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World Energy Conservation Day 2020 | All you should know |

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The celebration date of World Energy Conservation Day held on 14th December.

It is a worldwide celebration celebrated each year to sensitize public about the importance of energy to save energy by minimum wastage and to install plans for solutions regarding the conservation of energy.

The National Energy Conservation Day is organized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency every year on 14th December, under the Ministry of Power and leads the celebration every year.

Let’s know the History

Nature Conservation Day
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Let us get here the knowledge about the history of National Energy Conservation Day. It is being observed each year since 1991 December 14.

If we go back to 1977 the Indian government has set up the Petroleum Conservation Research Association. It was a huge step by the government to aware people about the conservation of energy and set their mind in saving energy in daily life.

In 2001, India government has created another organization Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for the better protection of energy efficiency.

In the same year, Energy Conservation Act was accomplished by BEE to help in the development of strategies & policies for the reduction of energy use.

What are the top 5 benefits of energy conservation?

  • Conservation of energy is the reduction of energy use. So, at first, we get the benefit in sustaining use of the limited energy by saving which saves for future generation’s use.
  • It reduces the effects of global warming and helps us to provide a pollution-free environment making it much better. Because the rate of global warming raises up when we consume more energy gradually making the earth heater.
  • Yes, we save money by conserving energy.
  • The serious thought of energy conservation put an action in saving fuel promoting public transportation, especially in big cities. Through which we can minimize the traffic problems.
  • The least use of energy has a very good impact on being healthier.

How it is celebrated?

World Festivals Celebrations
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In India, National Energy Conservation Day is observed organising many competitions regarding the energy conservation by the government & no government organisations to make more profitable and successful the National Energy Conservation campaign.

On this occasion, they tell the World Energy Conservation Day activities of the other countries to inspire more for a better result to fulfil the objective of this day.

Various painting contest assembled at schools, colleges, states or at the national level. Ministry of Power honour to the winners and participants on this day.

Let us all observe this day personally by creating awareness in social media platform sharing World Energy Conservation Day essay, quotes, posters etc.

Make aware your family members, friends, relatives about the importance of energy conservation. This small contribution of every individual will make a great difference.

World Energy Conservation Day Slogans

Likewise, all World, National & International days, here we also added some fancy and fascinating slogans for you, so you can utilize it while sharing some information related to this Energy Conservation Day. Here you go!

” Safe future saving electricity. “

“Do not waste the limited energy sources. “

“Energy and nature are power just save it. “

” Move from the conventional energy sources to renewable energy sources. “

” Save today for survive tomorrow. “

” Conserve energy by less consumption. “

” Choose the option of alternative sources of energy. “

How to reduce energy consumption

How to reduce energy consumption
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  • Obviously, at first, we all should start this in our own house reducing the energy consumption by different methods. Such as, checking the unnecessary use of electricity, making aware family members about the importance of energy and telling them how their individual action is helpful to the conservation of energy globally.
  • Add on this, using low energy consuming electrical instruments and in every possible way trying to conserve energy.
  • In every educational institution, offices, medicals, organizations or in every sector where human being are residing should set up a strong rule for saving electricity, water without wasting and regulate it properly.
  • Making all known through holding awareness campaigns, rallies, awaring in social media platforms which is a very important factor in energy conservation.
  • All the population of the earth should have to transition away from non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources in order to conserve the limited sources of energy.

Source of energy

It is divided into two types, like

  • Renewable sources of energy: – The energy sources which are unlimited come under this category which comprises solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, ocean waves energy, biodiversity, tides, bioenergy etc.
  • Non-renewable sources of energy: – These are the limited sources of energy we cannot refill it. It consists of fossil fuels, coal, petroleum, Natural gas.

World Energy Conservation Day Quotes

Image for solar energy
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Save the Energy
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How to save the energy
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Quotes by Barak Obama
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Renewable sources of energy
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energy conservation day slogans
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If we gain knowledge and awareness of it, then without taking action it will be valueless. To know and make known to others to do for the sake of us conserving energy.

With reading this article I hope you all get some ideas to do what or not for energy conservation. Always develop and be the best version of yourself.

Along these lines, this the complete information with respect to this public awareness day and we trust you get all the connected Information which you are searching for.

Thanks for reading.

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