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Happy World Health Day | What No One Is Talking About?

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Health is our true wealth. If you earn a limitless, your health is not good, then it will be valueless. One can be said to be healthy if he/she is physically or mentally well.

Good health wipe out all barriers in the way to success and become more easier in achieving our goals.

This health concerning awareness day – World Health Day is the most important observation which I feel.

Because everything which we do for our good health or for being well. This is the time to celebrate this worldwide conscious day. Good health brings a good future in our life.

World Health Organisation (WHO) decided this health-conscious day World Health Day to observe globally.

So, when this day is celebrated? In its answer, this auspicious day is celebrated on the 7th of April each year.

Let us know below, why the date 7th April is observed as world health day? When it was celebrated for the first time, its themes and what are the important facts of world health day?

Lets talk about the History

As we all know about the World Health Organisation a worldwide health organisation that is so famous and is trying to root out so many diseases to provide us with all a happy & healthier life.

Do you know when WHO founded and on which date? If you know this then you will be able to answer why world health day celebrated on April 7?

Ok, fine. World Health Organisation founded in the year 1948 on the 7th of April. So, WHO decided to celebrate this health day on its establishment date i.e. on April 7.

This is the reason behind the celebration date of this health day. First, this day is incepted in the first world health assembly in 1948 and afterwards worldwide the world health day is observed for the first time in 1950.

Themes of world health day

Here I have written the world health day themes of last 4 years and current year’s theme.

The theme for the year 2018 & 2019 had the same theme because it has been repeated and confined that global health coverage is a very important purpose of WHO and we have the present year theme. Let’s get all below.

Themes for World health Day
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The celebration has aimed to create awareness of a specific health theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the World Health Organization.

Top 7 meaningful World Health day Slogans

  • Take care of your body, it will take care of you.
  • Health is precious, protect it.
  • A healthy body holds a healthy soul and mind.
  • Be at ease without any disease
  • Eat healthy live healthy.
  • Embrace your Health.
  • Health is a relationship between you and your body.

Objective and Celebration

The main objective of observing world health day is to save a life from the spreading of so many diseases, raising awareness among the public. Everyone’s first necessary requirement is good health.

Everyone should be aware of their own health, which this celebration put an emphasis on this. It supports and urges a patient to choose or go for soon recovery.

As it is celebrated globally it impacts all over the world demanding better health of each & every person. So that it benefits we will get in many progressive works for the sake of the whole world.

Every year it is celebrated by many organisations whether it is government or nongovernment, educational institutions and civil societies with a specific celebration theme each year.

Everywhere perform health awareness rallies, hold special events & do many world health day activities. Many honourable leaders share world health day speech to aware people on this day.

Students make known to the audience about the importance of this health day through their singing, dancing & acting.

World Health Day and COVID-19

As everybody knows, how many lives has lost due to the CORONA virus and it affects to the purpose of world health day of saving life. World Health Organisation has played a significant role in dealing with this pandemic.

But due to our ignorance and negligence, it spreads everywhere & millions of people died.

So we should not forget anyway this great lesson and be humble & careful in every moment, because we can’t imagine what’s next.

Whatever may be that, but truly this COVID-19 bounds & teaches us to be hygienic.

Unknowingly we all are getting safe from so many diseases or Coronavirus too due to our awareness activities like washing of hands time to time, wearing a mask, maintaining distance, avoiding crowd etc.

In the end, I can say COVID-19 startled and scattered everyone’s life in the whole world. Let us celebrate this day with us and help in spreading awareness among people.

Thank you so much if you have read to this point. Here also I am sharing the poster of the beneficiary fruits that you have to consider if you want to live a healthy life.

Benefits of fruit
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Importance of World Health Day and it’s impacts on society

The grand celebration of world health day all over the world set a very important part in awakening the public to be aware of their health. What we eat, drink and do?

Everything is gonna show its results (either bad or good) in future. So this globally famous celebration importantly warns us and say – “Whatever you want to do, do but it will come back to you as results. Be alert for that.”

On this auspicious celebration, we all including new generations come to know about so many health-conscious steps which could be very helpful for us in this challenging world. At a glimpse, this is all about World Health Day importance.

I don’t think we are getting a good response from our society observing all these kinds of health awareness days. Worldwide this will be the 72nd world health day celebration.

A few of us are inspired & motivated to keep the environment clean and be healthy. Shame on our educated society who neglect and don’t care about their environment, as the environment we reside in will not be safe then how we will be healthy.

‘Not only be healthy for yourself but be a part of making a healthy environment too’. Although this day observed with much pomp but only for a single day it is.

What I mean to express is that, why fewer of us are environment conscious why not everyone. We are the future of the new world and we have to take care of our mother earth. If not we then who & if not today then when?

Whatever may be that, but here I salute heartily to each and every person & organisations who all are directly or indirectly fulfilling the purpose of world health day sincerely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why world health day is celebrated?

It is an international awareness day of all health issues. This day is observed to touch the public globally for being conscious in their healthier life providing the appropriate knowledge to them.

The aim of this observation is to make awareness, highlighting a specific theme per year (needful theme) which is decided by WHO.

2. When is world mental health day?

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10 for omitting the mental health issues of all of us. It is observed for the first time in 1992 and is initiated by the World Mental Health Federation (a worldwide mental health organisation).

3. What is world health day and who founded it?

World health day is a global public awareness day that is observed on 7th April every year with a celebration theme per year. It is founded or initiated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to aware public of health issues and the wellbeing of public all over the world.

4. World Health day is celebrated in how many countries?

World Health Day is observed by all the United Nations member country. That means it is now 193 countries, which are celebrating this day as an international awareness day.

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