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How to get your children/students ready for Back to School?

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The last two years have been a nightmare for all humans across the globe. The wrath of nature, with the emergence of a virus Covid-19, has disrupted the whole structure, system from its core. 

To prevent its surge, the Government had to induce Lockdown throughout the country. As a result of which everything got shut down. No schools, no colleges, offices, markets, institutions everything suffered a huge blow. Work from home developed. 

Similarly, the schools introduced online classes to their students. Two years passed in the presence of online classes. 

Now, the Government is weighing options for reopening the schools. Contemplating the situations the Government is moving forward with its decision. 

The students are all very excited about this decision. But it can be a problem with the Junior section. 

How to make them prepared to send to school after such a long gap? 

Talk about the child’s friends

To gear them up to send to school, and ambience has to be created. Discuss or encourage the child to speak about his memories at school, about his friends. 

How they shared their tiffins, played in the playground, fought together and again $ pals the very next moment. Ask the child to tell something about his teachers and also to share the memories with his teachers. 

Stock up the essentials

Back to school after such a long time requires many essential things to be bought. Most children get excited when they begin shopping for new school essentials. 

Ask the child about his needs, the number of pens or pencils required, what type of notebooks he wishes to buy etc. and take your child to purchase those utilities. 

By doing this the child can mentally prepare himself to get back to school and by buying school copies, pencils can also develop an excitement within him. 

School Clothes

School Clothes can be a powerful medium to make the child aware that the time has come to head back to school. School uniforms may need alterations as it has been shoved in the cupboard for two years. 

Some may need to buy a new one because the size won’t fit anymore. These preparations need to be made ahead of the time the school re-opens. 

These preparations are healthy and are enjoyed by the child as well. Making such preparations involving the child also prepares the child to go to school and raise their enthusiasm about reaching their classrooms. 

Regain Routine

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As the day of re-opening of the school comes nearer, gradually make the child get habituated with the school routine. 

Regain the school routine, make the transition easier on the kids by setting the alarm a bit earlier every morning. Help the child to get up early and follow the routine of his school days. 

In the beginning, the child may feel sleepy and will resist getting up but sticking to the routine prior to the school re-opens can make the child ready for school. 

Instill the Positive Habits

Creating good habits can make returning to school after a long break easier. Keep the child busy in the mornings by giving him lessons to learn, by making him do extracurricular activities. 

Teach the child to prepare his clothes the night before school, to pack his bag by following the routine properly, and to pack up any sports or musical instruments or materials for extracurricular activities. 

Train the child much before the school reopens and it will gradually form a habit for the child. 

Retrain the Brain

After two years of watching cartoons, playing games on mobile, the brain gets into a dormant mode. To reactivate the brain, induce some brainstorming activities in his routine. 

Playing Sudoku, Puzzles, and Scrabbles can reactivate the brain. Playing Chess, cards, jigsaw puzzles can also energize the brain. 

Making a reading habit- Make a reading routine for some part of the day. Afternoons are a good time for reading storybooks. 

Storytelling is also another good option to train the child to listen to what is being said to him. Reading books can improve the concentration level which ultimately will be helpful while attending school. 

Give a mock school going and classroom activities. 

If your child is still nagging on the decision of going back to school, a mock classroom and school-going activities can help. Playfully make the child get up from sleep a bit early, ask him to wear a dress, pack his tiffin, and carry his water bottle. 

Then make a mock classroom by hanging a whiteboard on the wall. Give him lessons to learn by writing on the board, push him to solve math puzzles and give him tiffin and water breaks in between. This can be effective in taking your child back to school. 

Connect with Classmates

Connecting with classmates will make the child enthusiastic about returning to school and can become impatient to return. 

Try to gather most of the classmates’ numbers, and make the child connect with them over the phone. If possible, invite some of them to your place and make the child spend time with them, play with them and discuss school activities. 

Also, a small outing could also be arranged. Staying at home for such a long duration has made us lazy. A small outing with school friends will rejuvenate us and can also be enjoyable. 

Visit the school premise

If time and situation permit, take the child and visit the school. If possible enter the school premises and make him acquainted with the environment

Show him the classrooms and prepare him by telling stories about school, about your own experience while you were at school. 


Getting back to school after this long break can be challenging. The child may go through a phase of mixed feelings, he probably may feel excited as well as nervous. 

Following the above guidelines can ease the transition and the child can cope up again with his previous routine. 

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