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International Women’s Day 2021 | What one should know?

Happy Women's Day 2021
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Women’s Day 2021 will be celebrated internationally on 8th March which will be held on Monday.

Every year it is observed on 8th March to commemorate women’s achievements and their progressing status in the world.

This day is also known as the United Nations Day for International Peace and Women’s Rights. All UN member states observe this day with much pomp and grandeur.

International Women’s Day is a universal day observing the political, social, economic & cultural progression of women in the history of the whole world.

So here you will come to know all about International Women’s Day and some important information.

Through this, I am sure that you will get the idea of this day and make the purpose of awareness writing success & the celebration too.

History of International Women’s Day

If we go back to the starting days of establishing women’s day then here, I added some glimpse of these. Let’s have a brief look and get know.

As per the United Nations information, in the year 1909 International women’s Day was started in America when America’s socialist party carried out to the streets to respect the women employees of the garment who all had uttered a year ago the word of protest due to inhuman insensate conditions of working. Which they named the National Women’s Day and that was on February 28.

After next year, in Copenhagen (Denmark’s Capital) the social International Women’s Day was established to observe worldwide suffrage & women’s rights for those working women.

But, do you know? Officially the first international Women’s Day was observed in 1911 on March 19 by Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland where lakhs of people gathered to join in the celebration, to focus on providing all the rights of women in suffrage, education, industries and also in representation.

After some year, some European country’s women protested strongly for their equality and claimed to observe women’s Day worldwide.

So, at the end of this topic, I have to mention, in 1975 United Nations observed it’s first International Women’s Day and March 8 is chosen as the universal date for this Women’s Day.

Since 1996 the UN announced it’s first theme celebration and is continuing celebrating every year with different themes.

International Women’s Day Theme

Let us know here the current 3 years Women’s Day theme and the first 3 years International Women’s Day theme that is which was declared by the United Nation.

Here you go!

Themes for Women's day 2021
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Objective and Celebration

Every nation celebrates this day so proudly and shows its magnificent examples of women to the world & honour them.

All the educational institutions, organisations, government sectors observe this special day for women.

Nowadays many more foundations are being inaugurated on this day for women empowerment and to support them. On this occasion, women show their different talents and observe it like their own birthday.

International Women’s Day aims and objectives are very clear that in this present generation all women need to share rights as equal to men in every field and this day put more stress on this awaring women all over the world.

 It also inspires them through the historical significance of women’s day & makes them powerful to raise voices against any unfair situations.

This day reveal the successful women of all the nation and inspire the next generations to go ahead for fulfilling their desires of being a success for the sake of our society and which ultimately add on to our world progression.

Some methods to protect our women in our day-to-day world

Violence against women is very prevalent nowadays. You were also aware that, there is no single day where violence against women or against a girl child has not been in the news.

It is a very painful situation for you and me while watching or hearing that in news. Do you ever try to find out the causes of this violence?

Do you personally try to aware and protect women of our society? All these types of questions must be arising in our mind and somewhere we will get the better results of it.

Some methods to protect our women or a girl child which I feel is summarised below-

  • Provide them training of at least minimum self-defence techniques in case of an attack on them, they can utilize it.
  • All the government and non-government organisations should be taken care of women and apply all safety measures for them.
  • Aware and educating society to respect, help & provide a psychological happy life.
  • On the other hand, to minimise & completely root out the number of perpetrators of women’s violence and instead build love & respect for them, everyone should be provided with psychological & spiritual good health education. I think it will be more beneficiary to us.
  • Personally, you and I in our family should discuss this issue and especially lead & guide our next generations in a productive way.
International Women's Day 2021
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Why is international women’s day so important?

There are varieties of woman forms we see around us. They play a very important role in every form. So, we cannot ignore those who have lots of responsibility for our society.

The original caretaker of our family is a woman. So, taking care of our society’s original caretaker is very important.

This day and its celebration are very much important for every girl, women and all mothers. This day is for them to celebrate equal opportunities, raises their voices against any injustice conditions and so on.

As so many of us have noticed in our own home that the role of our woman is how much important. So, I think no need to explain more about that.

So, International Women’s Day is a very important day for all of us and women must be provided with all the necessaries.

Ignoring them means we are ignoring our future or the next generations. Educating a woman means educating the whole family. Development can not be accelerated if a woman is not accelerated in all.

So, let’s celebrate this day with Informatic Nishant and spread awareness among people by sharing some information on social media with hashtags like #HappyInternationalWomensDay #savethegirlchild #Women’s Day2021 etc…

Most commonly asked questions:

1. International women’s day is celebrated in memory of?

As the history of women’s day showed us many different famous stories & persons have been put forward and which all have a tremendous contribution to the establishment of International Women’s Day.

But here I definitely like to highlight a leader of Women’s Office (German’s Social Democratic Party), a feminist of German Clara Zetkin, who proposed the content to observe International Women’s Day globally each year on a specific day and said there should be internationally a women’s day for all to press their wanting.

2. What is the purpose of international women’s day?

Celebration of women’s day worldwide inspire all women to keep maintaining the achievements in their life and it makes strong to each & every woman to live life happily & honourably. I think this is shortly all about international Women’s Day purpose. Hope you agree.

3. What international women’s day means to you?

The 8th March International Women’s Day which I understand is that, it is a universal celebration day for specifically of women for observing their glorious progressions & contribution in every field, an important role in the society and which inspires & supports every woman to lead a life without any discrimination or inequality. That’s it.

4. Which color represents International Women’s Day?

The colour purple represents International Women’s Day which expresses justice & dignity and attributes that this day aims to provide every woman of the world as the colour represents.

5. Are only married girls can celebrate Women’s Day?

No, not at all. Everyone can celebrate it. You, me and all who respect the place of women in our society, I will say it is a happy international celebration day for all. But yes, as you know, this day is specifically dedicated to the women of the whole world.

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