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Happy National Doctors Day (1st July) – History, Significance

Happy Doctors Day 2020
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Government of India established “National Doctors Day” in 1991 1st July for the honour of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy because he was a unique physician, second chief minister of West Bengal and also a freedom fighter.

Dr Roy was an appropriate representative for this special day celebrations to honour the doctors.

He was born on 1st of July 1882 and died on the same date in 1962 at the age of 80. He was awarded the great civilian award “Bharat Ratna” on 4th February 1961.

Undoubtedly doctors are our true friends and all opines that they are like our God. By hearing the word doctor, one word is suddenly coming to our mind that is life.

By putting on white they resemble like an angel. Truly through their dedicated life, hard work and purposeful goals make us feel like an angel is sent here by god for us.

To them serving mankind is as same as to serve the real God. They actually justify the tradition of our nation “Atithi Debo Bhaba”.

They are the hygienic person and maintain themselves to be fit and clean. They work for our better health and aim to provide us with proper medication.

Doctors & Their Selfless Work

national doctors day 2020
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Efforts and sacrifice of doctors have been changing the world since before.

They are meant for Humanation just like the plantation. Before childbirth, they have their hands of blessings on him.

They take every care and all precautions of childbirth and also help to birth a future of our nation.

Most of their time spent with the patients in the hospitals and in clinics. Their peace of work add medicine to patients and help to cure of dreadful disease.

Specifically, at this 21st-century significance of doctors are highly predictable. At this COVID-19 pandemic situation, the whole world is suffering and fighting against coronavirus.

Doctors have the main role and they raise love and respect in our hearts. We should not forget their sacrificial life in this present-day situation.

Without going their own home, they are engaged in treating corona patient and for this, they get the respect of freedom fighter.

Significance: Doctor’s Day 2020

Nowadays all the health workers are defending COVID-19 and doing their duty courageously.

Heartily we should salute them and support them in all vibes. Really the above picture truly said that taking an apple daily keeps the doctor away.

This National Doctors Day helps us to enhance the better relationship with doctors and all health workers.

This day gives us a chance to express our gratitude. We all have the responsibility to be humble and obey their advice. We all should fulfil their desire of being healthy.

They are toleration the violence of peoples and doing duty on risk. Government and NGOs are campaigning and aware people to establish a better relationship and huge respect to doctors we all should support the and take part in it.

If there is no doctor, no more is hope in life. So with all the doctors a very happy doctors day 2020 and take the resolution to help doctors.

Be healthy and help doctors and decrease their tension. However, we should never neglect our health and this beautiful heavenly body given by almighty.

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