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Development Needed In the Indian Education System

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Education plays an important role in the upliftment of an individual and the entire nation. 

Though the Indian education system exhibits some positive examples, it also cannot be denied that India has been lagging in the field of education for a decade. 

While a significant part of the population is lagging in achieving the minimum education facilities and further a majority of the population moves abroad in search of better job opportunities after attaining the highest level of education

The Indian government is taking initiatives and following every possible effort to educate each child and to attain their basic right of being educated. 

The Indian government and many other institutions have been taking all the possible steps to reform the existing education system and this fact cannot be denied. 

Since the last decade, there has been a rise in several technical and management colleges where the children can attain their higher level of studies. 

The Indian Education System has always been focusing on enrollment and degrees instead of imparting practical knowledge. This includes guiding and shaping the students towards knowledge, information, and self-employment. 

The teachers just focus on the inflated pass marks rather than giving the quality education that would be helpful for the entire life. The education system focuses mainly on the theoretical part and not on the application. 

Therefore, it fails to impart the necessary skills to face and deal with the challenging situation of life in the later years.

Why is the Education System in India Worse?

1. Lack of Options to Choose from Subjects

Most schools do not provide better optional subjects so the child is forced to study something in which he has zero interest, thus killing their interest. Schools do not differentiate between optional subjects as there is a lack of teachers to teach them.

2. Lack of Practical Knowledge

This is exactly what is wrong with Indian Education System. The criteria are to focus on the marks obtained in written subjects and not on the performance in practical exams. 

A mechanic who has never gone to college or high school is more professional and has working details than a student having a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

This is because it’s easy to forget what you read, but impossible you forget what you see.

3. No Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the waves which brings confidence in a student. There are nearly 10% of people who are courageous enough to speak in front of 100 people. Public speaking in the form of presentations, debates etc that should be encouraged. 

It is almost absent in our education system because it is always given a secondary position. But the truth is this makes a student expressive, bright and confident.

4. Lack of Mainstream Career Option

In India, the most suitable career option is either engineer or a doctor. Parents use their children’s careers irrespective of their capabilities and interests. 

No one thinks about a designer, a builder, a businessman, or a lawyer because no one has given knowledge about it. Science and Maths are the main subjects and hence expected to think for a career in those fields only.

5. Outdated subjects

The subjects and syllabus always speak about the 17th and the 18th century. The Asian time heroes are still more focused as the books are filled with it and nothing after that. 

These educational books do not talk about recent inventions, technologies and discoveries. Our recent heroes are left behind.

6. Reservation

Reservation is the biggest problem in India. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes are given more benefits than treating everyone with equality. They are enjoying more and the general class is suffering. 

The reservations should be of financial condition based reservation. If it is caste-based then it should be either for education or the job but not for both.

Why Indian Education System Demand so much from Students?

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This is the most negative part of the Indian Education System. They put much pressure on memorizing things without understanding. They do not focus on doing the practical and explaining the things. 

Students are busy learning the theory to score marks rather than exploring practical things and utilizing their brains. Competition is another reason for the pressure on students. 

This is because there are too many students and a limited number of jobs. There would be pressure. Our system has made the students book worms. Students do not take part in extracurricular activities. 

They are forced to think only about marks and not knowledge. India’s Education System itself wants to stand number one from other countries. 

It wants to showcase that India’s education system is the best. Therefore it is creating chaos in people’s minds to rank first in the race of education.

What is going wrong with this system?

The present education system primarily focuses on imparting the theoretical portion of the studies. They are making only robots who only know to mug up the knowledge and not on the application or understanding of the concept. 

It is vital to impart or teach the essential skills of life and to deal with the challenging situations in life. Not only this, the year-end results are of utmost importance in the Indian Education Sphere. 

Many students have to go through a series of mental bullying, humiliation and ultimately, loss of confidence when not getting good marks in any of the specific subjects.

In the current Education System, the students are forced to follow a specific syllabus and not allowed to go out of it. Students have to go through the long lecture, there is no space for creative learning. 

The students are not encouraged or pushed to be freethinkers, have passion and chase their dream, be brilliant innovators and achieve ultimate success in life. The education system is not futuristic. 

The current scenario works primarily on imparting education to fill the gaps of present requirements to rapidly change in the future and bridge the gap. 

It is important to keep pace and change accordingly. But this is not possible due to the students’ lack of skill requirements to fulfil the gap in the future.

How to Improve the Education System?

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The education system should be based on analysis and not on exams. This is the most efficient way to improve the education system. 

So, rather than judging the student through the marks, they must be evaluated by digging deeper into their analytics. 

The current education system may look bright through marks but lack the basic knowledge.

i) Student-Centred Learning

The education system should be student-focused. Instead of teachers talking or explaining in a classroom, the students should be asked to solve questions and problems under the teacher’s supervision. 

For the explanation part, they can watch videos at home. By practically applying the solution in the classroom, they can ask for help whenever they need it. 

The teachers can also keep a track on them daily and judge a student where they need more attention. This is the most effective method.

ii) Focus on Practical Projects

Instead of limiting students within theoretical knowledge. One should give and allow more emphasis on hands-on learning projects. 

They should be allowed to do as many experiments in science and math for clearing the concepts at a younger age. 

The more the experimental projects, the more the child will generate natural interest. Focusing on practical knowledge is a must.

iii) Real Life field projects

A student, to be prepared for the future, must be taught in a manner where they know the workings of the outside world. A group of students must be taken on field trips. 

They should develop life skills like banking, money management through expert talks, and talking to local banks or LIC offices.

Through this, they will have a better understanding of how the real world works, which creates a positive impact on their learning pattern.


To Sum it all, Education is considered a valuable asset in one’s life and it should be made available to each child. 

But the Indian Education System should raise a platform where every student is not forced to score merit marks or higher grades. Indeed, they should be allowed to take up the subject in which they are really interested. 

Our Indian education system should adopt the modernized method of teaching like smart boards, online content, audiovisual aids and more. This would make student life much easier in gaining important knowledge in all the fields.

It is crucial to change the education system rather than focusing on highly skilled engineers and doctors

It is necessary to impart personalized education as every child has different absorption power and they can easily adapt and learn at their own pace. 

Thus, the Indian education system truly needs to change the present scenario and must follow the strategies that will help to produce talented students having the potential to compete with the global level. 

It is high time to embrace technology and enter the new-age learning era that will help to produce future leaders.

Thank you if you have read till this point.

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