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What is National Pollution Control Day all about? | 2nd December 2020 |

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National Pollution Control Day is observed on 2nd December every year in India.

If you ask me why 2nd December? Then in answer; it is just because to remind people about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 2nd December 1984 and to honour the people affected and died in that worst calamity.

This tragic accident was the biggest pollution disaster (industrial) in the history of the Global. Add on this you may guess that the day itself says pollution control.

So yes, it is established for the purpose of controlling all types of pollution and proper management of it.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

As I mentioned earlier this unfortunate gas leak happened on 2nd December in 1984 in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). It is famously known as Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

The highly toxic gas called Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) was leaked from the pesticide plant named Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) of Bhopal.

According to the MP state government data, approximately 3790 people died and about 5 lakh people affected due to this disaster.

You know this is one of the biggest disasters and pollution that ever happened in India which killed so many people. This incident was a lesson for us that for a small mistake we will have to suffer so much loss.

Objective of this day

Celebration of this day mainly focuses on to aware public about the control of various kinds of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, thermal pollution, land pollution, noise pollution etc.

And for the awareness, check & proper management of industrial disaster like Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Many laws have been put forward by India government regarding pollution control or for nature saving.

This day’s celebration also aims to make public known about all the government rules or acts for the better result in controlling pollution and to achieve its goal of making a pollution-free environment.

Effects of Pollution

Effects of Pollution
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It is necessary for you and me to know about the harmful effects of pollution. Then only we all be aware & take a strong resolution to control it soon. Effects depend on the different kinds of pollution like,

Due to Water pollution: – Spreading of waterborne epidemics like cholera, dysentery, typhoid etc. Toxicity of water due to the industrial effluents’ residual insecticides, pesticides etc. Are highly toxic to animals and humans.

Oceanic pollution in last 40 years there has been 30- 40 per cent decline in overall productivity shrinkage of coral reefs, the decline in the population of many fishes due to dumping of industrial & domestic wastes and oil spills.

Due to sound pollution: – Leads to both psychological and physiological disorders such as headache, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, hepatic stress, visual disturbance etc. It shows dangerous health hazards in infants and pregnant women.

Due to Air pollution: – Air pollutants affect adversely the climate, flora and fauna including human causing global warming and greenhouse effect. Severe air pollution affects human health and causes many fatal diseases showing respiratory problems, skin diseases etc.

Due to soil pollution: – Infertile of the land due to deposition of nondegradable pollutants. In which the productivity of our agricultural land is going less productive.

Steps to Reduce Pollution

  • Instead of using fossil fuels, alternative sources of energy such as sunlight, wind, water, tidal powers must be put in use.
  • Organic wastes should be recycled and can be used economically wherever possible. E.g. cow dung can be recycled in gobar gas plant to produce fuel and manure.
  • Chemical fertilizers, nondegradable insecticides, pesticides should be used judiciously in small quantities.
  • Treatment of industrial exhausts and automobile exhausts should be made compulsory by the enactment of the law. Also personally we all should minimize the use of automobiles.
  • By planting more trees.
  • Last but not least which is very important i.e. spreading awareness.

What is Emission Trading?

Global Warming
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It is a global plan to reduce global warming. As set out in 17 of the Kyoto protocol, which countries signed in this protocol, they must be forced to reduce the number of greenhouse gases emitted in their country.

Or if they can’t bring the emissions of these heat boosting gases to an acceptable level. Then they will do emission trading (gas emitting business).

The countries or companies who emit more emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which is not acceptable, they are allowed to buy the best part of the countries or companies who are emitting greenhouse gases less than acceptable emissions.

Slogans for pollution control day

Likewise, the all national & international days, here we also added some fancy and interesting slogans for you, so that you can use it while sharing some information related to pollution control day.

” Contribute in ‘ pollution control’ not in ‘ pollution. “

” Make your environment clean, then only you will be clean. “

” Try not to pollute the gift of nature. “

” Reduce the use of harmful gas emitting automobiles. “

” Don’t ask for plastic bag, take with you your own bag while going to market. “

” Do not do anything which makes our environment dirty. “

Celebration: Pollution Control Day

On this occasion, many governments and non-government organisations organize rally, campaign and do many activities awaring public about the importance of this day.

They used to clean medical, public places and other institutions on this day. Some leaders among them give a speech on National Pollution Control Day to aware people.

It is also celebrated in schools, colleges by cleaning its surroundings holding many awareness works. Let us all celebrate the 36th National Pollution Control Day 2020 in social media by sharing the popular hashtags like #NationalPollutionControlDay, #PollutionControlDay2020, #saynotopollution, #ControlthePollution etc.

Make aware people about the control of pollution and about National Pollution Control Day.

Quotes for National Pollution Control Day

Motivational Quotes for you
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How to control air pollution
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Pollution control day quotes
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pollution control images
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Control the pollution
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So, this the complete information regarding this national day and we hope you get all the related information which you are looking for. If yes, then don’t forget to share with your family and friends and do comment on it.

Your comment motivates us to write further and also inspire us. So, be the part of the crew, join this virtual celebration with INFORMATIC NISHANT & say no to pollution.

Thanks for reading. Keep reading, keep growing!

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