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How to help and save the stray animals?

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Every year, many stray animals die because of not getting food. There is no one to look after them and nowadays many NGOs also try to save these animals but to an extent.

So, my question is, do these NGOs are only responsible for saving all these homeless animals? Not exceptionally, but it is our responsibility too that we come forward to save all these animals.

I am not saying that every day you come forward to help these animals. I just want that if you can’t help these animals then it doesn’t matter, but don’t hurt them.

So, here I am sharing some information with you guys about how to save all these animals and what can we do to help them. Read on for complete information.

What are stray animals?

Stray animals are those who are helpless, homeless and have no owner. They have no suitable habitats or environment to live in. Mainly we found stray dogs, cats and birds.

If we think deeply, we came to know that some herbivores and carnivores also may be categorised under stray animals. We see wild animals like elephants, bears, and domesticated animals like cows etc wandering here and there in search of food and shelter.

Due to population explosion and industrialization forest area (natural habitat if wild animals) is decreasing continuously.

So that they stray or rush into the human habitats. Like that birds are also facing the same problem. In the case of domesticated animals like stray dogs, cows, cats wander in streets in search of water, prey/ food & home.

Although some of them get adopted but a large number of them are homeless and helpless till now. These all are about stray animals.

How to save them?

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Above we get the knowledge of stray animals, who are come under stray animals’ category? So now let discuss, how to save or help stray animals?

Save in the sense is to make them free from destruction, ruin, or harm and provide them with a suitable environment to live in. In the case of wild animals,

  • Stop deforestation, hunting & poaching and whatever you want to do, do without harming their natural habitats & their valuable life (which help to maintain a balanced ecosystem). So that we able to avoid their entrance into our residence.
  • Make sure that industries and any human activities should be far away from their environment.
  • On the other hand, to save them we should plant more trees in needy places for the sake of the environment, animals and birds too as it is benefits for every aspect. The more we plant tree more we get the benefit.

In case of stray dogs, stray cats, stray cows and stray birds it will be very easy for us to help them and save them through fewer efforts.

They are not like wild animals; we live in the same environment and comparatively easy to help these animals.

Their only/ minimum requirements to live are food, a place to take rest (shelter) and water to drink. Which I don’t think it’s a big deal for us to provide them with these necessary elements of their life. 

Ok let’s take a look below some points of helping them

  • Without wasting our homemade food items give them to these stray animals. Every society or colony can help by making a feeding place for stray animals or birds from saving the rest food materials which we consume and feed them without wasting them.
  • By adopting them we can save stray animals. You will definitely enjoy a good or true companionship by adopting them.
  • There should create a safe place (shelter) for them to take a rest. You can make a temporary or permanent home for them nearby your street or house to provide them shelter.
  • Especially during summertime they hardly find water to drink. So in this case, by putting a pot of water and drank them near their leaving area. For birds, everyone can help by hanging a water pot(/ grains to eat)in the roof area of home and in the trees of the garden.
  • Do not irritating stray animals and opposing if anyone does so. Teaching children and the public to love them or at least don’t harm them. As they are very loving and faithful organisms.

I think all these steps will be sufficient to help them or save them if we all togetherly apply this and giving some time to them.

Save the Stray Animals
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Is it important to save stray dogs?

Yes, definitely. We live together in the same environment. If we want to live a happy life, then why don’t they? We, humans, have the ability to make them happy and provide a safe life.

As compared to other stray animals, we find a maximum number of stray dogs everywhere. They became used to with human beings and are very clever & faithful.

Their behaviour upon us depends on how we treat them. If we love and help them then they obey us and love us.

Did you notice somewhere the cruel behaviour of some stray dogs? And try to find out the cause of it, why they behave like this? It is due to the mental illness or trouble of their life.

 They struggle hard to survive. We see the bad impact of this, like biting people to get some food from them.

They become worried and cruel due to not getting food. So, in this situation, we can heal their mental and physical illness by fulfilling their needs.

We can imagine how we get good results of it by helping stray dogs who are present in large numbers. Making them safe we feel safe and get the benefit of it.

Why is essential to save the stray animals during Corona crisis?

It is very important to care more about stray animals during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Because of COVID-19 every marker place, hotels, restaurants are in lockdown or shut down.

Where stray animals often go there in search of food. So just think if there will be a lockdown and nobody go there then how they will get food. Fortunately, they were getting their meal there and being happy filling their tummy.

But due to lockdown, it becomes very difficult to have their food or no possibilities of getting food. This is the main problem for stray animals during this Corona crisis.

This is the reason why it is necessary to help and save stray animals, especially during this Corona crisis.

So, in the end, I will say, wherever we see stray animals, as much as possible let us help them and save them.

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