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Best 6 Unique Saving Challenge Ideas for Parents in 2022

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Something about the process of saving dollars does not appear to be enjoyable. Sure, everyone wants more money to spend on their desires and needs, but how do you go about getting it?

It brings to mind visions of denying oneself enjoyable hobbies or eating the same food over and again to save money. 

However, as you observe your savings increase, adjusting your attitude to saving money may drive you to create healthier habits. 

Making saving a game, even if it’s a small one, might help you stay motivated to save money. And while many money-saving games last a long time, such as a year, there’s good news for those of you who have made a resolution to save long after January 1 has passed.

Why is Saving Money Important?

You should save money if you want more money. This means you need to be careful about spending. Saving money helps you accumulate wealth over time. Investing is the only way to make real money.

Having money saved up for emergencies comes in handy when you’re faced with a difficult scenario. In times of need, an emergency fund gives financial protection.

It can assist you in avoiding the need for credit card payments or high-interest borrowing. Getting through a financial emergency unscathed serves as a great reminder of the importance of money management.

The Challenge of No Spending

One of the most well-known money-saving initiatives is the No-Spend Challenge. I created a guide to the No-Spend Challenge that explains how to complete it and make the most of it.

A no-spend challenge, at its most basic level, is when you go for a specific period of time without spending any additional money. 

I’m talking about spending money on things other than food, housing, and petrol. It’s similar to going on a fast, but with your buying habits.

You may do this for as long or as little time as you’d like. Try it for a month or just a week at first.

Dinner Challenge on a Budget

Allow your children to take over the kitchen for the evening. Give them money to work with and assist them in selecting a meal to prepare within that budget. 

Drive them to the supermarket and keep an eye on them as they select the supplies. They can use a calculator to keep track of the budget. Then assist them in preparing and serving the food to the entire family. 

This challenge will teach them the value of budgeting and saving money. Not only will your children be able to build their budget, but they will also learn that parents’ money has limitations, even when it comes to something as simple as cooking dinner.

Spare coin challenge 

Many people have adopted this challenge to save money. Remember the movie Up’s opening sequence? They did it as well. Ask your children to deposit loose change in a jar or a piggy bank whenever you get it. 

If they’ve never tried saving their loose change, they might be surprised at how much they can save. The one drawback to this challenge is that if they never pay in cash, it won’t function as effectively.

After that, you can assist the children in exchanging their coins for cash. Depending on your children’s age, you might want to push them to complete the calculating themselves – It is a great way to teach them that persistence can be rewarding.

365 Days Money challenge

The 365-Day Money Challenge encourages children to save a modest but varied amount of money each day for yearlong.

They can utilize money earned from domestic tasks, a paper route, their stipend, and even birthday cheques from relatives (as long as the money isn’t designated for a college fund). It’s entirely up to them and you to decide.

The following is how it works:

Make or print a chart with 365 boxes, each with a value ranging from $.01 to $3.65. For the whole year, each sum may only be used once on the chart. On January 1, for example, your youngster may contribute $.05. 

They could add $1.20 on January 2nd. They might add $.12 on January 3rd and so forth. Your kid will select an amount each day, deposit it in their piggy bank or savings box, and check it off the list. 

If they stick with it for a year, they’ll end up with lots of money at the end of the year.

The Good Habit challenge 

Want to educate your kids about money while simultaneously promoting good habits? Take the Good Habits Challenge. Give them specific assignments to complete in exchange for monetary rewards. 

Challenges might include extracurricular reading, housework, or whatever good behaviour you feel comfortable financially encouraging. 

Not only will your children earn money, but they may also discover that they like these healthy activities, making it a win-win situation for you.

Saving for a good cause

The Challenge to Save for a Cause Introduce your children to the notion of charity giving while they are still young to help them acquire empathy and kindness. 

To get your kids enthused about saving money for the welfare of others, try telling them about the first donation you made. Try encouraging them to save money for a good cause. And don’t forget to back up your words with deeds.

If you want your child to contribute gladly, they must see you giving cheerfully. This might be as simple as smiling while putting money in the collection plate at church or having them sit next to you as you donate to a charity.


The goal of all of these challenges is to begin your children on the road to financial literacy as soon as possible by making the trip enjoyable and rewarding rather than a tedious duty with no tangible advantages. 

You can relax knowing that you’re educating your children for a better financial future while they’re learning and having fun.

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