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Happy National Paper Bag Day (12th July) – Complete Details

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The bag which is made up of paper is called a paper bag. Internationally it is celebrated on 12th July every year.

Purpose of observation is to aware people from harmful plastics and to use of paper bag instead of that.

There are several countries that celebrate paper bag day on different dates, like the European paper bag day takes place on the 18th of October.

Paper sacks are produced using sustainable crude materials, are recyclable and biodegradable. Most likely they are solid and are utilized in practically all events.

A few people are utilizing sacks each day comprised of paper and furthermore help in controlling natural contamination.


Because of globalization, environmental change and shortage of crude materials individuals are receiving supportable way of life decisions and utilizing paper pack is one of them.

It lessens the utilization of plastic pack which causes contamination and are non-biodegradable.

Almost certainly utilizing paper pack is a significant foundation to save our planet for people in the future since paper sacks are biodegradable.

At first in 1852 an American inventor, priest of the Moravian church, psychologist Francis Wolle invented the paper bag machine. Besides these, he was a school teacher and grocery clerk in his father’s grocery shop.

An idea of inventing paper bag came to his mind while he was in his shop. He thought that it would help their customers to carry more groceries in it and on the other hand, it attracted the new customers.

As a result of that their selling was going ahead for this decision.

If we look back to the inventors of paper bags:

Another American the most famous 19th-century woman inventor Margaret Eloise Knight designed a machine that can produce flat bottom paper bags in the year 1871.

She came to be known as the mother of the grocery bags. She was working in a paper factor and she was the founder of Eastern Paper Bag company. She founded it in 1870.

Charles Stilwell in 1883 invented the machine that can produce square bottom and pleated sides paper bags.

He named his bag a “self-opening sack“(S.O.S) because it has the ability to stand due to square bottom and open without any assistant. This bag was very easy to fold and store.

Mr Charles was from Eremont, Ohio. In the union military, he fought in the American civil war. After the war, he settled his career as a mechanical engineer.

Walter H Deubener was a grocer and in 1912 used cords to reinforce paper bags and add carrying handles.

He named his bag as “Deubener shipping bag” which has a price of 5 cents. As it was most advanced shopping hags by 1915, he sold millions of bags in a year.

To enhancing the purchases of customers in his grocery store, he took 4 years to develop a solution and he became a success. So, for this, customers could carry more products easily and efficiently.

national paper bag day
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Over the years, many inventors came and improve the production and quality of paper bags. nowadays according to the necessity, paper bags are modifying and designing to attract peoples.

By using paper bags, we reduce the use of plastics and decrease pollution. In 1970s paper bags were replaced by the non-biodegradable waste of plastics packaging in the environment.

Chemicals released by plastic is very dangerous to our environment. Animals are swallowing plastics; our rivers and oceans are getting polluted etc. are happens by use of plastics.

Many marine and land animals are dying due to deposition of plastics in their body.

Advantages of using paper bags

  • It is biodegradable and recyclable. It is made up of renewable resources.
  • We can use it again and again by proper care.
  • By recycling it converted to newspaper magazine, packing bags.
  • It does not reduce the fertility of the land.
  • It promotes the plantation of trees and gives us a suitable environment.
  • It is easy to carry smooth and less expensive.
  • Somewhere it reduces our tension of using plastics.
  • It requires less energy to recycle than plastic bags.
  • It can be easily composted at home.

Paper Bag Day : Quotes

national paper bag day
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1. “The brown paper bag is the only thing civilized man has produced that does not seem out of place in nature.” – Tom Robbins

2. “I can’t multiply myself out of a paper bag. But when it comes to roots, I’m your man.” – Jerry Newport

3. “I am attracted to generic or ‘industrial’ colours; paper bag brown, file cabinet grey, industrial green, that kind of thing.” – Robert Mangold

4. “Remember technology does not make good work. You can still write a poem on a brown paper bag, and haiku is just as profound as the pyramids.” – James Turrell

5. “I keep ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ by Robert Munsch on my shelf to remind me that my prince will love me no matter what I wear. Cheesy!” – Brittany Snow

6. “The curiosity of cats is, like their affection, of purity and intensity, were rarely seen in humans. We would be jaded when faced with the fiftieth paper bag. Not so our cats.” – Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

7. “I don’t understand why people whose entire lives or their corporate success depends on communication, and yet they are led on occasion by CEOs who cannot talk their way out of a paper bag and don’t care to.” – Frank Luntz

8. “At last, small witches, goblins, hags, And pirates armed with paper bags Their costumes hinged on safety pins, Go haunt a night of pumpkin grins.” – John Updike

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Summarize : National Paper Bag Day

Manufacturing of plastic bags should be strictly prohibited and instead of that recyclables, bio-degradable, environment-friendly paper bags should be introduced.

This process needs all of our support and promotion. We all need to know about its harmful effects on our environment.

Let us celebrate this day by using paper bags and personally we all should hold a paper hag while going to market.

Besides that, all organisations should approach door to door by providing paper bags and make awareness among them.

Unfortunately, in this COVID-19 pandemic situation, we can’t get together to observe and celebrate this day, but luckily social media is helping and reminding us to be aware of this day.

On the other hand, the plantation also required, because we need more plants to produce more paper bags.

Wish you all a very Happy National Paper Bag Day 2022. If you want to read more like this on awareness day then click here.

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