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Secrets About National Pet Day | Only a handful of people know

National Pet Day 2021
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Pets are defined as a domesticated animal which we kept for amusement or companionship. Some examples are dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fishes, tortoise etc. But among all, the 4-legged cats and dogs are largely adopted as pets.

So, the topic of today is all about pets which are named as National Pet Day, and as we all know this day is observed on 11th April each year.

Basically, it is observed in USA but nowadays almost every nation celebrates this day.

Being human it’s our great responsibility to provide every life forms a better lifestyle as much as possible.

So, this day we celebrate to aware people to live friendly with pets and take every care of them. This day also suggests us to adopt at least a pet for the sake of both.

Yes, scientifically it is studied that having a pet is health beneficiary.

We will discuss below, what are the benefits of having a pet? Also, check out the history of national pet day& who founded it? Let’s know all about national pet day.

History of National Pet Day

A great lady of America Colleen Paige (who is a lifestyle expert of family and pet, founder of Animal Welfare Advocate, CEO of National Dog Day Foundation) founded this National Pet Day in the year 2006.

She is a huge lover of pet spending much of her time with pets. Also, she has founded the national puppy day, national cat day, national dog day and so on.

Read a real story about pet, in the year 1973 United States Human Society estimated that about a 13million dogs and cats rush to shelters every day somewhere, in streets and somewhere surrounded by an owner who could no longer care for them.

Then they took some legal actions for their sake.

National Pet Day in USA

Almost all families of the USA have pets in their home and commonly they are varieties breed of dogs and cats that are very famously domesticated.

They love animals very much and always ready to help a helpless animal in case of necessity.

National Pet Day of USA is very famous as it is the origin of the National Pet Day celebration where Colleen Paige founded this day in the year 2006.

So, this observation gives much pleasure to Americans who are very fond of pet animals. They all celebrate this amusement day togetherly with much pomp and grandeur.

They love so much to their pets and treat as same as their family member. They take them and go for a wonderful trip with family & friends, play with them merrymaking and enjoy this pet day.

You must have noticed in videos & pictures on social media platforms that how much they fond of pets and care for them.

It is such a heart-touching moment for me when I watch this kind of posts and I am sure you also have experienced the same as this.


Here is the 3 year’s National Pet Day themes. Have a look!

National Pet Day History
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Objective and celebrations

The purpose of observing this day is to help pets to live life happily without any problems and in turn, we also experience a true companionship of a pet.

You must have seen in your locality wandering of many dogs & cats in search of a shelter, food etc. Sometimes we also get worried about their behaviour but think about what should they do then.

We have the power to solve their problems and make them happy. So this day puts more stress on helping these kinds of helpless pets.

This celebration tells us to love animals, teach next generations to love and take every care of them without any harm.

It is celebrated very famously in USA where every household have pets in their home and care very much to them. On this day pets are dressed up and also have their fashion shows.

Many games were organised for them and the audience enjoys it watching. It builds up a very nice bonding between a pet and a human.

Some organisations and also some well minded educated person make home and provide foods to homeless pet animals like dogs, cats, birds etc.

Educational institutions celebrate it and make aware students of the importance of national pet day.

Importance of National Pet Day

Importance of National Pet Day
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Do you know the importance of pet? Let summarize with some points.

  • National Institute of Health (NIH) of India has been a partner in research in determining the mental and physical benefits of having a pet.
  • It is studied that it not only fits still our heart but also it contributes to overall cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure level and cholesterol in our body. Mentally one can achieve good health by having a faithful companionship of pets. Overall pet charges us all the time.
  • Experts opine that pets are very therapeutic and can even lengthen human being lives. Specifically, elderly person or widowed & residing alone. Even young children and solitary person respond well to animals rather than their human friends.
  • The trained dogs like Golden Retriever and Labrador helps in crime investigation, drugs detection, bombs detection, take care of the children, make a thief free home etc. In case of cats, they save our home from mice.

So, by knowing the importance of pets in our life hope you get aware of how important to celebrate a day like National Pet Day for those who are helping us in so many ways.

Why it is celebrated?

We observe this awareness day on 11th April every year and it is a worldwide famous celebration. With the help of a big network of social media, its celebration becomes so easy for you & me.

We all post pictures of national pet day and all become aware of this day togetherly on social media platforms. It is noticed that from thousands of years ago human used to live with pet animals.

Pets are our true & faithful friends. So why should not be a tribute celebration day especially for pets?

We should be very thankful to Colleen Paige that she initiated this National Pet Day celebration, showed her love towards pets and inspired everyone to have a better bonding with them.

This Pet Day is observed to establish a good relationship between human beings and pets. Also, it teaches us to be friendly with pets, understand them & help them.

So, I will say who all have pets do celebrate & who don’t have to try to adopt helping them as an owner.

If anyone is not able to adopt a pet, at least do not be a problem for them and instead help them in case of necessity. In the end, I wish you all a happy #NationalPetDay2021.

Happy National pet Day
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Frequently Asked Questions :

1. When is national love your pet day 2020?

National Love Your Pet Day is celebrated on 20th February every year to show some extra love, spend some extra time and take care of themselves on this special occasion.

This day in the year 2020 held on Thursday whereas national love your pet day 2021 was on Saturday 20th February.

This celebration inspires us to give extra attention to our loving pets as compared to the normal days.

2. What day is national pet day?

11th of April every year is the national pet day observation. On this occasion, we enjoy a beautiful day with our pets and try to make this celebration happiest for us & for our pets too.

On this day many orphaned pet animals get adopted and then they luckily provided good health care & a better lifestyle.

3. When is national pet day 2020 celebrated?

National Pet Day 2020 was held on April 11 on Saturday and in 2021 it will be observed on a Sunday.

National Pet Day2020 has celebrated during the world lockdown situation. Hope you might not forget it which is due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

4. What is the slogan for this year’s National Pet Day?

We have so many slogans in this celebration but I have picked out one of them is, ‘ Let’s all have a genuine friend like a pet.’

Pets are very real and having a pet is more than that of a human. If we give love, in return we take love. So being a true friend of them is a very joyful experience.

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