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Essay on World AIDS Day |1st Dec 2020 | Complete Information |

World AIDS Day is celebrated on 1st December every year all over the world.

It is an international awareness day to educate the community about this dreadful disease, to support HIV positive persons making them happy & safe, to fight against HIV unitedly and to completely stop spreading of HIV (also known as AIDS Virus).

Globally this was first ever health day and was organized by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Gradually its celebration become worldwide famous and now every country contributing strongly to this purpose.

History about this AIDS day:

World AIDS Day History
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The story of AIDS began in the USA in 1981, June when a rare type of pneumonia was detected in 5 young homosexuals.

AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome which is triggered by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

In this situation immunity power to resist the foreign environmental agents, diseases and toxins will be decreased.

In the result, HIV positive persons are more susceptible to diseases and infections.

Two public information officer of the Global Programme on AIDS (renamed as UNAIDS) Thomas Netter & James W. Bunn at the WHO in Geneva (Switzerland) gave the idea of World AIDS Day in August 1987 to the Director of the Global Programme on AIDS Dr Jonathan Mann.

Dr Mann impressed and appreciated their idea. Then he approved and recommended to observe the first World AIDS Day on 1st December 1988.

Themes for AIDS Day 2020:

You know this World AIDS Day is observed almost all country that is in worldwide on this same date with different themes every year.

Here we bring some previous year’s theme that you should know about it.

The world aids day 2018 theme was – “Know your Status.” This theme tells the people about their current health status.

This implies that every individual person must aware of their health status and should go for an annual check-up for AIDS.

The theme for the year 2019 was – “Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: community by community.”

This theme indicates the awareness of AIDS and also implies to stop the spreading of this deadly virus from the community to community.

This year also the World Health Organization suggested one theme for this special day. The World AIDS Day 2020 theme is – “Global solidarity, shared responsibility.”

World AIDS Day 2020 Slogans:

How to celebrate festivals
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Yes, of course, we also added some important slogans for aids day2020 that you can use while sharing some quality information on social media. Here you go!

" Spread love not AIDS "
" Unprotected sex is the major cause of AIDS "
" Hate HIV not HIV patients "
" It is possible to prevent HIV not AIDS "
" It is safe to test HIV before marriage "

Symptoms and Causes of transmission:

Some general symptoms of this disease are as follows,

  • Chronic fever
  • Nocturnal sweating
  • Persistent swelling
  • Diarrhoea
  • Loss of body weight etc.

Following are some transmission factors. That is

  • By sexual contact with a diseased person.
  • By contaminates blood products and blood transfusion.
  • From positive mother to her baby.
  • By contaminated needle, injection, razor, blade etc.
  • It spreads only when coming in contact with body fluids, otherwise, it doesn’t by simple physical contact.


First AID Case and treatment
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Western Blot test and ELISA test are used for detecting AIDS. Some treatment of HIV is,

Combination drug therapy: variety of drugs prohibit HIV in the test tube.

Chemokines: the chemical called Chemokinase to appear to reduce HIV infection.

Defective HIV gene to assault AIDS: in a strain of HIV, a defective gene called NEF (negative factor) inhibits the reproductive capability of HIV, which is helpful to check the development of the virus.

CAF (Cell Antiviral Factor): researches propose that this type of treatment is maybe even better for the prevention and treatment of AIDS.

Facts about AIDS/ World AIDS Day:

A red ribbon is a globally known sign for awareness of AIDS and to support the HIV positive persons.

  • About 84.30 percent of AIDS infection occurs through unprotected sex and about 3 percent through blood and blood products.
  • Sub Saharan Africa has the highest AIDS positive persons ( according to the Regional HIV/AIDS statistics).
  • Since the beginning of this epidemic at the end of 2003, about 46 million people had contracted HIV & 25.8 million people had died according to the Global estimates of HIV/AIDS.
  • In India according to AIDS data, the number of AIDS patients are in decreasing order in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat & Andhra Pradesh.

Significance of World AIDS Day:

World AIDS Day reminds us every year about the powerful impact of HIV in this world. A new generation comes to know about AIDS/HIV due to the celebration of World AIDS Day.

On this occasion agency of UN, government & non-government organisations, Civil society, educational institutions come forward to aware public unitedly. Make them known how to get rid of HIV.

Because of this day everywhere, people organize awareness rally, campaign and we are getting the good results of this.

But now it is not possible to organize any rally due to COVID-19.

Some Informative Quotes for AIDS day 2020

Quotes for AIDS day
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Happy world aids day 2020
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New Poster for AIDS Day
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World AIDS Day New Posters
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New Poster for world aids day
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aids day celebration
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In this World AIDS Day 2020 during this Corona situation, we should celebrate without making any crowd.

Let us all observe this day through social media platform sharing the hashtag like #WorldAIDSDay2020, #happyaidsday, #aidsdaycelebration and all the activities for World AIDS Day.

Nowadays it is an important platform in which we could aware so many people easily, in the past it was not possible.

So, utilize it in nation-building purpose or for the sake of our society.

If you like our content then don’t forget to share with your friends. If you further want some extra information like AIDS day speech or like world aids day activities for school etc. then do comment below.

FAQs on World AIDS Day 2020

In the case of AIDS, when a person develops a full-blown disease and suffering from uncontrollable diseases, he may survive for not more than 4 years.
The Director of the Global Programme on AIDS, Dr Jonathan Mann recommended observing World AIDS Day on 1st December since 1988. The reason behind the selection of 1st December is unknown but I don’t think it is very important than our contribution to AIDS awareness. To celebrate this day gaining appropriate knowledge of awareness and take part in awarding others to stop completely the spread of HIV should be our goal. Is not it?
I’m also not aware of what people know or not. But, in my point of view, the most important thing is to know everybody about World AIDS Day and its objective to fulfil its mission. Hope you also agree with this.
Prevention is better than cure, particularly when there is no cure for a disease like AIDS. So, to be safe you should aware all about AIDS/ HIV, the causes of transmission and stay away from that. Also, aware people of your surroundings, nation & the globe through social media platform to fulfil the desire of the World AIDS Day celebration. Gain knowledge, be safe and make safe.
World AIDS Day was first celebrated on 1st December 1988 and is given by the World Health Organisation.

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