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Happy National Reading Day of India 2022 – All You Need to Know

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We all understand the value of education for students. Reading is an important aspect of the educational system that every student should engage in both at school and home.

With the increasing use of technology in everyday life, it has become a necessity to read books. Making children read well increases their chances of learning different things at the same time. 

Those people who read books have developed a better understanding of life or any other topics. They are better acquainted with the topics of the world, culture and geographical areas. 

Children who are deprived of education at an early age experience difficulties in their later life. So, to inform young people about the importance of reading books, National Reading Day is celebrated on June 19 every year in India. 

In 2022, the country will celebrate the 27th National Reading Day. Let us know how to celebrate National Reading Day, the history, significance and objectives of this Reading day.

History of National Reading Day

We Indians celebrate National Reading Day on June 19. It is celebrated on occasion to honour the Father of the Library Movement, the late Puthuvayil Narayana Panicker who was best known as the Father of the Library Movement in the state of Kerala. 

He embarked on the practice of popular cultural movements in Kerala. Panicker is the Father of the Library under the Thiruvithaamkoor Granthasala Sangham or the Travancore Library Association and founded 47 libraries in 1946. 

Still, later, it was renamed the Kerala Grandhasala Sangham (KGS) in 1956. On June 21, 2004, the Government of India’s Ministry of Education honoured Panicker’s legacy by issuing a commemorative stamp in his memory.

He then died on June 19, that’s why this day is celebrated as National Reading Day. The celebration of Reading Day began in 1996. 

However, as the years went by, it became a significant movement, with a handful of participants celebrating and honouring practice reading. 

In 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked the 22nd National Education Month Celebrations. He also distributed the message “Read and Grow” to all citizens of the country.

Why do we celebrate National Reading Day?

The purpose of celebrating National Reading Day is to spread awareness to the people about the importance of reading & promote a culture of reading among people and encourage literary reflection on school children, youth, and the country’s poorest population. 

In addition, the main goal is to make young people aware of the various books and spread the message of ‘Read and Grow.’ 

Also, people, especially young people, should know more about the importance of reading books daily as it helps them grow in their lives.

When will National Reading Day be celebrated?

In the year 2022, we are celebrating the 27th National Reading Day on June 19. The following week will be honoured as reading Week and the whole month until July 18 will be marked as Reading Month.

What is the theme of National Reading Day 2022?

On Indian reading day 2022, the country will once again honour P.N Panicker who is the father of the Library Movement in Kerala. This day is celebrated as a reminder of his significant contribution to 100% literacy in Kerala. 

The theme of celebrating National Reading Day is always the same in each year after 2017, which is ‘Read and Grow.’ 

This means Reading books helps people grow in their lives and get to know more about what is happening in their surroundings. 

What are the Importances & Objectives of Reading Day?

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The significance of National Reading Day cannot be denied as it states how essential reading books are. Regular reading of books improves brain function, vocabulary, vision, creative skills, and analytical skills. 

They understand the living spaces that stay with them for a long time. We cannot ignore the importance of reading books to students and children. 

This one habit can have a profound effect on them to achieve their goals and succeed in life. Here we list the most important benefits of reading books for people.

  • Reading extends the mind & helps in extending vocabulary
  • It helps in improving concentration
  • Reading can give you a better view
  • Increase knowledge
  • Improving Memory
  • Encourages Focus

Therefore, National Reading Day is celebrated every year on June 19 to spread the importance of reading books. It is one of the most powerful things in the world, giving you new opportunities for reading, growth, and inspiration.

Events During National Reading Day

Usually in India, many activities and events are planned to celebrate the National Reading of India which have an aim to promote awareness about Reading habits among peoples. 

Some of the events which are organised by many colleges and schools are given below. These are like,

  • Webinars
  • Questions & Answer Session
  • Reading Competitions
  • Reading Based Art
  • Article writing
  • Digital Promises

How to celebrate National Reading Day of India?

Colleges and schools usually celebrate National Reading Day, where that week will be full of learning activities based on some of the above. 

Reading Day is often celebrated with the following events that take place during that Day. The government of Kerala and the Panicker Foundation oversee weekly activities and events in schools and colleges. 

Moreover, The Panicker Foundation is also reserved for students’ specific reading activities for the National Learning Day event. These include digital literacy education, digital Library, and intellectual property rights.

Most importantly, The Central Board of Secondary Education has asked schools to celebrate Study Day, Study Week and Study Month by doing similar online activities or other technology available to students. 

But last year and in 2022, webinars are expected to be the dominant event where many topics are discussed, some of which are given below,

  • The importance of reading
  • The importance of a digital library especially reading online
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Green economy etc.

Apart from this, schools and colleges across the country are organizing various competitions at their levels like quizzes, Open Art and Essay Writing, and Student Dialogue Competition & many more to promote awareness among the youth

Even, the foundation organises a specific activity that is a video book competition for teachers, mentors, and Library Staff members. 

Apart from all this, Human Resources Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal previously launched a social media campaign to promote reading among students. 

Also, various celebrities, sports stars, athletes, and prominent leaders continued to promote the importance of reading books and what to read on their social media platforms. 

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