine of India, is again the use of extracts of diverse plant life and herbs.

➢ Wildlife conservation is critical for agriculture and farming. Wildlife performs a substantial position withinside the increase of agricultural plants and a massive quantity of populace on this global depends on that vegetation.

➢ For preserving a comfortable and wholesome surrounding, flora and fauna conservation is crucial. For example, birds like eagles and Vultures contribute to nature by doing away with animals’ useless bodies and maintaining the surroundings easily.

Steps Taken By Indian Government to Protect Biodiversity

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Along with the above distinctive conservation tasks of the wild animals, GOI has additionally initiated few schemes which are laboured upon to guard the biodiversity and reduce the mortality of seriously endangered, endangered, and threatened animals. 

Here are few critical steps that the Government of India has taken for flora and fauna safety:

In the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, GOI created Protected Areas like National Parks, Sanctuaries, Conservation Reserves, and Community Reserves for flora and fauna and imposed punishments on indulging in the unlawful act of searching.

To lower the unlawful alternate of the natural world and endangered species, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau has to hook up and reinforce tiger conservation, National Tiger Conservation Authority.

A Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) has also been constituted and deployed in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Odisha.


One of the maximum flourishing flora and fauna conservation ventures, ‘Project Tiger’ which was initiated manner returned in 1972, has now no longer simplest contributed to the conservation of tigers however additionally to the complete ecosystem

This task subsidizes through the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change. 

About forty-seven tiger reserves located in extra than 17 areas, such as Corbett National Park and Ranthambore National Park, are a part of this venture which conducts exams of the number of tigers, their habitat, searching behaviour beneath the supervision.


They were initiated in 1992 through the Government of India Project Elephant ambitions at keeping elephants and their habitat and of migratory routes through growing medical and deliberate control measures. 

The venture endeavours to reinforce the standards for the safety of elephants in opposition to poachers and unnatural death.

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