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All you need to know about World Piano Day | 29th March 2021

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Hello my beloved readers, I welcome you all in my blog. Today we have an interesting and beautiful topic to learn.

As you know, here we are now for knowing all about the World Piano Day. Without any delay, let’s get started.

So, World Piano Day will be observed in 2021 on 29th March. You will definitely have a question that, in 2020 it was celebrated on 28th March, but why on 29th in 2021? Yes, your doubt is genuine.

But, do you know? Actually, World Piano Day is celebrated every year on its 88th day and if a year is a leap year (like 2020) then it will be observed on 28th March otherwise it will be celebrated on 29th March.

Now why the World Piano Day is observed on 88th day?

It is because a piano has 88 keys and 88 defines or represents 88 keys of a piano. This is why it is decided to observe on the 88th day of the year. Let us know some other important facts about World Piano Day.

History of World Piano Day

“Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener.”                       – ( Nils Frahm)

In the year 2015 Nils Frahm (a musician of German) established this piano day.

He is the person who decided to observe it on the 88th day of the year, as the piano has 88 keys. The first world piano day was celebrated in 2015 on 28th March.

What was the name of the piano in past? Let’s take a glimpse of it. Piano was invented by Italy’s Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1700.

At first, the piano was called as ‘Clavic embalo col piano e forte’ which means a musical instrument (having keyboard) which can play both loud & soft sounds’. Afterwards, it is simply called a ‘piyano’ or ‘piano’.

Objectives and Celebration (World Piano Day 2021)

World Piano Day 2021
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The objective of this piano day is to set up a specific field as it is, for many pianos concerning projects to enhance the musical wings all over the world. Observing all together in the memory of the 3 century before the invented piano.

Single-day celebration pits it’s impacted all the year and reveal/ generate many piano enthusiasts. Nowadays we all know how one can have a bright or successful future in this field.

Whoever shows interest to be a pianist, then this inspirational observation welcomes/ support his/ her dreams.

This day celebrates piano day as well as drag the attention of the public towards positive feelings of piano and music.

Now the world Piano Day 2021 we are going to observe on 29th March, every musician bands observe this day holding many concerts, events, competitions and enjoy this day.

Piano museums all over the globe open, fill with crowd and welcome all piano lovers. It’s such a beautiful celebration which I personally like very much.

Everyone wishes each other happy piano day wishes, enjoy it with much pomp and grandeur.

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Types of Piano

Mainly piano can be divided in 3 different types,

  • Grand piano
  • Upright piano
  • Digital piano

If we discuss about the revolution of piano, it has many different types According to structure, sound and size.

So here let us discuss some of it, digital piano, grand piano, vertical piano, console piano, spinet piano, studio piano, pianola, upright piano, baby grand piano and so on.

Difference between Piano and Keyboard

Let us know some basic difference between Piano Vs keyboard in the below table.

  • Generally, the piano has 88 keys.
  • Mostly it has 8 octaves, in some exception, it is 7 or 7 half.
  • Bigger in size than a keyboard.
  • It is a wooden instrument and produces acoustic sounds.
  • It has no functions like a keyboard and has only piano tones.
  • It is invented 300 years ago.
  • A keyboard has normally 61 keys.
  • It has 5 octaves.
  • Relatively smaller in size, as compared to the piano.
  • It is an electronic and digital device.
  • So many functions it has like banking, pitch blender etc. you can find in a modern keyboard.
  • It is invented only a few years back.

Some basic chords of the piano for beginners

Here I thought that after reading this article, you would also like to learn piano or you must have learned about it.

I am sharing some piano chords here so that your emotions are not wasted and you too can take your first step towards learning piano.

I am sharing one simple and precise image of the piano chords here, and you can also try it out if you already have your piano.

Piano Chords for Beginners
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Minor Piano Chords
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So, celebrate this day with Informatic Nishant and spread awareness among people about this interesting day.

You one small contribution can make a big change in someone’s life. So, every contribution counts and everyone can make a difference. Just start with yourself.

Thank you if you have read till this point. Keep knowing, keep growing.

Questions that frequently asked:

1. Why do we celebrate piano day?

We observe this global awareness day i.e. world piano day worldwide to gather all music & piano lovers in a celebration purpose and make famous the father of all musical instruments piano. On this occasion, we recall memories of piano legends and honour them.

2. What is a grand piano?

Here is some identification of a grand piano,

  • Bigger in size, so it is named as a grand piano.
  • Better sound-producing piano with larger strings & soundboard.
  • Strings are arranged horizontally.

3. How much does an 18th century grand piano cost?

The price of the 18th-century grand piano varies from 1000$ to 100000$ costs. Yes, it is surprising but it is true. It is an expensive one and if you wish to buy it, then you have to invest much of your savings.

4. What is the name of World’s most expensive piano?

‘Steinway Alma Tadema’ is till now known as the most expensive piano of the world which is selling in million dollars.

[ 1 Million dollar = 7 Crores Indian Rupees]

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