How to Save Money for your Children’s Higher Education?


The expense of children’s education has risen as a result of lifestyle inflation: “As your quality of living grows, it influences where you send your children for higher education.”  Children who have grown up in affluent households are less likely to attend government universities with poor facilities. The primary question that Indian parents are concerned … Read more

International Anti-Corruption Day (9th Dec) | All you need to know


Corruption is a global political, social and economic problem. Corruption undermines autonomy, undermines economic growth, and contributes to government instability.  It is like a termite that is closing our society, our economy, and the whole world. It is a significant obstacle to social and national development. Almost every country in the world suffers from this … Read more

How to Talk to Your Teenager – 13 Tips for Parents

How to talk to your Teenager

The terrible twos and the adolescent years have a lot in common. Our children are doing exciting new things at both periods, but they are also testing limits and screaming tantrums.  Both age groups face the same key developmental task: children must begin to draw away from their parents and demand their own independence.  It’s … Read more

How to Talk with your Children so that they Actually Listen?


The way we communicate with our children has a big influence on their capacity to learn and listen to us. We show them how we want them to respond to us by the way we communicate with them and others.  Parents interact with their children in one of three ways, according to my observations.  The … Read more

How to keep your Kids Entertained while you Work From Home


When children become so engrossed in something that they lose track of time, they are engaging in the deepest type of play. Consider a youngster who is filling the bathtub with water.  “You enter a state known as ‘the zone.’” And it is a beautiful feeling at any age. According to research, spending time “in … Read more

Your Daily Schedule as a Work at Home Mother – Parenting Tips


One of the most difficult aspects of being a mom is that you don’t always get credit for what you’ve achieved during the day. You did the dishes, but fresh ones appeared almost immediately.  You cleaned and sorted the toys, but all of your hard work was undone the moment the youngster awoke. Did anyone … Read more

How to help your child deal with bullying? – Tips and Tricks for Parents

help your child deal with bullying

Bullying can exist in many forms. It can be physical bullying, verbal bullying, psychological or emotional bullying and CyberBullying. Cyberbullying has become a common and magnifying problem in social media and is surging at a fast pace.  Every form of bullying is traumatic and is not desired by anyone. Even though cyberbullying is in the … Read more

How to keep your children safe while on the Internet – Useful Tips

save children from internet

The Internet is ruling the world. The whole world is dependent on it. Especially during this pandemic period, the internet acts like a window through which we remain connected with each other.  With the help of the internet, the education sector, employment and offices thrived. Then how come, children of the present generation, especially during … Read more

Understanding the Brain of a Teenager and How to Help them Cope?


Teenage is a crucial period in an individual’s life. Even though it is an age or time of hanging around with friends, having fun, visiting different places, it is also an important period of emotional development.  Teenagers are driven by emotions. Emotions play an important part in their life and they are ruled by emotions. … Read more

How to help kids make use of free digital materials & use them to spur creativity


Creativity cannot be acquired, it comes from within. We can only help to hone the creative skills already imbibed in the child.  Creativity can generate new ideas or possibilities to communicate with people, to participate in social gatherings and even problem solving. Creativity is a kind of rational thinking which can provide solutions to multiple … Read more

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