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The Complete Essay on World Radio Day 2022

world radio day 2021
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If I ask you all, which day is observed on 13th of February then what will be your answer? Ask yourself and be honest.

I am sure that many of your answers will be about the lovely valentine week celebration and you will say 13th Feb is celebrated as kiss day.

I think many of us have no idea about World Radio Day which is observed worldwide on 13th February.

So not to be worry and let’s get a brief knowledge about this interesting day & collect some world radio day information.

Well, as I have mentioned earlier, world radio day is observed on February 13th every year and apart from that, I feel it is also very important to mention that on this same day Sarojini Naidu (The Nightingale of India) was born.

That’s why this day has its importance of celebrating Sarojini Naidu’s birthday anniversary too.

History of world radio day

We celebrate world radio day to show & know the important contribution & place of Radio in before days or present days of the earth.

On this day we commemorate the specular contribution of the inventors who all have shown a passion for the progression of the Radio.

The executive board of UNESCO recommended to the general conference for the declaration of world radio day.

In 2011 UNESCO hold a pool which was also supported by Spain. In the year 1946 UN Radio did first call-sign transmit.

During 36th conference of UNESCO on 13th February, 2011 decided to observe 13th February as world radio day.

On 14th January 2013 UN General Assembly supported officially UNESCO’s declaration of observing this special sidereal day.

Then in the same year on 13th February during 67th conference of UN general assembly decided to declare the resolution of observing world radio day. Thereafter it has been celebrating as world radio day every year on 13th February.

Themes for World Radio Day

Like every year, this time also World Radio Day is going to be celebrated with great fanfare all over the planet with a different theme.

I want to inform you all about some of the themes of last year here too… so that you all remember this world day and its related themes. Here you go!

World Radio  Day themes
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Why we are not using the radio in these modern days?

Yes, very less percentage of us are using the radio these days. In this 21st century, we all have a smartphone with us, a television in our homes, which I simply say the advance device than a radio.

But we all should have great respect to the radio. The age of radio was amazing and we get many benefits through it.

I think it is no need to elaborate on the benefits of the smartphone compared to a radio. So many inventions are getting extinct day by day when we get something better than that, the radio is one of them.

In India, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji paying a tribute to the radio shared ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on radio and due to this many of us get attached with radio.

Also, we have an FM radio on our cellphones. So, in the end, I will say, these days no one is showing much interest in radio.

Objectives and significance of this day

The main objective of this world radio day is to highlight the importance of radio among the public and media.

Radio is a piece of communication equipment for information and entertainment & stands a connecting link of remote places.

Radio has its importance till now & through this public provided with the messages, news, it is to spread networking or to build up an international fellowship among the broadcasting unions and broadcasters all over the world.

UNESCO celebrates each year and on this occasion does many world radio day activities togetherly with many broadcasters & broadcasting unions around the globe. Globally it is observed very famously and led well by UNESCO.

In so many places all over the world many originations holds an antique show programme on this occasion showing the different types of radio.

It provides knowledge to the public about the different kinds of radio. They all promote the important role of radio in nation-building.

13th February is a very important date in world history because on 13th February 1946 United Nations Radio was established.

Due to this reason, it is decided to observe world radio day on 13th February. So on this day we also commemorate UN Radio establishment.

How one can celebrate this day?

Indian Radio Day 2021
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Know and let’s other know about this interesting day of 2022.

By sharing the photos of radio and mentioning world radio day facts in social media which is the best way of celebration nowadays for any occasion.

One can celebrate wishing all the best wishes of this special day. Getting the knowledge is the actual meaning of celebration which I thought.

So, let’s all of us fulfil the purpose of observation and keep learning & keep growing. Share about this day on social media with hashtags #RadioDay2022, #WorldRadioDay, #loveradio etc… and inspire others too.

Thank you if you’ve read till the end.

What do people ask frequently?

1. When is world radio celebration day?

This radio day celebration day held on 13th of the month of February. First, it was started in 2012 on 13 February. On this date, we have 2 other celebrations such as kiss day and birthday anniversary of Sarojini Naidu.

2. Who or which country first started this day?

UNESCO proclaimed this world radio day and was also celebrated & started first by UNESCO. It was observed in 2012 for the first time. In 2022 we will celebrate 10th world radio day.

3. Why do we celebrate Radio Day?

Although we have no radio in our home, we all should celebrate this day to pay a great tribute to the radio. The celebration provides us with more information & knowledge about radio and its advancement.

We will be able to know, how it was very helpful in trade, commerce, education, agriculture before the days.

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