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Happy World Hindi Day | 10th January 2021

World Hindi Diwas 2020
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From the start wishing you all a very happy new year 2021. If you are reading/viewing this article before the new year of 2021 then wishing you also a happy new year in advance.

Vishwa Hindi Diwas or World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10th January every year. Did you know, why we celebrate World Hindi Day?

It is because to highlight the Hindi language at worldly level and to make it recognize worldwide.

You will be happy to know that, celebration of World Hindi Day date falls together with the World Laughter Day held as on 10th January.

It is a double celebration for us in a single day. But here we will discuss only about World Hindi Day.

History of this day:

Do you know! When is World Hindi Day celebrated for the first time?

It was in the year 2006, our former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh declared to celebrate World Hindi Day on 10th January every year. Since then, it has been celebrating.

There is a historical significance of choosing the date 10th January for the celebration of World Hindi Day.

That is on 10th January in the year 1975 Prime Minister Ms. Indira Gandhi inaugurated World Hindi Conference (Vishwa Hindi Sammelan) which was organized in Nagpur, Maharashtra where from 30 countries 122 personnel were attended.

The specialty of world Hindi Conference is that it is organized once in 3 year and has no fix date for the conference.

Difference between World Hindi Day and Hindi Day:

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Do not confuse between these 2 days. They are difference from each other.

World Hindi Day is observed on 10th January whereas National Hindi Day (Hindi Diwas) is celebrated on 14th September every year.

Vishwa Hindi Diwas is a worldwide celebration to promote Hindi language globally.

Here in Hindi Diwas which is a national celebration in the commemoration of adopting Hindi as the official language (Devanagari Script) on 14th September 1949.

The first World Hindi Diwas celebrations and first Hindi Diwas celebrations was in 2006 10th January and 1953 14th September respectively.

What is the status of Hindi language globally?

Hindi has ranked 5th in the contest of most spoken language all over the world. In the world-famous Oxford dictionary, some Hindi words have been mentioned.

Now you can imagine that among so many languages of the world, how Hindi which is India’s famous language has spread its popularity at a global level.

Here I want to mention one thing which you also may notice that, in a famous singing reality show ‘Dil hai Hindustani’ on Star Plus channel, how participants from abroad come and show their love towards Hindi language, interest in learning it, respect it. Which we all have seen it through their performance and singing.

Really you and me should be very proud of the Hindi language and being as Indian.

Why do you think every Indian must know basic Hindi?

Hindi language is a very famous Indian language and it has its importance internationally too. As well as it is our national language.

This day is observed by the Ministry of Home Affairs along with the Ministry of External Affairs and Official Language Department of India to spread awareness for the progress of Hindi language.

As well as the Indian Ambassadors celebrates this day in abroad organizing many events related to promoting Hindi language make people interested in this language where many writers, poets or famous personnel attend.

So, in this respect I prefer to know & learn Hindi language which will be very helpful for all of us to interact or conversating well when went to other states.

I definitely want to say that there is a solidarity feeling in the Hindi language especially for we Indians.

Quotes for World Hindi Day:

Happy World Hindi Day
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World Hindi Diwas
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World Hindi Day 2020
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Image for the Hindi Day 2020
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We learnt here shortly about the World Hindi Day and the popularity of Hindi language worldwide.

It will be very helpful for us to be a multilingual people, especially when we learn the world’s topmost spoken language like Hindi.

So without any dispute or fighting between languages try to learn maximum language in your lifetime and show equal respect to every language. Wish you all a happy World Hindi Day.

You can also share this information on social media with hashtags #worldhiniddiwas, #happyhindidiwas2021, #WorldHindiDay etc. so that many people can able to know about this day & its related significance.

At last, we all the team members of Informatic Nishant wishing you a very happy World Hindi Day 2021. Thank you.

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