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Happy Children’s Day | 14th Nov 2021 | Complete Information |

happy childrens day
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Answering the question, when is Happy Children’s Day? Children’s Day in India is celebrated on 14th November every year.

Its objective is to aware people about the children’s rights, proper care of their physical, mental and spiritual health & their education.

It is otherwise famously known as Bal Divas.

This day also pays a great tribute to our first Prime Minister and a great children lover Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (1889 – 1964) as 14th November is his birth date.

In other countries, Children’s Day date varies according to their own history & significance, but the United Nations celebrate 20th November as World Children’s Day.

Children’s Day History:

History of 14 november 2020
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If we go back to the Children’s Day celebration in India, it was first celebrated in 1959 on 20th November (according to the UN).

But in 1964 after the death of our Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, it was decided to celebrate on 14th November since that year.

Because of his precious contribution to the betterment of the children is unforgettable.

On the other hand, the children were loving very much to Nehru and whenever he went outside children rushed to him with a rose.

It was his return of love as he also shows great affection for them.

The children were affectionately calling him as Chacha Nehru. Nehru is regarded as the founder of this day. To Nehru, “Neglecting our children, the future citizens of this country is an unforgivable crime.”

According to him if we do not take proper care of them, we can not make our country healthy, prosperous & progressive and what he said is absolutely correct.

It is also very important for you and me to know something about the founder of this day. Let us get a glimpse of Pandit Ji.

All about our Cha-cha Nehru:

  • Born on – 14th November 1889
  • Died on – 27th May 1964

At the age of 15, he went to England for his higher education. In 1912 he came back to India and joined as a barrister in Allahabad High Court. But he didn’t found interest in his work.

Later he joined the Indian National Congress and followed Mahatma Gandhi’s principle.

He participated in many National Freedom Movement and played an important role in making India freedom through his master performance in Indian National Congress.

After independence, he became Prime Minister and remained in that position uninterrupted for long seventeen years till his death.

He is well known in founding & leading the non-aligned movement, founding the Panchashila (5 principles of peaceful co-existence), his (peaceful, friendliness & non-alignment) foreign policy.

He also played a significant role in world politics to maintain peace.

He hated war and wanted that the nations of the world should live at peace and friendliness with one another.

Apart from that, he was also famous for writing English non-fiction prose in which he has earned a place among all the front-ranking prose writers in the English language.

His important works include Letters from a Father to His Daughter (1930), Glimpses of World History (1934), An Autobiography (1934), The Discovery of India (1946).

How this day is observed:

childrens day celebrations
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Generally, children’s day is celebrated at primary or secondary schools of our country.

On this occasion, students gather at their respective schools, and then they go round in the vicinity of the village or town singing songs holding happy children’s day song lyrics in their hand and shouting slogans Cha-cha Nehru, zindabad, Cha-cha Nehru Amar Rahe!

After coming back to schools, their teachers address the children explaining the importance of this day and provide needful advice & well blessings.

On this day various competitions are organised and distribute prizes to the winners. Sweets, chocolates were distributed to the Children.

With these children feel very happy and feel very special on this day.

But, How to Celebrate Children’s Day now on this COVID-19 situation?

We are all aware that schools were shuttered as a result of the covid-19 pandemic for being one and half years. Children are at home and are unable to participate in school celebrations.

So, on this Children’s Day 2020, let us all celebrate this day in our homes, away from the crowds, and make our children happy and special.

It is also critical that we supply them with better information and take proper care of them these days.

On this day, we should go and help by giving food items, gifts & other daily needs to the poor children of our society whose parents are not able to fulfil their necessities.

Especially in this Pandemic situation, they are suffering a lot. So, celebrate this day in social media platforms posting Happy Children’s Day photos, Happy Children’s Day wishes and quotes on this day and aware people about its importance.

Importance of children’s day:

childrens day importance
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This day brings the idea of Children’s importance to the nation and everyone get charged focusing their children’s development in every aspect on this day.

Our government, NGOs and other foundations put emphasis on the proper education, suitable environment, physical & mental health and effective guidance of a child.

They come forward to aware people through their effective activities.

Government launches many schemes and inaugurates institutes for the development & betterment of Children on this day/ may before this day.

For example, very recently Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the world’s first-ever technology-driven Children Nutrition Park on 31st October on the eve of National Unity Day.

If we fulfil the requirements of Children, take proper care and guide them well, then they will be more efficient and profitable for the future of the country. In return, we will get good results in,

  • Making happiest society, environment, nation & the world as children are the real charming of our earth. When they smile and happy, the whole world smiles.
  • Driving out the illiteracy problems. Because the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow, if the Government’s literacy programmes put more stress on Children then one day will come, we cannot find the illiterate and uneducated people.
  • Finding out their hidden talents, progressing them & utilizing it for the sake of our nation’s progression.
  • Reducing crimes, corruption, bad addictions or other such problems of our country. Also building a better relationship with each other.

Quotes: Happy Children’s Day 2020

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Accumulating all points in two lines I want to summarize that, they are the only source or raw materials through which we can create a society, environment, a nation and our world better.

But it is very hard for a single person or a certain group of people.

So to gain a better result soon let us all join together, each and every person’s contribution is very important for this noble awareness work.

So, let’s celebrate this day with InformaticNishant and spread awareness among people.

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Thanks, if you have read it till this point.

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